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  1. Speaking of Indian mythology, I think that is clay cyanide's theme next month:)
  2. @GlitterwolfI think you may be regretting dropping epic:) Have you seen the new models? For as much as they give us for $12.00, I think it's easier to just stay on:) Wish their commercial tier was lower though.
  3. I heard you could use coffee filters in a regular funnel, have you done that?
  4. A whole month? Nice! Man, it was like pulling teeth just to get the day off after Thanksgiving when I was with Time Warner/Spectrum:(
  5. hehe those are US holidays, they are on Chinese new year from the 14th till (I Think the 23rd??). This is why reaper was trying to get that one container on the water so quickly:) I remember when we used to not get any shipments late april/early may at the japanese company I worked at:( That's there series of holidays off:)
  6. Unfortunately no one has the printer in stock:( Waiting for elegoo to even list it on aliexpress and their own website. I e-mailed them about the printer and they said they are waiting till after the holiday to update the site. actually their exact reply was: Hi, Thanks for your contact and interest in Elegoo product. After our holidays, we will arrange it soon. Should you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us. Best regards,
  7. @Glitterwolfis that standard grey resin that needs IPA to clean up? Have you tried the water washable resin yet?
  8. are you talking about WILMA N BETTY ROCK - BY SPARX? I may need this haha. And going over to their site, found out about exclusive:) May need some of those princesses as well.
  9. Okay, not sure if this changed with chitubox 1.8 or was always like this, but can someone who has the Elegoo Mars 2 pro verify if these look like the correct settings for it? And do they work? any suggestions for changes is appreciated (it's the light off delay and botom light off delay I'm concerned about. I have always seen both of those at 0s)
  10. hehe no, the turtle is Gamera:) They mentioned a certain fire breathing kaiju, that would be Godzilla (Gojira in Japan hehe)
  11. I think in their comments, that Epic teased a possible Gojira model as part of March's release:)
  12. Is midnight curse cast n plays offering for march? or something they have already released? I may have to sub next month:)
  13. I am so thinking to take my printers to my mom's and temp set up in her garage till my garage is better organized. I really want to print a few things so I can enter contests (clay cyanide and white werewolf, especially WWT because I want a phozen for free haha).
  14. That looks in good shape, you should be good to go I think
  15. So, apparently the box I bought of gloves from harbor freight are vinyl and not nitrile (I have had the box a while, was actually for my airbrushing sessions), can I still use them for my resin printer work?
  16. I Just realized MMF has a download history, which will be very helpful once I start printing these mini's out so I know who to credit (and hit up if I want to sell, so I can get permission), most of my files I have no idea where they came from haha. Need to see if thingverse has such a history:)
  17. So, I haven't had a chance to print yet, but something urged me to check all the supplies I ordered. Build plate and resin vats good (I got the red/orange colored ones, yah!), as were the 500g resin bottles from elegoo (one water washable and one regular). When I got to the 1000g water washable clear blue, I was shocked to find a bit of the resin had leaked into the main bag it was wrapped in (thankfully it did not leak outside the bag) and now had resin all over the bottle:( Apparently, the cap was not tightened and was loose enough to leak out.). I am returning it today, and amazon is sending out a replacement.
  18. You guys don't even want to know how many Mr. Bones I have:)
  19. So, if you join their welcome tier, you get everything they have released up to this point? Then can just downgrade to get all the new releases? Is that right?
  20. I honestly have not opened anything yet:( They got here remarkably quick though (like days), since I think the US supplier is here in California and the packaging looked solid.
  21. Elegoo has a spreadsheet on their site that has all the settings for all their resins.
  22. Looking forward to her e-mail regarding her last kickstarter:) Cannot wait to start printing her stuff:)
  23. I can definitely second Clay cyanide and White werewolf, awesome sculpts. I also recommend Epic miniatures (Pirate ship available right now) and Loot studios (they are their own subscription, not patreon), they have a certain hag's hut atm:)
  24. That Cheshire Cat looks awesome. An Alice in Wonderland set would be great. Maybe make it a chess set:)
  25. SOOOOO!!!!!!!!! New month, new toys! Cannot wait for Epic, Clay cyanide, white werewolf and loot to drop their new toys! Epic: Great stuff this month, including the pirate throwback (Pirate ship!) Also, Baba yaga! Clay Cyanide: ONE WORD! CASTLEVANIA! Bought the June, July, October and November sets off MMF (they had a 50 off sale), think i'm pretty caught up with what I wanted! White Werewolf- Some good things coming up here. Loot: hags and also baba yaga stuff:) It's going to be a great month!
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