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  1. Ratmaster2000

    Name of Bones IV Mini?

    Unfortunately they haven't gotten to bones 4 core set releases yet. I know there was a database floating around somewhere, if I find it on my computer, I'll try and look if it has a name there. Nope, no such luck:( Just says greybeard:(
  2. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Yah, I see a few faces:) Quite Halloweeny at that:)
  3. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I am sure others like the undersea, but I think I have my first expansion pass. Good thing too, I am gonna be broke at this rate:)
  4. Ratmaster2000

    PayPal Card

    Thanks WhiteWulfe, didn't notice that:)
  5. Ratmaster2000

    PayPal Card

    They mentioned I sent this on the Bones KS twitch, so hopefully this okay here: You can use Paypal in Kickstarter: The PayPal Cash Card is a Debit Card that’s used with a PayPal Cash Plus account. The PayPal Cash card allows you to cash a check, load cash, do a bank transfer, and direct deposit. You can also use it just like your bank's Debit Card (meaning it's a Mastercard that runs as credit but uses what is in your Paypal). It is free and everyone should be able to get one. It links to your paypal cash plus account and you MUST have the funds available to cover whatever you are buying, it will not pull from your bank account or any where else like you can with a normal Paypal transaction. I have used this method to buy at amazon and Kickstarter. Hope this information helps and is useful.
  6. Ratmaster2000

    Finished Reaper's Learn To Paint Kit

    Great job, they look awesome!
  7. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    No fair:( ooh I feel better now that mine is only $450 :)
  8. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I am waiting for Fat Gojira to show up! I made a rough estimate of what I wanted and DAMN! I am already halfway to what I spend last kickstarter:( I will are still 3(at least) expansions from done:( Oh my aching wallet:( I'll just leave this again... and of course...
  9. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Ouch, Bones 5 is killing it! I wonder what is driving the trend? Better Bones? The intro of Bones Black? Better word of mouth? or a combination of a lot of factors?
  10. Ratmaster2000

    Bones Catalog

    FINALLY got one of these today, It is awesome! Covers all Bones from KS1-KS3 (talks about KS4 coming soon, maybe a book of bones 2?), has the painting guides we got in Kickstarter 4, the paint triads and a nice guide on what bases to use for your mini (a chart if you will), along with all the base boss bases. Very Nice, and well worth the dollar. I like looking at stuff old school that I can hold in my hand and NOT a computer screen.
  11. Ratmaster2000

    Wizkids Deepcuts unpainted cannon

    Man now I want to get those cannons and paint up the WWOZ lion as a pirate!
  12. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Every beat me to it, it's a stained glass golem:) Nope, every day at 3PM CST, runs about thirty minutes to an hour they said (actually an hour I think). That's mon-fri, sorry not everyday (so far) Originally Ron said 6 maps, but the way day one went, they may add more? And I think I am doing #195 from core like this:
  13. Ratmaster2000

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    But isnt the next backer unlock 15k??
  14. Ratmaster2000

    Ghoulie bag

    I cannot verify this myself (my order arrives allegedly today), but someone on facebook reaper page said that the ghoulie bags are not popping up in over $40 orders. If that's true, those went quick!