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  1. I have bought previous kickstarters from them, so I guess it's no surprise I jumped on this one too.
  2. ehh, It's fantasy after all. And again, I have no self control, so I am in. Geez I am literally approaching 120 kickstarters pledged.
  3. Seriously, have you tapped into my Kickstarter list:) Or maybe I just have a Kickstarter problem:) Because I am in on this one too.
  4. still deciding on this one.
  5. Not a bad price on this one, so I am in:)
  6. always happy with what New leaf 3D has to offer. Not like I need another tavern, but it's an awesome one, so I'm in!
  7. Definitely liked this one, and no real stretch goals to hit. I'm in!
  8. Well, I really feel they will be splitting the core (If you did it with the ants, I am hoping they will do all AND add the queen in the breakout), but if not I MAY just get one core and sell off/trade what I don't have interest in (Like those zombies).
  9. JUST DO IT! After all, didn't seem to bother HEX3D 🙂 Come on, Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson (Yes, the REAL Bruce Dickinson) would probably be flattered! I am sure no one would mind:) Seriously, I'd love to see an expansion/add-on of Eddie from different Album Covers! I worked at Music Plus back in the day, and Iron Maiden's Live after Death album had just came out. When the promo was over, I was allowed to take a bunch of the posters home. I had three of them over my bedroom window. Loved working there.
  10. In a Bill Clinton voice:" I Like Melons!"
  11. Most of my mini's are display, competition and or sale so I go with whatever base is most thematic. I also have access to many Base STL files and many happy seppuku molds. Yes, early fulfillment would be nice, especially since some will be Bones USA allegedly. You be surprised what an x-acto or hobby saw can do:) I am all about undead, so this is cool. Maybe someone is an Iron Maiden fan?
  12. *sigh* I wish it still had the two axes or at least a sword and axe (or two swords). Don't think it is going to happen though, as Ed said he liked the sword and board look (that was his reply to my question about getting options to swap out the shield if possible).
  13. I still use my .4 nozzle as well, what I think helps is I print everything at .15 layer height (at least I think that is what it is in cura haha) and 10-15 percent infill. Granted most of my FDM printing is terrain pieces. The only real reliable models I find that work great mini's wise are from artists that specifically work toward making the model FDM friendly. Honestly, the only one I have found that hits that mark has been Arbiter miniatures. His undead is awesome. Busts seem to come out well on FDM, and are more affordable then resin (and you don't have the issues associated with hollowing in resin).
  14. YES! we need more female representation ! I would love to see some bare chested female barbarians😆J/K I almost thought this was the bones black owlbear, but it is a different sculpt. Which I found odd, as this model along with a few others, had already been released in Bones Black and were added to the Kickstarter. I definitely feel you on this one. I have a newer vehicle which uses E85, so gas is cheaper BUT this stuff was below 3 bucks before all this world craziness. And I only have this vehicle because someone hit the family in our old car, and now our insurance is higher, so kind of negates any savings:( Yah, my wife got that COLA increase this year too, but my VA didn't:( However, I see they have changed how they categorize tinnitus and it is now viewed as a by product NOT a main cause. I am praying I can finally have my rating upgraded and classify my hearing loss as service related. Anywho, I digress, so to get back on point I personally have one other view that (for me anyways) affects how I feel about the kickstarters. When bones 1 & 2 came out, the basic line was how expensive the steel molds costs and how the kickstarter would help with that and EVENTUALLY would be brought stateside. Then Bones 3 and 4 came and it was still overseas. Then when 4 and 5 came (maybe just 5?), bones black was a thing and the molds were not interchangeable, and then after 5 and here in 6, stuff is in OG bones, Bones Black, and NOW bones USA, and they ALL non interchangeable. Now I can totally see that USA is geared more towards mini's and NOT big mini's and terrain, but having 3 different mediums mixed in a kickstarter seems odd to me. USA shouldn't need a big infusion because it is similar to metal spin casting, and Black is supposed to be superior to OG, so I am trying to understand why we are supporting all 3 in a kickstarter that is supposed to get us new steel molds? If it is just black and USA, that would make more sense. Can black NOT handle big models as well as OG?
  15. I think the biggest thing they should have done for the core set, (and this is just MHO) was NOT have the zombies be the bonus. There were so many other cool things they could have chose and they (IMO) were the weakest (for me anyway). At this point, I may be in for only the sullenhall and the ants probably. Nothing against any of the mini's, great as always, but as others have said, with THREE core sets at my disposal there is not much I need for normal adventures. Now as everyone has said, if there was something niche, I may change my mind. Since ants got split out, I am hoping more gets that treatment (I really want those sophies). Am disappointed that the queen is not in the breakout:( I am also disappointed there are no busts,kaiju or 3 stage adventurers (Ron verified that on a recent reaper live when I asked. He said they showed it last year and it MAY be shown or probably NOT AT ALL). And what happened to the cool "encounters" idea from 5?
  16. Those are all awesome sculpts, but is that last one on sale from a company? Because it looks familiar...:) oh yah, I have printed this one. Great bust from White Werewolf Tavern, I was on their Patreon for a while, then they started to have issues. But they have great models when they are on it, like this one for example: and here's one from Daybreak (I know, elf, sorry) I would buy busts like this all day if reaper had some in their Kickstarter!
  17. I got their previous legends kickstarter, so I jumped on this one too. Not too bad for a commercial pledge:)
  18. Somebody gave a free STL of (I believe) a moose a while back. Let me try and remember who it was and I'll get back to you:)
  19. Oh man, loved this cover from back in the day. I may even still have it, if the magazines didn't get damaged or tossed:(
  20. Well, not entirely Bones 6 Kickstarter related, but I just realized I am not sitting on 100 projects pledged on kickstarter:( Hmm, I may have a problem. Now, onto B6 specifically, I know personally, B6 started out with nothing I really wanted/needed but when the shadows expansion hit they finally pulled me in:) I love undead (skeletons especially), so I think I'll definitely be getting that one. NOW, as others have said, if they split up the core set I will definitely be getting some ants! Hopefully we get some THEM! sized ants, but I guess I'll take what I can get:) I may not like EVERYTHING reaper is putting out, but that is the beauty of these Kickstarters, there is always SOMETHING I like. As long as they keep doing that, I am in!
  21. Guess I may be in for the shadows expansion:) They found my weakness for undead:)
  22. Were there supposed to be some 3 stage mini's coming out similar to the old (ral partha?) metal ones from the 80's? I seem to remember talk of that one Reaper live!?
  23. I have only seen a few things that I liked (like the ants, but not being "THEM" sized, even that interest is small), and a lot of the stuff they show, I have found in 3D already. 3D also allows resizing if needed. The tavern for example hasn't shown anything I don't already have access to, even the barmaid just shown is already something I have something similar to.
  24. Supportless and look good even coming off an FDM printer (for me, a stock neptune 2 with no code tweaking).
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