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  1. I just found a box of minis I had in the attic. I have a few I bought back in the late 70's early 80's. Even found the first one I ever painted :) Ahhhhhhh nostalgia! Apparently, I had a serious interest in ninjas!
  2. I bought that mini about 20 odd years ago. The bag of miniatures I found is from quite awhile ago.
  3. Love it! Very striking in my opinion. Good job
  4. Here she is in detail. Please offer any critique or suggestions, I would definitely appreciate it. (boundless praise is also welcome ;) even if it isn't deserved!)
  5. First off, THANK YOU ALL!. I recently started painting again. I went to my FLGS and bought a new set of citadel paints and brushes and set to work on a bag of minis I found lurking in the closet. These are the first week or so after I started back up. NOtice the thick paint! ;) I do like the cossack looking guy at the far right. (yes, these are in chronological order) Then I found the reaper boards! I began to thin paint and start trying techniques y'all describe. I like the dwarf the best. My first experiment with thinning paint was the good ol' elf queenie. I'm still not pleased with her. This has been the past week or two. The wizzie is going into the dip b/c I'm not happy with the color scheme overall. I just finished Miss Lysette tonight and I'm sort of pleased with my progress. Now I need to find a good way of sealing these guys. I haven't sealed any yest and the paint is starting to rub off a bit. I also heard they photo better after getting a gloss, then matte sealer... Thanks again everyone, you have been truly inspiring and overly helpful.
  6. Does your ISP give you free webspace? Most ISP's give at least 5-10MB of web space for a homepage. If they do, all you need to do is go to your ISPs home page and go to support. From there look for setting up your homepage. They will give you step by step for uploading files. After you have uploaded files to your homepage directory, all you need to do is enter the URL using the IMG button. For example, I use roadrunner. My home page is http://home.carolina.rr.com/mach. I uploaded a picture to that homepage (using an FTP program). to see the picture, I enter http://home.carolina.rr.com/mach/DSC01013.JPG voila. A good freeware FTP program is CuteFTP. It is what I generally will use. After the 30 day trial is over, all you need to do is set your time/date settings in Windows back to the month/year you installed cuteFTP and it will work. ;)
  7. I'll have to practice my photography first! Trying to get the lighting right. The best my camera will do when in zoom mode is VGA standard, so the quality is pretty bad. I need to borrow a better camera or have my step father take the pics. Just did this for display.
  8. Think it is done now.... If i keep it with the Elf Princess chick, I'll need to touch up her eyes. Overall, I think I did well with my first attempt at modelling with clay. :) Any comments are appreciated!
  9. That isn't the figure I'll be using in the diorama, just needed one for perspective. :) Just some self-hardening clay on top of a styrofoam block.
  10. I read in another post (can't find it now) that after attending a Reaper painting class, someone learned how to paint gems on armor, swords, etc. Is there a method for doing this that can be explained here?
  11. heh, righteous :) I'm in Platform Setup in Las Colinas. :) Woo Woo!!! Nice to meet ya! a-ramach, look me up on IM :)
  12. Ask her what her case number is. I work for Microsoft Networking support. I'll be glad to look into the case and make sure that she is getting all the help she needs.
  13. I refused to let my kids get the chicken pox vaccine. I dunno, every kid I knew growing up got chicken pox at some point and we are all still alive and healthy today. Long term effects of these vaccines is unknown at this time. All the studies that say it is safe are based on, what, 20 years of study, if that? Is there a study that shows what the affect on virus mutation to respond to the vaccine threat over 8 generations of humans? Of course there isn't! Screwing too much with mother nature is a bad thing! Mind you, I won't even take antibiotics because I think those are overprescribed as well. ;) Sanity is not my ally LOL.
  14. I did bash Bush for passing the Patriot Act. I called it a knee-jerk reaction. :-p More congressmen needed to oppose that, it was crazy that it went through as easily as it did.
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