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  1. So, are you saying that Reaper bones 5 is "fire marshal approved!" :)
  2. Use Badger's stynlrez, it works great. If you don't want to spend the money on Vex, get a badger 105, it is a great starter airbrush. Then get a compressor like a california air tools CAT-6s, it is a great compressor and not noisy at all.
  3. That is disappointing, I know a lot of people like to have their boxes in good shape, especially if they are collector's.
  4. It appears in their zeal to get stuff out, they didn't pack them like previous kickstarters. With that said, everything seemed to get here undamaged.
  5. Is your master hose the same connection on both ends? From amazon, it looks like it's an 1/8" connection, so you should be good.. If you are going to have multiple airbrushes eventually, I'd look into some quick disconnects.
  6. I'll take a look when I check out that box later this week.
  7. Okay, you caught me, you can NEVER have enough busts (or mini's for that matter haha)
  8. I have eastman's and also fotis mint's:) Actually, I probably have more busts then I need haha.
  9. So, just got my box and it seems I did go lighter this kickstarter (even with the last minute addition of Chronoscope). Still need to do fine inventory of things, but everything item wise seems there (now I got to go through expansions and stuff to make sure all parts are there). Two things I noticed 1)So, sophie's dice was NOT in the core set box, correct? So the set should have been loose in the shipment? 2) did anyone else who ordered the new colors have their lotus orange seem almost empty? I weighed all the other bottles and they were .9 oz while the orange was .5 oz. And it was the only one with a grey cap. And the busts seemed smaller then I thought they would be. I'll have more observations once I get into everything.
  10. I don't know if this has been asked before, but are there any BUST ONLY patreons?
  11. Two great patreons for busts come to mind: Loot studios (okay, a subscription not a patreon, but all there stuff is awesome) and Clay Cyanide. White werefolf tavern has had some good ones.
  12. @strawhatThat response made me chuckle:) Thanks. @SmokestackI love your knowledge of ships.
  13. I just toss 'em in a box for the day I find a use for them Pennies are what I use under the base to weigh my mini's down:) When you clip them, cut them into a small box, that way they do not go far. Yup, I have done that on a few of my mini's, looks really cool and gives them more depth:) Recently though, I have jumped onto both of Casper Gad's base kickstarters (I actually did the commercial tier on both) so I will be using those now (previously I was using reaper's lipped bases and using milliput and happy seppukku base stamps). I really enjoy these, and they look great off my FDM printer (most of the rest are really detailed and would be better off a resin printer)
  14. So, I just thought I'd pop in here (I didn't get a ship, and probably will not, where the 'ell would I put it), and ask a question. So, Sophie's revenge IS a pirate ship, correct? It's a 32 Gun ship (capable of 32 guns, 32 mounts correct?) It comes with 20 guns, but everyone wants the full 32? It's not a ship of the line, it's a pirate ship, would a true pirate ship have a full complement of guns? Just wondering.
  15. And any chance to get the images like we had for bones 4? That would help. There are a lot of 3D patreons that offer busts, so there is that:)
  16. So I asked this question TWICE on LIVE, and no response so I am asking here: Can we please get a page with all the bones 5 stuff showing pictures like we did on bones 4? It would help greatly to inventory our stuff, especially NONE of the power ups are on Kickstarter AND they are NOT in PM 5.5 Also, will Bust collection come to retail seeing as it is not in PM 5.5, which I assume was because it was not popular? @Reaper_Jonand @Reaper Ron can you help on this? Thanks.
  17. I thought we were getting pictures of Cyradis in a box (and Yes, if we get that, we'll get pictures of Paul in a box again, he's all excited)
  18. may be redundant and already known information, but if you go to the pledge manager and check your order history, IF your package has shipped there should be tracking information.
  19. the 2nd half of Shav, bust collection (which is what I was missing), the ghost ship and dragonfolk and wights (oh and camp scenics). With that said, I got shipping notice today around 1:40PM PST. I am wave 5 if that means anything, and I locked my initial order literally hours after PM was live. Hope that helps.
  20. It would be nice if they offered a commercial license for a little more (like $10 a month like clay cyanide)
  21. Wave 5 with the same two missing items. I thought townsfolk were not that popular, guess I was wrong. And apparently busts are NOT popular:( Ah well, plenty of patreons that offer them, so there is that. Wow, since April, I am sorry to hear that. I know what a pain it was for my mother when she was simultaneously selling her house WHILE buying a house closer to me and my sister. Not sure when (or if) I will ever be at the point of buying, but from what I have seen, not looking forward to the experience.
  22. Sooo...Is it an additional fee on top of the normal Loot subscription? Sorry, got the e-mail, but haven't had a chance to look at it carefully yet:)
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