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  1. That's freakin' brilliant. Now I can stop throwing them away:) We go through 3 or 4 sets every couple of months:(
  2. Thanks reaper (no really!), you kept me from spending more money! Yes for the win!
  3. I have seen most creator's supply (if feasible) a one piece print as well as the parts separate. Bases are also usually separate. chitubox is just a slicer, it will not do any editing (as far as I know)
  4. Yup, the mars 2 pro indeed has a long lasting mono screen, so as long as it's taken care of, I'll be good for a while. I also have a mars as well as my mars pro 2, and that does indeed need replacing:( Being used, who knows how long it has left:( But they are like 29 bucks, so not horrible. (considering I paid about $125 total, I think it was a good back-up)
  5. The mars 2 pro has a 2K mono screen. However, someone (maybe uncle jessy?) explained the 4K screen, and the resolution per the size of screen is actually lower? or it was slower? one of those haha. Now I need to look that up again:)
  6. Awesome, I have a brand new mars 2 pro and two resin tanks brand new for my mars (my mars is used, so I just went ahead and bought a new build plate and tank. Probably will get a screen soon just in case).
  7. do you recommend a FEP for the mars and mars 2 pro?
  8. Got a few of their models of MMF on a 50% sales, but they were not pre-supported:( Hopefully running them through lychee's auto orientation and auto support then exporting to chitubox to slice will be good:) Doing manual supports suck:(
  9. If I remember what @Chaoswolfhas said in previous circuits, he has them run a few times, then culls what doesn't seem to move. I don't see a problem with grabbing something after the box has come back, kinda the point,right? As for redoing the box, more then likely it will be a whole new group of people who will find the items new to them.
  10. Speaking of throwbacks, Epic is releasing #6 next month (February), and that means pirates and a pirate ship:)
  11. That's the logic I'm using for clay cyanide's current sale. At sale price, its cheaper to just get the monthly bundle, even if some are already part of their throwback set on patreon.
  12. Oversupported is better then a floating hazard that could harm your FEP or leak onto the LCD.
  13. The alien doctor is actually the NOT fly boneslyvanian Jacques:) One of the few I don't have (yet)
  14. Kind of a moot point now, it's no longer on the site I see:(
  15. @Glitterwolfawesome, cannot wait to get printing :) Garage ready hopefully early next week (
  16. Maybe sell digital files of said models? Just saying, its an option:)
  17. @GlitterwolfCan you post your resin settings that have been working for you? I'd like to try them out and see if they work for my mars:) Just need to figure out some good settings for my mars pro 2 :)
  18. It looks like loot studios is also doing a baba yaga and her hut Coincidence?
  19. Yup, pretty much just a few dragons, paint and the core set:) Well, kept me safe from spending more money (oh who am I kidding, it's just gonna shift to STL stuff now haha)
  20. I pledged for the stl and printed level. TJ has already sent out the stl files and they look awesome! I cannot wait to get my 3D printer up and running (yes, I ordered the printed models, but I hadn't had a 3D printer at the time haha).
  21. @Reaper_JonYou had mentioned a while back that the mini's in the LTPK's would be available soon. Will the skeleton archer's be available before the end of January? Just trying to plan an order:)
  22. Looks like Epic is releasing a Baba Yaga and her hut next month:)
  23. I also like the fact that they seem to have a little bit of everything (32mm,70mm, terrain and busts), and more display pieces then some other patreon's (I paint for display more then for gaming).
  24. So, you guys would recommend getting onto their subscription:)
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