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  1. I have only seen a few things that I liked (like the ants, but not being "THEM" sized, even that interest is small), and a lot of the stuff they show, I have found in 3D already. 3D also allows resizing if needed. The tavern for example hasn't shown anything I don't already have access to, even the barmaid just shown is already something I have something similar to.


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  2. On 3/16/2022 at 12:30 AM, haldir said:

    While looking at my past purchases from MMF I noticed I bought a bunny rogue that was a better rep for one of my player's rogue character, I printed that yesterday. Afterwards, printed up a Yuan-ti/medusa (half human/half tail body type) sorceress stand in & was worried a bit as she is a slightly complex, bigger figure then I've been printing. I checked the print before I left for work tonight, & it appears I've got a print to clean up in the morning. :winkthumbs:


    So I didn't clean the print when I got home this morning, but I did before I left for tonight's FLGS game. As I thought the figure was a large size figure, I was worried that it wouldn't print right. Much to my surprise she was medium size but slightly larger figure due to her tail half. Figure is from Epic Miniatures. I wanna say this is only the 2nd figure I've printed from them (first was their version of the catoblepas, anther reason why I was worried about the failure as I had a hell of time getting that figure to print correctly).




    Her skirt kinda gives me that, "oh crap her legs didn't print feel", even after seeing the sculpt in person, but it's just that a skirt that covers her front half. There is a little bit of mis-print near the area where it'll glue to a base on the back, so I'm not worried about it. She'll make a great end boss for side mission in my Weds Night "Saltmarsh" campaign.



    This is the bunny rogue, even has a eyepatch, as my player's rogue is a ex-pirate.



    Which month/set from epic is that medusa from? I thought I had all of their sets, but I fail to remember that one:( Funny, I don't recall have failures with epic before.

  3. On 3/12/2022 at 2:58 PM, Olaf the Stout said:

    It's definitely changed my buying intentions for most minis and scatter terrain. In those cases I'm almost certain to go with an STL over a physical mini. Big minis and terrain are about the only physical miniatures I can see myself buying moving forwards unless I find minis that are just too cool or perfect for my needs.

    Get a FDM printer (haven't set up my Neptune 2S yet, but if it works even better then my OG 2, it will be awesome), for about $250, you can get a Neptune 2S from Elegoo (sometimes ebay has ones even cheaper, and they are from elegoo.), this way you have resin for mini detail and FDM for stuff like terrain, busts or if the sculptor is good (arbiter miniatures for example) decent mini's. FDM is a bit more of a learning curve then resin, but not by much.

    On 3/12/2022 at 3:42 PM, haldir said:


    Thou, like Reaper has said, there are gamers out there (apparently, allot) that just want to get a miniature with a intergrated base, pull it out of the package & slap it down onto the game map. Some people don't want to bother with setting up 3d printers, learning how to use them, etc etc. This has come from ReaperRon, Ed & ReaperBryan.


    I for one, am not one of those. Sadly even with 3d printing, I still can't get everything that I'd like for my games. :poke:

    I have a bunch of STL's that have great integrated bases (Mia Kay for example), and 3D printers are getting easier to get up and running IMHO. I do know though that after the last convention, there are those who still would rather just buy a mini (I did get a few mini's sold that I printed though, and a bunch of  printed terrain)

    On 3/13/2022 at 8:42 AM, PaganMegan said:

    Plus there are STLs we just WOULDN'T buy as a physical model, because not enough use.


    Last week we printed an evil lab and a cryo pod for Stargrave.


    Before the printers, we would have built our own, but the STLs just look so nice.


    But the zombies I used were plastic, because we have HUNDREDS of them.

    I have sooo many models you would NEVER see hit the light of day, all because of 3D printing (2 different sets of NOT scooby doo, predator, aliens, the alien that pops out near the end of spaceballs:). And it has been a boon for many sculptors who would probably never get a foot in the door at a mainstream company, or be relegated to making whatever the company thinks people want. I have so many great sculptors constantly turning out awesome niche mini's (RN Estudio, papsikels, epic, clay cyanide, hex3d, great grimoire, and village's hope just to name a few).

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  4. All I know, if the undead expansion, doesn't have vampires and other varied undead (we already have zombies as bonuses in core) AND an Eddie inspired undead character (ooh maybe a diorama with him at an organ:) ) I will definitely not be pleased. And I hope the ants are the size of ants like from THEM!, that was an awesome movie (Does anyone remember "IT came from the desert"?). 


