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  1. Second week update from the Rotten City :) Thank you all for your help and support! We have 300% of the campaign goal, and this a few days after the middle point of the project :O. Together we unlocked 8 new miniatures! What is more, there are two more special Optional Bay! Take a look at what is new in the campaign :) ROTTEN MINIATURES MMXX
  2. The time has come ... beware of the Rotten Warriors! The campaign is live on Kickstarter!! KICKSTARTER
  3. Hello Rotten Friends! Today I want to introduce you to an Ogre ;). Little ogre, what that smell, What you keep in bags back there? Naughty children, drunker smith, and some really rotting filth Little ogre, what you do with the ... no no NO! This is my leg! ARGH! HELP! HELP!! HE ... ... ... ... Where are more humans? who will be next? I still have some space in bags. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rottenfactory/rotten-miniatures-mmxx
  4. Ok SamuraiJack, sorry for that. I will remember for the future :).
  5. Sure :). You can find all the miniatures here: ROTTEN FACTORY
  6. Hi NecroMancer, I'm happy that you're interested in Rotten Miniatures :). Let me know if you will have any questions.
  7. Thank you Adrift! I understand your point, and I want to calm you down :). This is my first KS, but not a first campaign, and not a first project. I tried to get as much information as I can and talk with as many KS creators as I can find. I'm quite calm, and I feel prepared for the "unplan huge success". But if you have any specific thoughts please tell me. It will help me to prepare better :). I'm happy that you want to do a Pledge! Thank you :)
  8. I spot today thank KS has some technical problems with showing the draft. I'm waiting for an answer from them. Update: The first Pre-launch stretch goal is unlocked! :O Thank you for your feedback and help :). The question is - Can we go to 250 subscriptions for Notify me? SUBSCRIBE
  9. @Marc - Thank you :). You can find this information in the Pledge info and under all miniatures in "About the Miniatures" and "About The Sketches" info. @lexomatic - Please don't forget to click the "Notify me" button ;) @Spodi - Thank you! Great suggestion, I'll definitely send them a message ;). About the resin info, I'll try to make this more clear. Let me know if you will need more info, or if you see something to change. Your feedback means a lot to me, cause I really want to make this campaign clear and the best I can :). Remember to use the Comment Section in the Pre-Launch page - it will help to show this feedback to all community :).
  10. Hi, My name is Pawel, and I'm crazy about miniatures. I've been collecting them for the last 10 years! Somewhere in the middle, I decided to sculpt my own creatures. I liked it so much that I couldn't imagine doing anything else in my life. This love brought Rotten Factory. The place where I can use my passion for sculpting to make my visions real. Now, thanks to supporters, fans, and customers I'm running a one-man company full of passion, cooperating with amazing and creative people from around the world, and I make super quality, unique miniatures. Right now I'm working on characters (miniatures) from the land corrupted by the dark forces. The Cult of Rot rise, but the survivors still resist... I'm happy to announce that the Pre-launch page is active! The most important thing for me is to give you the best product I can. It will be impossible without your feedback! This is why I decided to run the Pre-launch page first. Your comment and suggestions will help me to give you the best campaign I can make :). Pre-launch page Subscribe page For the five most active people on the Pre-launch page, I'll have a small gift (Rotten T-shirt). So take a look and leave the feedback :). What is more, If you will help me to collect more than 100 subscriptions to Notify me, everyone who will make a pledge during the campaign will get a free Kickstarter Exclusive miniature!
  11. Hi , My name is Pawel, and I want to ask you for help in my new crowdfunding project. Please help me to release new Rotten miniatures by sharing this link with your friends. You will find there a lot of new stuff, hope you'll like it! Take a look for more info: https://igg.me/at/ROTTENFACTORY-WDG If you have any questions, fell free to ask: [email protected] You can also find me here: ROTTEN FACTORY BLOG ROTTEN FACTORY FACEBOOK ROTTEN FACTORY TWITTER
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