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  1. I've been with Epic so long, as of this month I have EVERY set they have released:) Only thing left for me to do (other then continuing with them), would be to become a merchant for them:)
  2. So I really like the models offered in this month's heroes infinite, but can anyone tell me the difference between the $10 and $16 tier? Is it just the centerpiece? Also, would I be better off going to their new website for the models? (It appears to be the same stuff as patreon BUT with two bonus/alternate models). Really excited for Great Grimoire's october stuff. It is one of two patreons (the other being clay cyanide) I really cannot drop now, as I have their commercial tiers now, and it took me month's of camping their pages for someone to drop out:). Now if someone would drop RN Estudio's fast merchant, I'd be excited:)
  3. Man, just when I thought RN Estudio wasn't going to offer anything cool in October, they go and do this:( (yah, my wife loves He-Man, so I lost the roll on this one).
  4. Also, don't use special characters or underscores. This sometimes (especially on my FDM printers) freaks out the system and jumbles files.
  5. Cards are notoriously bad because they use no name cards. I use SanDisk for all my stuff, thankfully no failures so far.
  6. Unfortunately, I think sign ups closed a day or so ago.
  7. at this rate, I'll have almost one of each model (well two Neptune 2's haha). Currently have my mars, a mars 2 pro and a Saturn. Will be fun to have the Jupiter in the mix.
  8. Sooo...Am I competing with anyone here on Saturday? I am really hoping I get in fast and get one of the early spots. I think this will be an awesome printer!
  9. well I'll just keep 1.8 till I'm forced otherwise:( Sort of like windows:(
  10. Ah that's why I don't recognize them:( Still say the girl is (luca?) from Chrono trigger.
  11. Well, supports auto created by Chitubox 8.1 (any reason I shouldn't update to 9.1?) seemed to hold and nothing looks dropped. Will know more after their 15 minute bath in the wash and cure.
  12. RN Estudio is doing JRPG volume 3 (unfortunately nothing I like this time around) Only one I think I know is in the bottom row, third from the left I think is from Chrono Trigger
  13. See, these ones from clay cyanide came out better (maybe I am getting them off too soon, these sat in the wash for about an hour) So, my resupport was a bad idea:( Trying original supports from mia and just go slow taking them off.
  14. Yup, but you can still have breaks in FDM, broke two parts off on one of my chapel ruins I need to glue back on😫
  15. Oh Yah! This is why I am on their commercial tier:) I love their stuff. Have almost everything they have made:)
  16. So, my resupport was a bad idea:( Trying original supports from mia and just go slow taking them off.
  17. Also for anyone who has a mars or mars 2 pro, does the screen ONLY show the current layer printing? I could have sworn I saw it building up the whole model on someone's review.
  18. So, clay cyanide seems to be really good. Mia Kay's support the models well, however I have a hell of time getting them off the build plate. Broke several of the bases 😫 trying to add rafts to existing presupports to see if that helps or makes the print worse. I'll know sometime this afternoon. Having a blast though.
  19. So the adventure continues, I am now on my 3rd print run on my elegoo mars 2 pro. So what I have been running into is this: now, that isn't a model falling off into the drink,the print comes out great, everything held. That is what is left when I get the print off the bed. Too much exposure, not enough? Or is this normal? Should I shock the prints off or do a slow push off? (That's how I eventually got this off) Also, is the slight scratch/gouge lines a concern long term printing? Also, this is water washable resin, and I use elegoo mercury to clean and cure with distilled water. However, on the top of the build plate (which when washed is submerged), I get this: I know it's hard to see, but it leaves what feels like a thin layer of resin. Am I doing something wrong, clean up wise?
  20. Happy birthday, you'll probably celebrate by printing more miniatures πŸ˜€
  21. (in B5 Kosh's voice) And so it begins... Yes, I have temp set up the Mars 2 pro and am printing off a 4+hr print from Mia Kay's women of tabletop KS. crossing fingers (by the way. set up was incredibly easy, that worries me haha)
  22. Well, we shall see how Mia Kay's and Clay cyanide's supports go:) The adventure begins with my Mars 2 pro in a temp location in the garage (with the wash and cure sitting next to it)
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