    Also, have they shown any mini's that are original concepts, or has everything been pretty much metal or limited edition re-releases?

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  5. 30 minutes ago, Cygnwulf said:

    From what I've seen.. "Bigger" by only 2-4mm in the X and Y and only 10mm in the Z.  how often do you actually use all of that Z height?  I almost never do.  Slight increase in resolution but still classified as 4k, the pixel size goes from .05 to .048.  If you think you can see the difference in 2 microns then maybe this is an advantage, but overall the screen difference is a wash to me.


    From what I've seen the 'faster' is debatable too.  I'm not finding any specs for the light on their website right now but All3dp says it is the same 54 LED parallel matrix used in the Saturn.  Their website says that the new screen shortens the printing time by later to 2s-3s.  This is already where we're at with any monochrome screen.


    Literally the only advantage I can see is that it has the mini air purifier built into it.  It appears to be the same form factor as the rechargeable air purifiers they already sell, which I've dinged because they've been out almost a year now and you still can't buy refills for them.  Maybe adding it directly into the printer will encourage them to put them out?  

    Besides all that, those little small in build area air filters only work during the print, and not after you take the cover off while doing post processing. You still need a bigger fume extractor or large enclosure to control those fumes.  I'd of much rather had a build area heater that ran off that power port than an air purifier that won't be a complete solution.


    When you compare this to what the mono x 6k brought to the table, I feel like this is a miss for Elegoo.

    Sounds about what I was thinking on this "new" model. I already have an original saturn, so I am probably good. I think this is elegoo's new thing, make a few refinements/enhancements, then rebrand it as an "S" model (they did it with the neptune 2, though honestly it was 3 good enhancements I didn't feel comfortable doing to my OG 2's. But really, those add-ons were already out and should have been standard on the original). 

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  6. 2 hours ago, Auberon said:

    Villages Hope is doing the anime style animal people - i.e. basically people with ears and/or horns added on. The first batch is up.  Not my favorite thing but given as I've already paid for it...





    I kind of like them, and I guess I don't have much choice either since I am paid up too:)

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  7. 13 hours ago, Reverend Shartan said:

     I have read on various forums, seen on youtube, etc, that 8GB sticks are pretty much the highest needed for any 3d printer. I use 8GB sticks with my Ender 3, and I do the same with my Mars.  I really don't want to try any sticks bigger than that in case of failure.



    Reverend Shartan


    9 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


    My Mars came with a 4GB USB stick old style 2C .


    I've configured a 16GB succesfully after some failures it worked.

    Also...I contacted the Elegoo Customer Service and they send me a new original 4GB one with their software.


    Anything beyond 16GB will fail and 16GB is already stretching it.

    Thanks you two, this helps. Yah, I know 16GB is probably overkill, but man it's hard to find anything less than 16GB nowadays (well a GOOD memory card, the one's I found at 99 cent store are crap)

    The prices right now are so cheap for a 16GB, I am not too worried about wasted space:)

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  8. For me, most of my Patreons are for commercial use, only a few are personal (for now or until they offer a merchant tier):


    Loot Studios (not really a patreon but I like their stuff, hoping for a merchant tier soon)


    Epic Miniatures - personal right now, as their merchant is just above my limit

    Clay Cyanide - Merchant (got one of the last $20 tiers before they added a new higher tier)

    Hex3D - Personal/merchant. I love his stuff, been on a mug printing kick from him lately. Gotta show those off here soon

    Papsikels - Just moved to his new sci-fi merchant tier. I love what this group does, very cool stuff.

    RN Estudio- Also just moved to their merchant tier recently. Love all the cool themes they do.

    Great Grimoire - Merchant now as well, love her stuff

    Village's hope - Just got on to this merchant tiered patreon. Going to stay on next month then decide if I'll stay with them.

    There are others I jump off and on as they release cool stuff for a month, but these are all locked in for me (most, because I don't want to lose my merchant tier)


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  9. 20 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    AVATARS of WAR December





    Schermafbeelding 2021-11-27 153024.jpg

    Schermafbeelding 2021-11-27 153034.jpg

    Schermafbeelding 2021-11-27 153048.jpg

    Schermafbeelding 2021-11-27 153058.jpg

    So are these for December or the end of November? They announced that this first batch is available for download NOW? So, will they still be available in December? I'd hate to rush to get these in 2 days:( 

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