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  1. First, it has been hard preparing this post and I made sure to get the blessing of @Chaoswolf before posting:


    As a few on here know, my wife had been battling Gall Bladder cancer for some time, and so I don't miss anything from what I have already posted over on that bookish site, I will share what I posted there:

    I know many of you have read my Mother Pamela and Mother in Law Deborah's posts, as well as some of you being contacted directly, and I am sorry I have been silent, I was waiting till all the arrangements had been made and so I had some to time to post my thoughts.

    On Saturday the 26th of August my Beautiful, loving and caring Wife heather, mother to our boys Harrison (14) and Paul (9) and daughter to Deborah Clark went to be with our Lord Jesus. It felt sudden to us in the fact that she had just came home Friday after being in the hospital since August 10th, she had recovered from complications from her gall bladder cancer and felt well enough to come to be with her boys who she missed very much and to spend some time with her mother and sister who had come to visit. But, the reality was, every day we had with our precious heather was a blessing from God. Heather had Gall bladder surgery last August due to many gall stones. What we didn’t know at the time, was that Heather had Stage 4 Gall Bladder cancer. Even though, for me, I knew what this meant, I had Hope in the Lord that she would once again be a miracle for God and she would recover. Heather was strong, she was a real trooper and a fighter. She went at this time with Good spirits and a smile on her face, but the cancer was relentless and now she is with Her Lord Jesus in Heaven, praising him and I am sure doing cartwheels for him Because that was what she wanted to do when she got to Heaven. She is safe, wrapped in the loving arms of our Lord and no longer in pain, no longer suffering and in Heaven in her new body. Heather didn’t want to die, she wanted to see her boys grow up and play with her grandchildren, but she was NEVER afraid to die because she always knew if she did she would be in Heaven with our Lord, and even though I miss her very much and am grieving, I am comforted in the fact that she is in a better place and someday in God’s timing I will be joining her in eternity.


    I would like to share with you all now information about Heather’s celebration of life and other details:


    We will be having Heather’s memorial service on the 12th of September 2023 at 11AM, at Cavalry Chapel Packinghouse in Redlands , CA ( 27165 San Bernardino Ave, Redlands, CA 92374)

    We are not planning on having a reception, but it has been suggested that if enough people would like, that there can be a potluck. Please RSVP if you are able to attend, and if you like the idea of a potluck. You may contact me here by private message, or my e-mail at [email protected] , or you may also comment to this post.

    There will also not be any service at the gravesite, she will be directly buried at Riverside National Cemetery (22495 Van Buren Blvd. Riverside CA 92518), as soon as have details were she will be interred, I will share with anyone who would be interested.


    Finally, my friend and co-worker Darin Bialy, has set up a GoFundMe account to help us with the costs of heather’s funeral.

    If anyone feels the Lord leading them to donate, that would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate, please private message me and I can give you the link.


    Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers during this time and the love and support we have been receiving during this time.


    Rest in Life, my Beautiful loving Heather Leigh Clark, we will see each other again in the presence of Jesus.

    disney sleeping.jpg


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  2. 11 hours ago, Corsair said:

    Quizzle for 14 August 2023: Since August is almost half over, how are your hobby goals progressing for this month?

    Honestly My hobby goals (mostly my commercial hobby goals) have been shot to h**l, especially this last week. So we go clothes shopping for the boys and the radiator has a catastrophic failure. Prayfully, the quoted work didn't change and we are only out of pocket $1,200 bucks:( But unfortunately my wife has had a setback in her cancer battle. She has been in the hospital off and on since August of last year. Long story short, she has fluid around her lungs and will be in the hospital a while. Please be praying she gets better and home soon and can restart her chemo treatment. So yeah, that's how my hobby goals are.   

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  3. Sorry I am late to the discussion, just found out this exists from Uncle Jessy on Youtube. I just have a Apple iPad 10.2 in. 128GB with Wi-Fi (7th Gen) and apple pencil, do you think this would be good enough? I already have procreate and it runs pretty well. I have seen comments (on nomads forum in fact) that the newest version is killing battery power and heating up ipads, have you experienced that @TaleSpinner. For $15 bucks I guess I can't go wrong:)


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  4. If you have both, it might be a conflict? Not sure, the only things I have on my computer are chitubox and cura (elegoo version). And my chitu is an older version I refuse to upgrade because I don't want any issues and my printers are OG saturn and Mars 2 pro's, so no need for the newer stuff. It works, I aint breaking it.

    You MIGHT want to upgrade chitubox, it's possible the version you got is not the most up to date, and therefore it doesn't show the saturn.

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  5. They are supported by Lychee now? I thought they had their own proprietary software or will still working with Chitubox? Did you have another slicer program installed? I know that if you have a program that uses similar files (like lychee or chitu), or even an update of the same program, it will not install and associate those files, and I wonder if that may be why it doesn't identify the saturn.

  6. On 7/14/2023 at 10:04 AM, Hibou said:

    My pulls from round 14.  




    Those skull base toppers turned out to be pretty awesome after all. Can't wait till base boss 2 stuff shows up for retail on the reaper store.

    4 hours ago, Ziggy said:


    Box will be sent out Monday.


