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  1. I was thinking about trying out lychee slicer mainly because I have big models that don't fit and would rather cut then put on a big printer and also would like to see how well their supports are. This is for both resin and FDM. Would do you guys think, and what do you use it for most? Oh, also, they have that cool measure tool that for some reason is a paid tool:(
  2. That's the thing, some creators will put the NSFW stuff before something wanted like a Bust or alternate pose. That's the part that gets me. I am NOT going to pledge for a NSFW, but I am definitely in if we are talking another pose or bust.
  3. Okay, I have mentioned this to several creators, but I think this is just ridiculous and getting out of hand. As the title says, stretch goals that are NSFW, topless etc. should NOT in my opinion be a stretch goal, OR at the very least be a combined LAST stretch goal. Don't get me wrong, if that is something you are into, great, but I back most kickstarters now with the intent to print the files for sale, and I cannot in good conscience place those on my convention table with young children around (especially my own). I would rather have a new model that I can sell, then another topless mod of the same model. Is that wrong, is it just me?
  4. To decide to post everything in discord and think everyone is just going to go over there without question is imprudent at best, careless at worst. I, as I am sure many others, like using the forums, have NO need or want to learn or add another communication system and to feel forced to have to go to discord to get the latest information. How hard is it to copy and paste to these forums and duplicate the information. And not to have someone dedicated to being the primary source for information is also something that should be corrected. Sorry for being snarky all, it just feels like we keep circling back to this ever few months.
  5. Man, and here I thought my 4TB was excessive:(
  6. I really like Tytantroll's busts, but man Loot Studios has straight up gotten lazy on theirs, just cutting the bottom half of the body lately:(
  7. Looks like Twin Goddess is doing the model/bust release with the goblin cupid. I see a lot more creators doing busts now, which I actually like. I also like creators doing more 75mm miniatures or larger. Guess it's time to finally get my OG Saturn running.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good rainbow filament? Getting a new dice tower kickstarter that begs for rainbow printing.
  9. First off, the free shipping option (in the US at least) will give you a tracking number, it is just the slowest option (used to be USPS) so no reason NOT to use it (and by slow its only a day or two but I am in California so your ,ileage may vary:) Now regarding the notification, and I can personally vouch for this, if you use outlook as your mail (or perhaps any e-mail service) I can almost guarantee the notification is sitting in your junk/spam e-mail. I definitely recommend looking there. Outlook seems to throw a lot of stuff there, even when I tell it the sender is safe.
  10. My theme is definitely anything with Skeletons! That's pretty much why I only got the themed expansion and dead men tell no tales in Bones 6. Every time I see a good Patreon or kickstarter with skeletons, I jump on it!
  11. Are you talking about their tribes offerings or Patreon? I believe their tribes is completely different offerings from their patreon. I kinda liked their western RPG theme this month, love the Rankin/Bass versions of Hobbit A lot:) Just wish they would just release their Mortal Kombat and A-Team ideas and stop listening to everyone voting the same damn crap every month.
  12. Hello all, I know I have not been around and have been mostly silent lately, but those of you who know me and my recent loss am sure understand why I have been away. Even almost 4 months later, there isn't a day that goes by were I am NOT sill grieving. I seriously have lost interest in almost everything and it's been a struggle trying to get inspired again. Firstly, I saw mention around reapercon time on this thread the continuing desire for Reaper to have a dedicated person strictly doing PR and to ease some of the duties on the current staff. Those who have been around here awhile know this has been an ongoing issue, and I feel like it's time once again to ask @Reaper Ron what his thoughts on it are? I am still willing to throw my hat in, Ron, even with my current situation I am going through . Let me know:) Second, Being this is my 3 and a half kickstarter I have been on (missed 3 but bought an aftermarket core set, and spend way too much on 4), I have seriously cut back on what I want (both because of Finances and what has been going on here). I have settled finally on the following: Shadows of Sullenhall (I can never pass up skeletons, especially that big boy) Dead Man Tell No Tales (again, skeletons. Is it me, or does it have more in it then the resin model from last Reapercon?) I think another big part of it is being spoiled by 3D printing, both resin and FDM. Don't get me wrong, I will always buy a Mini that peaks my interest, but with the cost of everything going up (especially shipping), sometimes it's just easier to print. My biggest disappointment was the missed opportunity for a THEM! themed diorama. Oh well, maybe next kickstarter?
  13. Space isn't an issue, I have a dedicated drive of 4TB for all my files:) I will probably stay with my Dell, It's been pretty good slicing wise.
  14. Hello all, I just had a question about 2 computers as they relate to 3D printing and sculpting. I am just looking to see if these are good enough for slicing quickly and possibly Zbrush work? HP 15.6 in. Intel Core i3 3.0GHz 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Touchscreen Laptop Acer Aspire 3 14 in. AMD Ryzen 3 2.6GHz 8GB RAM 128GB SSD Laptop
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