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  1. Thanks everyone for all the prayers! Back home last night, now the long haul to recovery:(
  2. So, I'm not sure if anyone missed me the last week or so, but I have been out with cellulitis in my right foot. I went to ER last Monday and have been on antibiotics, but they didn't help. I am in the ER again because it's no better AND a fluid bubble that had formed popped and well let's just say its not good. Please pray for me and I'll hopefully talk to you all soon.
  3. Wait what???? Are you all reincarnated souls from Stalag Luft III? I feel like I am watching an episode of History's mysteries
  4. Yes, I ordered mine on October 1st at 7:00AM PST, as I got my boys ready for distance learning:) I am glad I wasn't imagining it NOT populated:) It's always good to check anyhow, never trust an automated system:) @Reaper_Jon I feel like I am more like Columbo
  5. I also believe (though not positive) you NEED to ADD the bag to your order. In the past, the system would just "see" you had the right amount and send you the bag and free mini. With the new system, since you actually "add" the free mini, you need to "add" the ghoulie bag. @Reaper_Jon can you verify if this is true? Would be useful for people to know I would think.
  6. Ah, these kids wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the a***.
  7. I'd like to think that him and Randy (Rhoads) are up there jamming together!
  8. This is just sad to hear. I did not realize he had cancer this bad. RIP
  9. I have that one also, yup, came in a bag as one solid piece. Using it as a statue right now, may paint it one day:)
  10. For what it's worth, I use a badger 105 at around 30psi and stynlrez straight from the bottle, works every time.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. So basically, unless I get daiymo or Chronoscope expacs, I am done with the PM. My wallet thanks you:)
  12. So, I asked, but it was probably missed, does this mean no more bases will be added as well to the pledge manager?
  13. Well, the third covers quite a bit, like plushies, keychains, artbooks, etc. I love City Hunter! I especially like when he goes up against the Lodoss?? gang and their hitman. The music is pretty great too. 1. Macross (NOT that Robotech hack job) (I actually Met the voice actress of Minmay, Mari Iijima, when I worked for Books Nippan/Digital Manga) 2. Gunbuster 3. Area 88 4. Bubblegum Crisis Any one of these would make great live action movies/TV shows
  14. I have quite a bit of idol cards, lami boards and other anime stuff I am getting rid of:) Mikimoto softcover books anyone:)
  15. So, did my October order and got my ghoulie bag on it's way. Also chose the Barrow warden free mini (I didn't need anymore wizards or elves, but I could always use another undead guy). Not sure why I got the pirate horror set (I need more paint like a hole in my head), but I did. Got another magnet light too, those are cool.
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