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  1. 24 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    That's the best combo.

    FDM for terrain and Resin for minis.


    I don't have a FDM one, too technical for me and no room either.

    But I have succesfully printed the Aztec Pyramid for the Giant Croc Mount ( totally not a Dread Saurian ::P:) on my Elegoo Mars.

    I did hollow the parts of course!

    I'd love to get elegoo's Neptune 2 FDM printer, if they ever get around to stocking more:( Hell, I'd love a saturn too:)

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  2. 3 hours ago, Humansquish said:

    Koi Mage by Titan Forge & Dwarf Bust by TytanTroll.



    Oooh I have that bust as well (as well as the female celtic lady and barbarian. I bought his 3 pack hehe.). Need to get my printers up and print out these cool items. I need to get his red hiding hood and goblin king models:)

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  3. They also have a contest going on right now on MMF using mini's from arcane. Top 3 prizes are resin printers :


    Peopoly Phenom L Noir (RRP $2,799.00)

    Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K + 1kg Aqua Gray 4K Resin (RRP $760.00)

    Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K + 1kg Aqua Gray 4K Resin (RRP $760.00)

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  4. 46 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:




    Well, one thing, go to Gumroad, search for them and look at the huge collection you can get for $0..

    That's a whole lot of free minis.

    Some of those are part of the current throwback, so for me I would just choose the cheaper option and just get this month's set.


    Me, myself...I'm probably not going to.

    I already have a lot of similar minis from EPIC and others that are the same theme, although I'm still a little in doubt about them.


    There are so many cool things out there, can't get them all.

    I pretty much got all the ones I liked off gumroad, so if none of the throwbacks are one's I grabbed  or like, I may pass. I do like this month's theme (I loved the whole werewolf/vampire gothic horror theme) so I will probably pledge just for that, then cancel. The cards and box art are really not a deal for me, as I do not game nor am I a seller (I already have a few commercial licenses and I don't need another at the moment haha)

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  5. so, a question about cast n play.


    So their traveler tier is:

    See the current lineup in the About section. You will get access to:
    -Starter pack
    -New Releases


    and their hero is:

    See the current lineup in the About section. You will get access to:
    -Starter pack
    -Throwback Folder
    -New Releases
    -Flavor Text Cards
    -Box Art


    so, 1) does the throwback folder change every month? and is the text cards and box art worth it? I mean, if throwback doesnt change, I'd feel like just getting it one time then downgrading to traveler. Can you guys advise?

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  6. I have not set it up yet, but Elegoo's mercury was and cure pretty much works the same way as the anycubic. It allows you to hang your build plate (elegoo mars and mars pro, and MAYBE mars 2 pro), so you don't even have to take your prints off to wash (there's a basket if you do want to take them off or own a saturn or other 3D printer where build plate will not work). Has a safety feature where you cannot wash or cure with cover off. Should really cut down clean and cure times. Was like 119 or so from the NOT river site:)

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  7. 6 minutes ago, haldir said:


    I'm pretty sure that was just a ruler for digital sizing. There are various measuring tools. I like using this one:




    Base sizing spot on. Obviously you can't do full size huge or large bases on the older size printers but it's nice for large or smaller (without any modifications to the prints). He has just a simple ruler as well. Just search his offerings.

    Yah, after loading it up, I thought that it was just for digital scale. BUT, then I thought, hmm if I add some well placed heavy supports on the floating parts, and not cut the supports, I could make it work haha.

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  8. 20 minutes ago, Cygnwulf said:

    depends on the patreon, in WWT's you'll have access to the link to the google drive til the end of the month.  
    They don't have any loyalty rewards that i'm aware of yet.

    I'd make sure that I followed them after though, so you can see when Anastasia starts posting previews of next month's release, just in case something comes out you decide you want or if you want to jump back in for April. On Discord this morning, they (Anastasiya) showed a couple of wood elf sentinels and another tree creature being released this month during part 2 that's coming late that I thought were very nice and worth watching for.

    They showed part 2? I think it's these, correct?:

    Niel the Elf Queen (coming soon)
    Niel the Elf Queen bust (coming soon)
    MonsTrent (coming soon)

    Yah, I want to get those before I cut loose:) Hopefully they get those out this week:)

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  9. 14 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


    If they have one it should be on their patreon site.

    Search for loyalty or reward if nothing pops up it isn't there I think.

    Yah, I tried searching posts for loyalty, reward and goal and nothing came up (even tried bonus, and it was just the patreon count rewards like adding another model.). So, with that, I probably will drop them (hopefully they get the final models released before then). So if I cancel a patreon now, do I still have access till the end of the month or does it cut off immediately? 

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  10. By the way, there was a digital file over on gumroad that was from cast n' play. It was a game size ruler, which I thought was pretty cool. However, looking at the file in chitubox, I am leaning toward it NOT being printable? Has anyone else got this file? Is it just a ruler to see the size of a digital file?

  11. 5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    I have stuck with a patreon for a while and had one other on the side that I took, dropped, took another, dropped etc.

    Now I have dropped that one as well and took new ones.

    It all depends on:


    • Do you want the current theme?
    • If you don't do you want to stick around for a loyalty mini or certain cross promos?
    • If you don't do you feel like supporting the patreon and wait for a better theme?
    • If you don't is the discount you get for the store enough to stok up on good stuff?


    In the end it's money, so if you feel like dropping one, go ahead and take another who has a theme that suits you ( and get a new welcome pack or throwback folder there as well most of the times)


    Loyalty incentives differ.

    Some patreons need you to stick around for 3 months in a row others don't.

    I know that Heroes Infinite will give you loyalty mini for 3  and 6 months, those do NOT have to be in a row, so you can drop, come back etc..

    Others like Claycyanide only give that if you reach the 3 months.

    This is pretty much what I am using as my gauge.

    As of now I am staying with:

    Clay Cyanide (I am waiting for the loyalty choice) I may actually jump up to merchant tier especially because...


    White werewolf Tavern I am keeping it for now, BUT they have been getting their releases out at the last moment the last two months, so I am just hanging around to get the 3 month loyalty and see what March offers then I may drop them and use the money to fund Clay's merchant account.


    Epic - I may make them a merchant too, but for now the $12 a month is way worth it for me.


    Loot Studios - they are a seperate sub from patreon and $15 but they have been worth it so far, and next month is my 3 month! I may even buy the previous 3 and get my 6 month:)


    Fortis and Eastman - I am considering these 2 for all the cool busts. I notice  however they pause quite a bit, so I may just  get them this month and get the many busts they offer and cancel if they are pausing again (they do not seem to have any loyalty program)


    Bite the bullet - I may get this one in March just so I can get a discount for the few I want and then may cancel if March isn't offering anything.



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  12. 1 minute ago, Gadgetman! said:


    Forget it. Resin is too thick for a paper filter. 

    I'll have to see what the filter's look like (I haven't opened my mars 2 pro yet haha), and get more I guess:) Have to check out car paint filters like @haldir and @Glitterwolf suggested:)

    @haldir so Do I get the 110 to 120 Mesh Paint Strainers or the 60 to 70 from harbor freight? I would assume the heavier:)

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  13. 10 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

    Coffee filters are good for filtering IPA or denatured alcohol after you've washed off a couple of minis. 

    (You really want a funnel with some sort of ridges on the inside, tough, to use the entire surface of the filter. The filter holder from a broken coffee maker is probably a good start... )

    Pfft, we don't even use a coffee maker anymore since we have a keurig, so I have a few hundred sitting around doing nothing. Heck I may even double them up and see how they do for resin. 

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