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  1. Ratmaster2000

    Stuff I learned watching Reaper Live #36.

    I suspect the shipping increase And what is Bones V???????
  2. Ratmaster2000

    Stuff I learned watching Reaper Live #36.

    Pretty sure it's not a *NEW* PR person, at least not one with "rat" in his handle And that’s pretty much it.
  3. @Chris PalmerThanks for catching this one for me I was out and about running the kiddos around and just got back on:) @haldir Hope the video helps you out:)
  4. Yes I saw that action jackson as well:) I think I will be using mine as "Tiger" from Tekken 3 (you know, the disco ending haha) https://youtu.be/hWAH4eDe3Ws
  5. It did when it left me:) and where is @Marcloot shot??? Curious minds want to know:) Ooh and that bag of bases looks familiar:)
  6. Ratmaster2000

    What is this Figure??

    Come on, you know you want it out of that <redacted>. I passed on it, not something I needed or could use.
  7. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    well as an FYI, I got my doom stalker Monday and it looks great, so all my issues (and there were not many) have been resolved.
  8. Ratmaster2000

    Learn To Paint Core Kit Doesn't Close?

    Are the paints the reaper dropper bottles or another brand? I know in my case, if vallejo bottles are toward the outside holes, my case will not close right, but if they are in the middle, it's fine. With all the HD blowout sales, samples and the recent kickstarter, I have ALMOST three pistol cases full of paints and they all close fine (sometimes they are finicky, but it's usually how I am closing it that causes it)
  9. I have a hard time watching Power Rangers (and Crow:city of angels), because I miss my friend
  10. Loved Thunderbirds! Used to catch it on channel 5 in Los Angeles. Channel 13 used to show all the Gojira movies! YES! Original series, NOT BSG 1980! Isn't Captain Scarlet just an extension of Thunderbirds??? They were also shown on CBS late night (Kolchak). Forever Knight, (Highlander TV series, that may be your missing show because Kindred I think was a spin off??) was also a late night CBS show. Oooh, maybe you were thinking of PSI Factor, narrated by Dan Akroyd and had Matt Frewer on the show for a while??? All great shows, but especially Battlestar and V! Hmm, I need to find my big cylon head DVD box set of BSG! Now, here is some of mine: Highlander TV series Wizards and Warriors (anyone remember that one??? Jeff Conaway) Columbo Doc Savage (I WANT a better DVD release then that crap Warner archive, I love this movie) Hogan's Heroes (not fantasy/sci-fi but still campy) ALL the Gojira movies! War of the Worlds TV series (early acting from Rachel Blanchard, as well as future Highlander TV co stars Philip Akin and Adrian Paul) PSI Factor (Till it jumped the shark and started getting creepy) speaking of creepy (sort of?? Maybe) Ghost hunters!
  11. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    None of the bones as far as I know have their number on them, only reaper miniatures and the date of the manufacture.
  12. Thanks @Glitterwolf
  13. Ratmaster2000

    75 years ago today...

    I have never heard the F-4 mentioned that way:) I like it! Phantom's were my first planes I trained on at Wichita Falls TX when I became a F-15 (s)crew chief I think Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" song pretty much sums up (IMHO) our opinions on the politicians. The other problem is there are not ENOUGH politicians who have served, and too many who never served and do not respect vets, especially when the top guy never served and talks crap about someone who has and has been dead over a year Something I just realized the other day (and I am kind of mad I didn't get my kickstarter set up for it), 25 short years after the invasion of Normandy, we actually set foot on the moon during Apollo 11. Kind of gives some perspective on it all.
  14. Ratmaster2000

    What are the "Required Viewing" Fantasy Movies?

    OMG! my son CONSTANTLY watches all the LOTR movies, and the HOBBIT ones. That's his go to series to watch. I cannot show him most of the others, he's have nightmares :) Especially my European versions of Highlander The beheadings would put him into therapy.
  15. Ratmaster2000

    External hard drives & Xbox One

    I Have been out of the console gaming scene for a while (I mean my last NEW console was a Wii:( ) BUT a quick search found this (mind you it was from 2017): Are all external hard drives compatible with Xbox? The Best External Hard Drives for PS4 and Xbox One. Sony's PlayStation 4 has finally received external hard drive support. ... PS4 and Xbox One have very similar requirements for external storage. Drives on both consoles must be USB 3.0compatible and have a storage capacity no smaller than 256GB.Mar 17, 2017