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  1. @Reaper_Jonany chance the fast pallet paint sets for High seas adventure and horror will be re-stocked? I wanted to get the adventure during the promos, do go with my horror set:)
  2. So, talking about dragons, here is how I'll paint one of my Aganzarax the Foul:
  3. For anyone who is ex-military in the US, aafes and navy exchange have some deals going on. Honestly, this years deals are weak in comparison to years past..
  4. Yup, I have this same issue, still have B3 core set and a ton of B4 to work on, wife is not happy with another big box coming:(
  5. So, regarding the pledge manager, I feel there is some confusion again. I understand THAT if you were an initial backer, you need to LOCK in your pledge if you have not done so by December 1st. Check. Also, if you were a late backer and have locked in an order, you are good. Check. The consequence of not locking in *could* bump you to the last wave, check! Now, here is where (for me at least) the confusion arises. Ed said previously that they sent off the estimated numbers for the mini's, and everyone *should* be good even with the pledge manager opened till December 1st. With the pledge manager staying open till 2021, and the shipping to backer being April 2021, doesnt that mean some may not get all they ordered if things have to be on the boat by a certain date? That makes things pretty tight. Do we even have an idea how late into 2021 the PM will be open? I know I have said it before, BUT a dedicated PR guy would really help soften these last minute changes. I know that @Reaper_Jon,you are pretty much filling that role, but with all you do, I feel a single dedicated person for PR would be best. Just my thoughts IMO. So, in conclusion, if we order up to a HARD close of the PM, will we still get everything in one shot, or will some things come in a second shipment or (as what happened in bones 4) will we have to wait for the remaining items to come in before our pledge ships?
  6. I am actually waiting for Jahenna 77669 to be released. I want to try some sheer cloth painting, and she seems like a good candidate:)
  7. I bought a core set for bones 3 for $130 back in 2017, so depending on what core set you are buying, $200 is not a price. If there's enough mini's you like in the core set and the price is right, you might want to get it. Also, we have a little something around here called a Box of Goodwill, which is basically a box that gets sent to people who signed up for the event. You look through the box, see what mini's you might like, then put in a like amount of mini's you'd like to trade out. It's a great way to share mini's you might never use and get one's you will. Watch for @Chaoswolf to make an announcement for the next one. I think we've all agreed to wait till bones 5 ships, so you have time.
  8. I am happy to wait till the spring when we start getting Bones 5 in hand (there's some mini's I am sure I can give up for things I want). Plus, if anyone is giving things like paint, this would be a bad time for that:)
  9. That is pretty much how I see them. Daimyo started really strong with first reveal, but then pretty much sputtered out with the last two. Chronoscope is not perfect, but has much more appealing choices (for me the victorian and terminator mini's) then Daimyo has. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long to get the few pieces in daimyo I like.
  10. So, I pretty much have locked down and ordered what I wanted, but I was planning on putting in one last order. I was going to get a gem dragon because it does looks cool and another one wouldn't be a bad thing, however, I am torn on my last expansion to order. I am leaning heavily for the chronoscope set because it has more variety in it, but I still like the daimyo set because of the undead asian style figures. What does everyone think about these two?
