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  1. 4 hours ago, Mckenna35 said:


    Wave 2 with Shav and the busts.  Wasn't sure about the dragonfolk so I just went and looked and I had NOT ordered them,  I'm sure my boxes (I got the regular ship) will show up next week while I'm out of town, and I will have to explain to the wife (who will be home)  that it's stuff I ordered a couple of years back...

    Wave 5 with the same two missing items. I thought townsfolk were not that popular, guess I was wrong. And apparently busts are NOT popular:( Ah well, plenty of patreons that offer them, so there is that.

    2 hours ago, cawatrooper said:

    Man, I gotta say, these past few weeks have not been good for someone with my anxiety.


    Not to get too personal, but we put in an offer on a house in April and are still waiting.  Our original closing date was in June, but things happened and it was moved back to a week ago.  That obviously was delayed too, and now it's tomorrow- but it looks like it'll get delayed again (and to top it all off, the bank's communication on these delays has been absolutely abysmal, it's like I'm dealing with three toddlers in a trenchcoat).


    Between that and this Bones V massive delay... man, I just really could use a win soon.  Every day feels like a hidden camera show, where someone will walk out and explain that this has all just been a joke.


    I get that everyone is doing the best they can in a pretty unprecedented climate, but I really hope good things start happening soon.

    Wow, since April, I am sorry to hear that. I know what a pain it was for my mother when she was simultaneously selling her house WHILE buying a house closer to me and my sister. Not sure when (or if) I will ever be at the point of buying, but from what I have seen, not looking forward to the experience. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Auberon said:

    I'm not sure where to put this because I'm not entirely sure what it is. LOOT has put out a teaser for a new viking project.  If you sign up for the mailing list you get a free file for the pictured mini.



    Sooo...Is it an additional fee on top of the normal Loot subscription? Sorry, got the e-mail, but haven't had a chance to look at it carefully yet:)

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  3. 1 hour ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Funny how that's there yet most of the updates seem to only happen on Twitch... :p  yes, most wind up eventually being mentioned in a Kickstarter update, but not all, and not all of the important ones. 

    I would like to think that if they had a dedicated PR guy, he would make sure ALL outlets would be covered.

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  4. I know somewhere it spelled out specifically that you HAD TO set up a pledge manager account and had to lock in order. I cannot find it now BUT on every pledge level, it says this:


    YOU ARE REQUIRED to set up an account using the Reaper Pledge Manager and must complete your pledge for us to have all the information required to ship you your pledge.


    Pretty much this. I mean, if you didn't understand, you should ask. You would be surprised how many times I bug creators before, during and AFTER there Kickstarters about things I want answered (especially before, because I want to make sure before I pledge).

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  5. 19 minutes ago, Reaper_Jon said:

    I just logged into the pledge manager and when i click on the images it shows pop ups of all the items in the expansions ETC. 

    Are you talking about a NEW account or one that was from the original kickstarter? Yes, the NEW account shows pictures of everything available, but the original pledge manager account does not. Can that be rectified?

  6. 6 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Mine shipped over a week ago, and is still locked.   They have changed what shows, however... 


    (will edit message in in a bit to include the new message) 


    I'd say my opinions about it here, but I've already been barked at strongly and unnecessarily aggressively in other areas so I'll just shrug and get the things that I want the most at retail.  Waiting also won't have a massive bill waiting for a UPS Standard box either. 

    My biggest issue is not the fact I cannot use my e-mail, but that they removed all the pictures so we can no longer  see what we are getting. Yes, I know we can look on the kickstarter page, BUT that doesn't show ANY of the power-ups or the bonus mini's in some of the expansions. @Reaper_Jonor @Reaper Ron, any chance we can get a page showing all the stuff, like we had in bones 4?

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  7. 35 minutes ago, Hibou said:

    If you are speaking of mine he’s a full grown adult short hair.  I ordered the boat, as well as a bunch of the encounters so that box is huge.

    Must be the angle of the shot then:) Sorry, hard to judge with just the cat in there at that angle:) 

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  8. 3 hours ago, Inarah said:


    Once your original order ships you can go back in with that email and create a new order.  So I'm told.  I'm waiting on the container. 


