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  1. Should also be able to find one on amazon if Ebay isn't good
  2. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. It unfortunately is worse then I thought. Was going to enjoy Knott's in Anaheim CA today, but when I went to check my card which buys food and has cash, someone in a totally different city then I live stole $800 🙂 now I need to make a police report and figure out how I'll pay rent 😞 If everyone can pray for a speedy resolution to this, that would be great 🙂
  3. Thanks Glitterwolf! I think I need the acknowledgment this year more then ever. Really on a down this time.
  4. Getting a resin AND an FDM printer opens up so many possibilities. I recommend (resin) Mars 2 pro or saturn (I think jupiter is just too big for one person to use easily and mars 3 I hate the look) and (FDM) Neptune 2S. They are both from elegoo and they are great printer's and elegoo's customer service is awesome!
  5. There is flavor text???? What does it taste like?
  6. I actually Have the mines expansion on Roll20, might have to get this add on now:)
  7. exactly. They are kinda chonky and not very detailed.
  8. Pity, it had potential, I think they just set their goal too high. Maybe they will re-evaluate and launch again.
  9. Oh if most of mine were a dollar:) I am always on the lookout for good commercial pledge deals:)
  10. I envy you, and your self control:)
  11. Ah, yah, that's the vibe I was getting. But even looking at it that way, I still cannot justify it.
  12. Or maybe have a cover drop away and reveal NOT eddie like from an Iron Maiden concert I actually wonder if there is enough room for me to hollow out and put in some electronics, then it can be like the statue in spaceballs:) YUP! And the door speaks "You are in the presence of the all powerful Yogurt!"
  13. http://kck.st/3v7lZtq Looks interesting with a lot of goals unlocked and still many days left to pledge.
  14. http://kck.st/3DZgXDm Interesting bust kickstarter. I was about to post a screenshot, but then I figured that may break the rules (NFSW issue I think). I may get on this one, not sure yet.
  15. http://kck.st/3vgQWLR Enjoyed his previous two kickstarters, not sure about this one though.
  16. http://kck.st/3resmdx Nice fundraiser for Ukraine. Think the merchant tier is way overpriced, but good looking model for $1.
  17. http://kck.st/3Oq2cOS I was on their Gaia KS, liked them a lot. I actually voted for different models, but these are cool.
  18. http://kck.st/3jwjdZu For those of you who are into Djinn and Efreeti. Looks pretty good, not too bad of a buy in.
  19. http://kck.st/3uuLdSr So late to this one, was started march 19th? Decent models but I think the creator set his goal a bit too high. Maybe it can be saved?? Also, he has a few spelling/grammar errors so I am wondering if that turned people off?
  20. This one keeps popping up in my kickstarter notifications, but I just can't get into this one:) Guess I should go through my list and post some kickstarters I am looking at:)
  21. I've been on several other of their Kickstarters, but I may pass on this one. The stone miniature unlock may draw me in though, but I do have Un-Stone versions so it's a tough call.
  22. The commercial pledge was a little pricey, but it still has almost 3 weeks left, and has a TON of terrain! My 3 FDM printers will be busy soon.
  23. OOH look, one I actually passed on hehe (seriously, I have so many bases now from Kickstarters, I am burned out. I was on both of Casper Gad's base Kickstarters, so along with a few others, I am set.)
  24. I have bought previous kickstarters from them, so I guess it's no surprise I jumped on this one too.
  25. ehh, It's fantasy after all. And again, I have no self control, so I am in. Geez I am literally approaching 120 kickstarters pledged.
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