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  1. This really sucks. First notification I get this morning:( RIP Mira Furlan This sucks, almost half the main cast (or maybe half) are now gone. Only Peter Jurasik (lando) Billy Mumy(lennier) Bruce Boxleitner (Capt. Sheridan, also TRON! Man, come on make the 3rd already) Claudia Christian (Ivanova) Patricia Tallman (Lyta) Jason Carter (Marcus) We have now lost 7 Main actors:(
  2. So does anyone subscribe to Loot studios? I was kinda interested in their January Orcconsipracy I keep seeing advertised (I like the big 75mm and busts in the set, plus the tavern set). Thanks all
  3. They are in a separate folder in dropbox. They are stl files, not lychee or chitubox. So I decided to just pledge now, as I did not want to scramble last minute trying to get January and the throwbacks (I figure on top of changing out January, the throwbacks are changing out as well, correct?). There are a lot to download:) I grabbed the presupported for all available, and now need to wade through the regular files:)
  4. So, if I joined now, wouldn't I be getting January's and December's sets? (sets 13 and 14?). I kind of like the listings for 13, so I think it would be worth it to join now:) So, since we are halfway into January, the January presupports should be up? and I would assume December, throwback and welcome sets already have them:)
  5. They don't mention it, but I assume a few here would know. Does Epic miniatures provide pre-supported files or are we on our own?? That kind of helps my decision on these things:)
  6. If it is anything like Bones 3 and 4, firstly they will have a webcam set up on twitch as well as a website showing them packing things up (twitch) and showing where and what group they are shipping to. @Reaper_JonCan you verify if this is happening this time? You should get a notification from the same email (robots reaper email) you get when a regular shipment is on it's way to you. You will not be charged more UNLESS possibly you have moved. (Jon please verify) OH YAH! it's ONE huge box! My youngest was able to close the lid on himself it was so big:) You want to see my unboxing from 4, it's over on youtube:)
  7. Yah, my wife saw this, so now I will probably drop $15 for that base set. I guess I will be printing these for her and my niece:)
  8. so, this is a February release correct? so, If I pledged today, that big honking list they show for January is everything I can download?
  9. Finally got my package on friday! Yah, they look great, very happy!
  10. Ferret box is on it's way to crowley. FYI everyone in my circuit (spoiler alert!), there was enough dice sets put in for everyone to have one (and leave a few for the next BoGW. Enjoy all!
  11. Ferret box is in the stream on it's way to crowley 1/16/21
  12. Well I think I'll stay on to both White werewolf tavern and Clay cyanide for now. I am hoping the February vote for clay cyanide is going to the vampire Castlevania group, I'd love to get that!
  13. I like the direction Reaper is taking with these new retail offerings. Two containers, kickstarter ones? Cool, maybe they will actually be ahead of the expected date:)
  14. And now the mars is here , time to get the garage clear, these things won't build themselves Haha
  15. how much is that providing size wise? and how much geez, i haven't even received my 3 Kickstarters yet, just one patreon and somehow im already at 12GB of files. though to be fair, the zip files are in there as well as the unpacked files:)
  16. Geez and now I am considering Clay cyanide to patreon:( Man, I haven't even set up the printers yet:( But the steampunk is so awesome (really want that dr. jekyll/mr. hyde)
  17. Ooh cool I have the honor of the first pics, nice. The box was quite full and I tried my best to get out some things and to try and replace what I could (trust me, it’s packed). I hope everyone likes what is coming. We have a logbook going BTW. So here are the pictures: So here is the first one showing everything I took. A close up of the left (love the jabberwock) The middle (love the barrow wights) A picture closeup of the undying lords(been wanting these a while now) And a shot of the wraith and banshee? going to try and get box out by Friday. Glad I could get in on the fun.
  18. I agree, probably too small for a screw extractor? Maybe drill out the screw, get the cover off then install a new screw housing?
  19. I hear a lot of exclusive transformers toys as well as (supposedly) arcade1up's pinball machines were also lost:(
  20. I think I got a box today:) just gotta finish with these errands then I can dig in:)
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