    I think they clarified this tonight on reaper live and said you had to make a new account due to the fact the PM was NOT designed to be used in this way.

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  9. 10 minutes ago, Fnordlover said:

    I've been wanting Edna. I'd rather have a good cast of the pieces, as shown tauntingly on the side of the Brinewind box, but if they don't exist I guess I'll have to settle for putting a good kitty on there instead.

    I'll keep an eye out for cats, maybe you can get one 3D printed:)

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  10. here is chitubox's reply:

    There is a new reply to the ticket you submitted, which needs further processing.


    What's new:

    Hi Darryl, CHITUBOX Basic will always be FREE and continuously updated (fixing bugs, adding new features) So, you can use the basic version forever. We are willing to support more popular printers in the future.

    Currently, some slices cannot print in Chitubox Basic V1.8.1. But don't worry, Chitubox Basic V1.9.0 will be released soon, and this version will have new firmware to support printing. Please stay tuned!



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  11. 9 minutes ago, JoeGKushner said:

    So anyone seen any grumbling that the guys who make the hardware for several 3-D printers are going to try and 'lock' users into ChitBox Pro? Could be problematic as it's a yearly sub as opposed to a once and own and it's like three times the annual price of lychee.

    Their site still shows the ability to have basic and pro versions, unfortunately I don't have one of the new shiny 8K printers to see what the verbiage is. Would it be in the newly re-released 4K printers? (Maybe I'll open up my saturn and check that haha). I do have an e-mail out to Chitubox asking for clarification on this issue, hopefully I will hear Tuesday.

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  12. 3 hours ago, turbocooler said:

    Ed just posted a comment on the KS with the latest status.   They are hoping to get more information on the container on Tuesday.

    It would be a good idea to actually hire a dedicated Kickstarter person. With this KS still in play (and I would assume a bones 6 this fall) and another one the way, it would be better to have someone JUST doing that job, rather then adding it to someone else's plate. What if, say, that person got sick, retired or went to another company, it would be far easier replacing a single job person versus a multiple job person. just a thought.

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  13. 39 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Kinda confused here.


    I joined Claycyanide for July, Paid for July, It shows in my membership, July.

    July release will be somewhat next week.


    And today I got a redeem message on MMF and received all files for June??

    Anyone else has had that happen before?

    Are they giving away a free month or something?

    I actually got one maybe two? collections on MMF I thought I sure didn't get, but maybe hehe. Since they keep up the previous month till like the 7th? (maybe 5th), maybe you got flagged and were given the june collection because it was still available in patreon? I still got the RPG sounds from cast n play even though I cancelled two months ago. Computers are weird sometimes.

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  14. 4 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

    i dont' mind waiting


    what i don't like (and i KNOW this is not reaper's fault you don't have to tell me off about it) is just the uncertainty


    considering the container is already months late, i imagine we're looking at more months of a wait, possibly half a year, possibly a year, who knows? that's what bothers me. And i KNOW it's not Reaper's fault, but that doesn't mean i need to smile and be happy and jump around in joy becuase it's not their fault. I'm still disappointed, i'm still going to be disappointed. 


    unlike you all, i don't have a huge mound of miniatures to sustain me lol. I know they're just 'toys' but that doesn't make it any easier to know that i could be waiting for so long to get mine, while i get to see everyone else rejoicing in theirs and telling me to calm down and stop being disappointed while they play with their new toys. Easy for them to say, i imagine, they'd be acting quite differently if it was one of their items held up


    oh well. i'll just stay away from the forums again until i see some email update about the container


    that is, if the update is even emailed. might just be included in a twitch video eh?

    I don't see it being a half a year or more, hopefully just a month at worst. Trust me, the port wants those containers out as much as we do. Their job is moving freight, and they lose money ever day stuff doesn't move. Soon as they get it, everything will stop, they'll unload the container, and we all move to the front of the line (because everything else has been pulled, if I am understanding right what they are doing), missing stuff pulled and off our stuff goes. If people in (insert whatever wave they are on) are already getting their stuff, and our stuff is already pulled, we will get our stuff pretty quick.

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