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  1. Cool, guess I'll see what happens when they release February. First kickstarter I've been on that charges on the day you joined, everyone else charges on the 1st of the month. Thanks for the information
  2. soooo...Back to my original question:) Does anyone know If I pledged on the 26th of January, will I have access to both January and February, even if I cancel around the 26th of February? Thanks for the help all:)
  3. So, I just subscribed to STL miniatures, and it said that my renewal is February 26th, so does that mean I actually have access to January AND February if I decide to cancel before the 26th? Just wondering how that works, since most patreons are the 1st to the 1st.
  4. I hope this is okay to ask in tis post. So, I want to mount a FDM print I did to a wood base because for some odd reason the floor of the model came out REALLY thin, I mean thinner then I have ever seen. So, I want5 to mount it onto a wood base to give it some stability, what do you all recommend to use? I am pretty sure super glue would not cut it, but what would be best?
  5. Downloading individual files or zip files is entirely up to the creator I believe. For example, Clay cyanide had their whole patreon available on MMF as either a $50 whole set or the models individually. Now, they just upload the single files (yes, I know they have the MAB download during the month of the patreon, BUT I am lazy so I download when I need from MMF). Totally agree about the posts!
  6. Yup, just got it as well! Thanks for the heads up, should be a cool little print. I apparently also got the free October vampire print as they seemed not to have unlocked the free November model yet.
  7. I don't understand why for years all our information has been here on this forum, and now all of a sudden we need to use discord, twitch, etc. These forums have and still work well, and I feel most people will agree with me that we don't want to get YET another app. to deal with. I will kick that poor dead horse once again and say that reaper NEEDS a dedicated PR person to work ALL these platforms. That should be there only job, coordinated with all departments and disseminating all that information to us, and to be the front line to ask/answer our questions. just my 2 cents
  8. I would be more apt to pledge if they offered a commercial tier. To be honest, my criteria now for Kickstarters and patreons in general are: 1) Do I like the mini's enough to pledge 2) how "different" are the models compared to what I already have? 3) how do they plan to deliver the STL's and for how long will I have access (I hate bugging creators for new links) 4) MOST important for me, is there a commercial tier? How long do we have rights to it, and obviously the cost I go to a convention three times a year, and my biggest seller is terrain. I go with a ton of pieces, and depending if I have chose the right ones, I almost never come home with any of them. My interesting and unusual or display type pieces (75mm or bigger), are the next sellers, then 35mm pieces that are either grey resin or primed. Interestingly, people do not dig translucent mini's (I use them because a lot of times they are cheap resin on the river). I will probably get this if it becomes available as well.
  9. This really should be something a dedicated public relations person should be doing, not some one who has too many hats already and then stuff gets dropped to the wayside.
  10. The only non terrain/non mini pieces I have printed have been things for the printer like a tool holder and functional drawers were the caps in front usually go (I use one to hold spare nozzles and such), PSP disc holders and PSP battery doors. All working great, but not under a lot of stress and wear and tear so YMMV.
  11. How do you find Nerikson? I can't find them on patreon
  12. I know a lot of you are concerned about the DIY aspect of the neptune and are worried about assembling it. Rest assured, it is not all that difficult and you should be up and running in about 45 minutes taking your time. If the instructions give you issues, theres a great assembly video on youtube. I have built 2 so far (haven't built my 2S yet, just can't get motivated right now), and they have run great (I have a post in here somewhere showing my prints)
  13. I know everyone has their preferences, but if it helps, I am currently running 2 Neptune 2 printers and they are great. Decent price, easy to assemble, and their customer service is awesome! I have a 2S waiting to be built and I have no doubt it will be great. If you want a good printer and want a low price, either a 2 or 2S would work great. I don't have issues leveling so that is not an issue for me, but if you want all the bells and whistles right out the gate and the extra money is not an issue (and honestly the difference is not much), get the neptune 3, as it has all the upgrades and refinements of the previous neptunes. As for power supplies, I run mine 24/7 when I am in convention printing mode, and never had an issue.
  14. Should also be able to find one on amazon if Ebay isn't good
  15. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. It unfortunately is worse then I thought. Was going to enjoy Knott's in Anaheim CA today, but when I went to check my card which buys food and has cash, someone in a totally different city then I live stole $800 🙂 now I need to make a police report and figure out how I'll pay rent 😞 If everyone can pray for a speedy resolution to this, that would be great 🙂
  16. Thanks Glitterwolf! I think I need the acknowledgment this year more then ever. Really on a down this time.
  17. Getting a resin AND an FDM printer opens up so many possibilities. I recommend (resin) Mars 2 pro or saturn (I think jupiter is just too big for one person to use easily and mars 3 I hate the look) and (FDM) Neptune 2S. They are both from elegoo and they are great printer's and elegoo's customer service is awesome!
  18. There is flavor text???? What does it taste like?
  19. I actually Have the mines expansion on Roll20, might have to get this add on now:)
  20. exactly. They are kinda chonky and not very detailed.
  21. Pity, it had potential, I think they just set their goal too high. Maybe they will re-evaluate and launch again.
  22. Oh if most of mine were a dollar:) I am always on the lookout for good commercial pledge deals:)
  23. I envy you, and your self control:)
  24. Ah, yah, that's the vibe I was getting. But even looking at it that way, I still cannot justify it.
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