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  1. I kind of like them, and I guess I don't have much choice either since I am paid up too:)
  2. Thanks you two, this helps. Yah, I know 16GB is probably overkill, but man it's hard to find anything less than 16GB nowadays (well a GOOD memory card, the one's I found at 99 cent store are crap) The prices right now are so cheap for a 16GB, I am not too worried about wasted space:)
  3. So, quick question. What size USB stick can I use on the mars series of printers (well, saturn too)? I can get 16GB sticks for like $9 bucks (sandisk), will that work? Also, for those that have an FDM like a neptune 2, what size can those take? I can get 16GB for those too (also sandisk). Just want to make sure they'll work first.
  4. For me, most of my Patreons are for commercial use, only a few are personal (for now or until they offer a merchant tier): Loot Studios (not really a patreon but I like their stuff, hoping for a merchant tier soon) Epic Miniatures - personal right now, as their merchant is just above my limit Clay Cyanide - Merchant (got one of the last $20 tiers before they added a new higher tier) Hex3D - Personal/merchant. I love his stuff, been on a mug printing kick from him lately. Gotta show those off here soon Papsikels - Just moved to his new sci-fi merchant tier. I love what this group does, very cool stuff. RN Estudio- Also just moved to their merchant tier recently. Love all the cool themes they do. Great Grimoire - Merchant now as well, love her stuff Village's hope - Just got on to this merchant tiered patreon. Going to stay on next month then decide if I'll stay with them. There are others I jump off and on as they release cool stuff for a month, but these are all locked in for me (most, because I don't want to lose my merchant tier)
  5. So are these for December or the end of November? They announced that this first batch is available for download NOW? So, will they still be available in December? I'd hate to rush to get these in 2 days:(
  6. I pledged at the merchant level as usual:) I love Mia's work!
  7. I went in on the $1 pledge, good stuff here. Love the re-imagined Christmas stuff:)
  8. ah for the price, I may just jump on kraken's vault for the apprentice:) Maybe villages hope too:)
  9. Thanks, that helps! Woohoo, I get to highlight and comment now:)
  10. So I don't know if this has been asked before but if you get the superbacker tag on Kickstarter, do you have to continue pledging at that level to keep it? or does it stay forever? Just curious?
  11. I may have to jump on RAW's patreon this month:)
  12. If you need meddling teens, check out Thomas miller's Conundrum LLC over on MMF. Great set for Mystery Inc. stand ins.
  13. So, funny thing, was in my local 99 cent store and found a bunch of thumb drives that look just like the ones elegoo supplies with the mars 2 pro printers:) Once I get stuff reorganized, ill try em out. What the heck, they were only 1.99 each:)
  14. So, am I better off subscribing to their site? Same stuff as the patreon, but with the two alternate pieces?
  15. So, as I understand it, this game is a sequel to a DLC in borderlands. I have never played borderlands, but if this is going to be a stand alone game, I am in! This game looks super cool, has some well known voice actors AND the music for the trailer (not sure if it will carry to the game) is BabyMetal's Gimme Chocolate! I think I need to contact the creators and suggest the girls from the group become NPC's in the game:)
  16. I've been with Epic so long, as of this month I have EVERY set they have released:) Only thing left for me to do (other then continuing with them), would be to become a merchant for them:)
  17. So I really like the models offered in this month's heroes infinite, but can anyone tell me the difference between the $10 and $16 tier? Is it just the centerpiece? Also, would I be better off going to their new website for the models? (It appears to be the same stuff as patreon BUT with two bonus/alternate models). Really excited for Great Grimoire's october stuff. It is one of two patreons (the other being clay cyanide) I really cannot drop now, as I have their commercial tiers now, and it took me month's of camping their pages for someone to drop out:). Now if someone would drop RN Estudio's fast merchant, I'd be excited:)
  18. Man, just when I thought RN Estudio wasn't going to offer anything cool in October, they go and do this:( (yah, my wife loves He-Man, so I lost the roll on this one).
  19. Also, don't use special characters or underscores. This sometimes (especially on my FDM printers) freaks out the system and jumbles files.
  20. Cards are notoriously bad because they use no name cards. I use SanDisk for all my stuff, thankfully no failures so far.
  21. Unfortunately, I think sign ups closed a day or so ago.
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