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  1. So got a free month invite from Kraken's vault, and figured why not and signed up. So, we get the hunter model straight away, but I didn't see any welcome models to download at MMF. I noticed on their patreon there is mention of a welcome set of mini's. Does anyone know if that is not available on their tribes? Or does this get tagged for us later?
  2. It's not so much the alcohol wash as it is the curing. I still haven't got the time dialed in, but it is pretty low because I have had them cloud at as low as 1.5 minutes per run (3 minutes total basically).
  3. Airbrush priming stynlrez is the way to go! You can brush on as well, but airbrusing makes the paint go so much further. No thinning, just put it in yopur brush and fire away. The self leveling feature of the primer is just awesome.
  4. So this is Elegoo's new nFEP? would it work on a mars 2 pro? Which one should I get? And I assume I just cut it down to size?
  5. Sorry all for not being around much lately, lots of Real life stuff going on the last few months, so much so I've questioned what the hell im doing anymore. Anywho, those who know me know I've been into the 3D printing of both FDM and Resin for well over 2 years now so I have a middling opinion of the subject. My interest is not just as a hobbyist, but I am actively making this a business endeavor, so I strive to make the best possible print I can. So, some of my thoughts and opinions are coming from this viewpoint. First, I think one of the biggest things everyone may be missing is just not the 3D print itself, but what the STL file you start with is. There are some really great sculptors out there that know what they are doing and know what to avoid to make a great print, and then there are some model designs I see that are just crap and have no thought how the model will print or hold up in daily use. This is the biggest thing I look for after the inital style of the model. You would not believe how many kickstarters/patreons I pass over because the designs are so poor or look great in the model, but (as many have mentioned already) just have pieces modeled too thin that they don't even hold up support removal. Second, the quality of the Resin and FDM printers are not only affordable but the quality is really great, even off a printer like the mars 2 pro from Elegoo. They hold detail well, and it allows prints that you may never see on the market. Third, and this applies to ALL materials a mini is made in, not just 3D printed, If it's delicate or thin, PROTECT IT! Have you seen what these carriers (especially USPS) do with your package? I know personally, because I was one for a time. Speaking on FDM, this is not the material for 28mm mini's. Yes, you can get decent bones 1 level quality, but in my opinion , it takes longer then it would on a resin printer (I could do a whole plate of skeletons, which is almost 12-14 if I arrange it right) and the quality if better off the resin printer. Honestly, I have only one set of mini's I print on FDM because the creator designed them for FDM, and they look good, and they are my go to when I am trying to use up a spool of filament. But each skeleton honestly takes over an hour to print, whereas I could fill a whole plate on resin and get better quality and less print time. What FDM is great for is functional prints and in our realm, Terrain! I take a whole bunch of printed terrain to our convention in Los Angeles (collectively know as STRATEGICON, 3 conventions a year, Orccon is this president's day), 2 27 gallon tubs and sell out almost every time. Just terrain or other FDM printed items like mugs. Want to do your own terrain, get a neptune series printer from Elegoo. Don't discount 3D printed mini's out, if designed and printed right, they are on par with most other materials on the market. BTW, if anyone plans to come to Orccon this president's day weekend, I'll be locked in the Dealer room at Ratmaster's house of anime and stuff table with my good friend who runs Line of Sight terrain. Come by and say hi!
  6. I don't know why, but two of the highlanders from printing goes ever on look like Liam Neeson And Christopher Lambert (the two on the front left)
  7. Cool, guess I'll see what happens when they release February. First kickstarter I've been on that charges on the day you joined, everyone else charges on the 1st of the month. Thanks for the information
  8. soooo...Back to my original question:) Does anyone know If I pledged on the 26th of January, will I have access to both January and February, even if I cancel around the 26th of February? Thanks for the help all:)
  9. So, I just subscribed to STL miniatures, and it said that my renewal is February 26th, so does that mean I actually have access to January AND February if I decide to cancel before the 26th? Just wondering how that works, since most patreons are the 1st to the 1st.
  10. I hope this is okay to ask in tis post. So, I want to mount a FDM print I did to a wood base because for some odd reason the floor of the model came out REALLY thin, I mean thinner then I have ever seen. So, I want5 to mount it onto a wood base to give it some stability, what do you all recommend to use? I am pretty sure super glue would not cut it, but what would be best?
  11. Downloading individual files or zip files is entirely up to the creator I believe. For example, Clay cyanide had their whole patreon available on MMF as either a $50 whole set or the models individually. Now, they just upload the single files (yes, I know they have the MAB download during the month of the patreon, BUT I am lazy so I download when I need from MMF). Totally agree about the posts!
  12. Yup, just got it as well! Thanks for the heads up, should be a cool little print. I apparently also got the free October vampire print as they seemed not to have unlocked the free November model yet.
  13. I don't understand why for years all our information has been here on this forum, and now all of a sudden we need to use discord, twitch, etc. These forums have and still work well, and I feel most people will agree with me that we don't want to get YET another app. to deal with. I will kick that poor dead horse once again and say that reaper NEEDS a dedicated PR person to work ALL these platforms. That should be there only job, coordinated with all departments and disseminating all that information to us, and to be the front line to ask/answer our questions. just my 2 cents
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