  11. 1) You mean like a plan? Well, sort of, I PLAN on building and painting them all. Does that count? 2) I plan on what I want them to look like, but as far as what to paint in what order, no. I just grab what I feel like (or what may be chosen for the quarterly contest on FB from reaper or the something to fit the contests on the forums here) 3) Yes, especially after the last kickstarter (and will probably continue going forward). As far as add-ons, they will come bagged (usually, some like the elephant king were boxed, as well as argent), what I recommend is rebagging them in a zip lock bag AFTER making sure all the mini's and associated parts are there. I remember bones 4, a few people had several issues (mumlak having broken tusks, mixed up paint, things like that), so you want to check everything as soon as you can and make a list of everything you find (Reaper prefers if you send them one list of everything found rather then several lists). As far as expansions sets, those were in one box per set (like the ones @Chris Palmer showed) and each mini was individually wrapped (as I recall). I would check them for any damage or again missing pieces if they are multi-part. That is what was different this time around, many of the mini's came unassembled (which I prefer), which requires some gluing and possibly pinning. I rebagged all mine, because what I did was number all them as I checked them so it would be easier to recognize missing mini's (use the numbering from the Kickstarter page) 4) block out a few hours to go through them:) Might try and do it over several sessions to make it easier. Maybe all add-ons first, then the expansions 5) I store them as clean as I work them 6) well, ideally, you want them all in one place, but at the moment I have some in parts racks over my paint station, a LOT in bins under my computer desk, and several on my dresser in my bedroom:) 7) As Chris said, DO NOT do this. Make the effort to check them all as soon as you can. Maybe film yourself unboxing them and post them for all to see. It's long, but here's my Bones 4 unboxing I did https://youtu.be/4GYvQWqULT8 You can see how big my box was at the start (this was MY first kickstarter, so I went kind of crazy getting EVERY expansion and core set (and core set extras haha), a LOT of add-ons and a ton of bases. Careful, you can go overboard, as I dropped just over a grand on B4. I was a LITTLE restrained this go, as I am going to be just shy of 600). I do not have shots of my box to post as my hard drive crashed early this year and I am still going through the recovered files, but I do remember my 6 year old (who was 5 at the time) fit into the box WITH a little room to spare:) We all actually did a box challenge to see if we could fit into our boxes from Bones 4:) I think @Cyradis actually fit into hers, that was crazy. My biggest recommendation , if you can afford it, get what you like and think you'll need, The Kickstarter is a great value and a quick way to bulk up your collection and some things take quite a while to hit retail (Baba Yaga's hut is just coming out for example, and we are STILL waiting for Bones 3 weapons sprues to come out). But also, do not overextend yourself and put yourself in a cash strapped hole. Have fun, and tell us what you get (we love that around here)
  12. I kind of suspected that. So, same mini, just jacking up the price and calling it "NEW", that's lame. Better get some of the dragons and other stuff. So, is this their model going forward or just for the more popular and hard to stock ones?
  13. So does anyone know why the new (or at least new to me) wave 12.5 has what looks like the same models as previous models (notably wave 4's Beholder and wave 11's zombie beholder) YET is double the price?
  14. has anyone tried the test base on a Ender type printer? Trying to decide if this will work with a FIDM? 3d printer (thats what an ender is, correct?)
  15. I don't remember it being sold separately BUT I do remember they threw them in as bonus bottles in my holiday orders (along with one of the white holiday colors), so now on top of the bottle in my holiday box, I have 2 or 3 extras. I wish they would sell them individually (even if it's just during the holidays), as I am in need of a gingerbread cookie bottle (used almost half 2 years ago for my art school final project).
  16. This reminds me to paint my one hordling guy as Mike wazowski:) Now if I can just remember what someone used to make Sullivan:) (Monsters Inc.)
  17. Thanks everyone for all the prayers! Back home last night, now the long haul to recovery:(
  18. So, I'm not sure if anyone missed me the last week or so, but I have been out with cellulitis in my right foot. I went to ER last Monday and have been on antibiotics, but they didn't help. I am in the ER again because it's no better AND a fluid bubble that had formed popped and well let's just say its not good. Please pray for me and I'll hopefully talk to you all soon.
  19. Wait what???? Are you all reincarnated souls from Stalag Luft III? I feel like I am watching an episode of History's mysteries
  20. Yes, I ordered mine on October 1st at 7:00AM PST, as I got my boys ready for distance learning:) I am glad I wasn't imagining it NOT populated:) It's always good to check anyhow, never trust an automated system:) @Reaper_Jon I feel like I am more like Columbo
  21. I also believe (though not positive) you NEED to ADD the bag to your order. In the past, the system would just "see" you had the right amount and send you the bag and free mini. With the new system, since you actually "add" the free mini, you need to "add" the ghoulie bag. @Reaper_Jon can you verify if this is true? Would be useful for people to know I would think.
  22. Ah, these kids wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the a***.
  23. I'd like to think that him and Randy (Rhoads) are up there jamming together!
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