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  1. here a few new minis: orc magic-user and leader and a new forest ogre/giant, and I also wanted to show what you can do with all the sprues you get with the orcs: these are the 7 same guys built with different arms
  2. I've read someone say he'd use them as hobgoblins, and I guess you could use them as half orcs too :) here are a few more orcs, to get with the farm raiding thematic!
  3. this is my new Kickstarter Project (already funded but moving to new stretch goals) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aenorminiatures/ogres-and-orcs the ogres are properly sized monsters at 60mm, cast in resin the orcs are 32-33mm, not of the muscular kind but vicious Tolkien inspired ones and are available in both resin and metal I hope you like them! the first ogre has 2 heads to chose from the 3rd one (current SG) is still a WIP some of the orcs
  4. great! we are having a crazy final, we now have 20 different Goblins and we are trying to unlock a half giant! he's 7cm tall!
  5. just 37h to go and we have unlocked 16 Goblins! (current SG is #17) the 20 Goblins pledge is becoming more attractive! (includes every Goblin unlocked + doubles up to 20) and the current SG (he'll also have a bow option) and to give you an indication of size:
  6. here is a new WIP of the Goblin Champion, he is unlocked and the next stretch goal is the guard posted above We now have unlocked 10 unique sculpts for the Warband pledge, take a look at what you get: and you now have the option to get individual miniatures if you just want some of them
  7. we now have 9 goblins unlocked, next is a champion (just 2-3 backers away) and 2 Trolls, with a new option to get 3 trolls (one has an optionnal head and can be posed to get 3 different minis) here are some teasers of next potential SG and some better pics of the trolls to give an indication of size:
  8. thanks, and sorry to hear that, I hope not too many people will be in the same situation or we may not unlock that many! for now here is a picture of the next goblin (wip) and an improved picture of the old ones!
  9. hum, well, I'm not really in the same category as the other 2 ^^
  10. thanks for creating this topic! after funding the initial 5 goblins and first troll we've funded 3 new goblins (including a sorcerer) and the 2nd troll is almost funded! [/quote]
  11. The Unnameable High Priest of the Elder Gods from Outer Space has been funded in resin with his scenery elements, and should be unlocked in metal as well soon here are a few more wip less than 2 days left if you want to pledge! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1785203465/alien-invasion
  12. Do'Kjonnz the clumsy Tomb Raider has been unlocked, but it looks like in his quest for lost idols, he's now facing a terrible adversary... The Unnameable High Priest of the Elder Gods from Outer Space! this is the next stretch goal, and like the previous one, it'll be unlocked in resin first (with scenery) and then metal (with or without scenery) (the miniature is still a work in progress sculpt, more WIP will be posted during the campaign) I have also added pledge levels for the new miniature + scenery options
  13. the resin version of Do'Kjonnz, the first stretch goal, is funded! he has his own pledge level (pulp adventures) but you can also add him to an existing pledge and the metal versions are on their way! then we can introduce a new alien...
  14. thanks, I didn't notice there was already one, sorry
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