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  1. Did you receive any software or a flash drive? It should have a version of cura to slice your stl files. I believe you can also download it free from their website.  You say it comes out ropey, I would assume that is stringing and it could be due to the filament, especially if it's not sticking to the bed. Do you know what brand it is? Might want to try Esun PLA+, i've had good results (you might still get some stringing, but as long as the print itself is okay, just pull them off.) Also, make sure your bed is level. as @Glitterwolf posted, look through those links he showed, lots of great information in there. One last thing, 3D printers, especially FDM, are not really plug and play. There is a learning curve, and lots of trial and error to find that sweet spot to get good prints. Trust me, once you get dialed in, it's worth it. Look for my post over in the 3D priniting section and you can see some of the things I have done on my Neptune 2 FDM printer. 

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  2. *IF* I decide to participate in the next round (considering it will be after reapercon, so I SHOULD have all my bones 5 inventoried [just core set left]), any issues throwing in a few 3D prints? I am having quite a bit of fun with my FDM printers (2 Neptune 2's so far, with a possible 3rd coming) (hopefully the resin printers will be up and running in a week or so) and have a few prints I can throw in:)

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  3. 8 minutes ago, ShaneB said:


    From Bones 4, according to my records we haven't seen hit retail yet:

    Baba Yaga


    Narglauth (and Rauthuros)

    the Dragon Turtle

    Agramon, Duke of Hell

    Blacksting the Wyvern

    the Thunderfoot Behemoth and Blacktooth Terror

    Dance of Death

    Mossbeard the Treeman

    the Skeletal Dragon



    the Stygian Barge


    Pretty much all big addons that will need custom packaging.¬† Also, I wonder a bit about how hard that stuff is to move (in a retail sense).¬† The big boxed kits take up a lot of real estate in game stores, and most of those don't seem to be devoting a lot of space to stocks of minis.¬† And then Reaper has to share that space with Wizkids and Games Workshop.¬† I kinda wonder if the big items are more loss leaders to get people into the Kickstarters, but only folks with access to Reaper's financials would know for sure. ūüėõ

    I think the bigger or irregular shaped items should be reaper exclusives through their website. Maybe a pre-order kind of thing every quarter or something to justify doing the run in China (which I am assuming is one reason we don't see them). If the molds (which was the reason for the Kickstarter) are built, and packaging and casting are the hold ups, I think this would be a good solution. I don't even have a shop ANYWHERE near me, so getting it from reaper is my best option for getting ANYTHING reaper. @Reaper_Jon and @Reaper Ron, what do you guys think? Is this a viable solution?

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  4. 4 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:


    The Weapons Sprues (Bones 3?), and it seems unlikely Dance of Death from Bones 4 will ever make retail given its problems. 

    I have pretty much lost hope that  they will ever release the weapons sprues (a shame really, they were useful), guess I'll just have to get some 3D ones and print those out. @Reaper_Joncan you verify the status on the weapons? Has reaper decided not to release due to packaging issues? I think we'd all buy them, even if they were website only and just thrown in a zip lock baggie.

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  5. 3 hours ago, haldir said:

    I will be perusing the familiar & crazy cat lady metal bins for a replacement at RCon. Sadly, even thou they are metal, Crazy cat lady's cats are bit eh as well. Thou she has one that might make for a direct replacement. I'll be allot better then "Blob cat"

    Couldn't you just find an acceptable 3D replacement?

  6. 12 minutes ago, Kro said:

    UPS: "A mechanical failure has delayed delivery. We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible." 


    Estimated delivery:

    "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date."



    That's exactly what happened with my package. Thankfully it only delayed it a day.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

    Probably to aid in international shipping, but just made uniform for all packages. 

    That was my thought as well. Speaking of thoughts, since they are doing a PM 5.5 and the molds are already done, I think they should add things like DDS2 and the weapon sprues:) I mean, isn't that the whole point of the Kickstarters? To make molds to sell models? If a lot of these things are turning into one shots, why are we doing them? If they don't want to stock them because of cost, why not set them up as a pre-order? They have the molds, right? What do you say @Reaper Ron and @Reaper_Jon?

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