    Ah I see someone was on that HP Lovecraft/Horror Kickstarter from last month. At least, I think that's were I saw that Bram Stoker's dracula from.

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  7. So need some advice from the Hive Mind:)


    I am been reluctant about printing out hollowed models because of the whole issue about curing the inside.


    so, i'll probably have to make bigger drain holes, but I have a way to get a 395nm UV light pen. My question is, will this be enough to cure resin properly? I know Elegoo is 405nm, but I have heard curing resin is a range from 350? to 410nm. So my question is, will this work for curing hollowed models?

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  8. I think between covid, the economy not bouncing back quickly and the Loss Of Ed, Reaper may just be trying to recover (like we all are) from all that. This last few years have been tough for everybody and we have gone so backwards IMHO, nothing seems worth it anymore.

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  9. Here is one 80mm and two 60mm bases with skull inserts glued in:


    overall I am happy with them. 

    I just went over to the campaign, and boy a bunch of people are complaining about clean up? Really, I thought that was part of the hobby? I do agree that they need better PR, and many hear know this isn't the first time I have brought it up or suggested that Reaper's core people wear too many hats and are spread thin.

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  10. Okay, apparently there are TWO different gaming bases in 60mm and I have the ones that are 2mm to small on top, so my skull inserts are a slight bit too big (my fault not reaper's and I am too cheap and lazy to get the others), so i'll have to shave them down a bit. I did however have to go back to the kickstarter and see if I was doing something wrong, and from the pictures there I am not. I could have sworn that the base inserts were flush to the gaming base cavities. Apparently I was wrong, and even the ones on the kickstarter page stick up a bit from the base. A little disappointing, but it is what it is. I will get more skull inserts when they become available, as I do not believe I have any STL files that have skull inserts.

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  11. 43 minutes ago, Humansquish said:

    How does one get the free model from RN Estudio? I don't see it on MMF and I don't see a current kickstarter.

    Try going to their patreon and see if it's a public post, then just click on the link in the post to download. I believe it's pinned on the site, so it should be the top post. What's weird is, they offered this model back in January (the post even shows that date), so I may have 2 downloads of the same thing now:( I need to clean up my files.

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  12. I cannot believe I am up to 190 Kickstarters.

    out of that number:

    1 Cancelled due to an IP complaint (it moved to MMF so it still happened)

    1 Dropped (the infamous Weistek L6 resin printer that screwed all the backers)

    Out of the remaining 188, 6 are still active pledging, closing on various dates this month and next.

    as for the 182, all have completed and have been very happy with. The only things left to physically arrive are Bones 6 and a kickstarter from the band Stryper which will be a documentary DVD and video file. I just got my base boss 2, and that has been the only thing really I was a little disappointed with. Honestly, since 2020 or so, all my kickstarters have been STL kickstarters, and for the most part, I have been happy with the models I have received. Almost all the kickstarters I support now are ones with merchant/commercial tiers at a reasonable cost, as that is my new business, 3D printing so the way I judge what kickstarters to support are probably different then most here.  

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  13. Never did get any kind of shipping notice, so decided to check bb2 pledge manager and sure enough there is a shipping cost in there. So, I went small on this one because honestly I print most of my bases now, especially since I have a few commercial kickstarters that are strictly bases, BUT I don't really (or didn't at the time of base boss 2) have bases with skulls so I ordered:

    10qty 60mm Round Skull Insert

    5qty 80mm Round Skull Insert

    basically ten bucks, and my shipping and tax is $7.22. 

    Not really sure WTH is going on with shipping, but shipping has really gotten out of hand. I hope reaper can wait till after the 1st of the month, because I am broke right now. Rent has gone up, car insurance up, I am just getting killed here. And as others have said, this doesn't bode well for Bones 6. I guess it is a blessing that this kickstarter I didn't go crazy at all like bones 4 and 5, and I haven't locked anything in and am still sitting on my $10 pledge. I was going to add the new storm giant (well two actually), the undead expansion and one or two dead mans tales, but now I am seriously considered just taking my 10 bucks as a loss if shipping is going to be exponentially expensive. I don't know if @Reaper_Jonand @Reaper Ron have addressed this anywhere but it would be nice if they could address how bones 6 will be shipping wise.

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  14. I never use glue, and my prints stay on just fine, plus they slide off like butter off my PEI beds. On my neptune 2's, prints stick so well, I have to use a glass scraper to get them off (same trick I use to get prints off my resin plates. My prints stick too well, so I guess I have the opposite problem everyone else has)

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  15. Wow has it really been that long since I have posted? Looking back on these old prints, I am amazed how much better my prints have become. Since I have been also resin printing, I'll need to make a post for those. So, here's some stuff I have done recently:


    For a family friends kids:





    Here's a cool dice tower for resale:




    An Alchemist house (for some reason the floor printed thin, so I had to base it)


    Some additional terrain pieces:



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  16. I have completely walked away from water washable. It's still resin, and you don't want that going down the drain, and (in the case of Elegoo) the wash and cure instructions on my mercury SPECIFICALLY say NOT to use it with water washable, so whats the point? I want to be successful and not spend a lot of time tooling around. Mostly now I use Elegoo's clear resins when they are on sale on amazon or get their V2 resin in bulk straight from Elegoo (the lead time is down to 30 days now!). 

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