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  1. Have they fully released it yet? Don't want to jump on until I can get all the model goodness:)
  2. Is Mojibake going to a different platform or just stopping altogether?
  3. Well when I did my bones 4 unboxing I believe it was about 36 minutes:) https://youtu.be/4GYvQWqULT8
  4. That's awesome. I got mine back on june 7th, still need garage cleaned to set mine up (I'll have a small, medium and large setup once I am ready, as I have a mars, mars 2 pro and now a saturn. Oh and two neptune 2's in the house)
  5. Yes, as been said MANY times before, a dedicated PR guy is a must! I know they try to keep everything close and a small dedicated team, but if you don't delegate, it makes project management tough.
  6. Reaper gets it done, they don't have control over shipping delays and global pandemics. They are doing pretty good, all things considered. Exactly! The wolf is always drunk:) J/K. I have plenty enough toys while I wait (especially with all my printers).
  7. I used to have a customer do that exact same thing. We'd send her a HUGE shipment of sailor moon manga whenever we got it in (that's all she would order haha).
  8. Well, I know Reaper has a baba yaga hut (I didn't get that one), as well as Loot Studios, and epic releasing one (I have both of those) but what the heck, I got Clay Cyanide's loyalty award model:)
  9. I love pirate themed stuff, I may have to pledge a month:)
  10. Oh trust me, it's going to be ONE BIG BOX! My last KS, my 4 year old (now 7) was able to fit in the box with room to spare:) I believe @Cyradisactually fit into hers:)
  11. It's quite possible, I know some here have said they have had some "bad" search hits when they just used MMF:)
  12. That's hilarious, im surprised MMF hasn't flagged the account.
  13. That could end up being a whole series, seeing how much Eddie has changed over the years and all the different album covers. That would make a great patreon run maybe:)
  14. If the Vex is made and designed like other "BADGER" brushes, definitely DO NOT use pliers, FINGER TIGHT only (I cannot tell you how many times Ken has stressed that) Might want to contact reaper on this, not sure if it is like badger, but since it was made by badger, I would assume you'll get the same great customer service.
  15. You should be using the Stynlrez right out of the bottle at 30psi. Runs fine through my badger patriot. What needle are you using? If it is the fine needle, it may be too small for the primer? As for your compressor, if it is tankless, staying on should be okay, but if it is tanked, I would have it checked out. Take some soapy water and check all the connections for leaks.
  16. Looks like someone is a big fan of starsky and hutch
  17. Damn, and I was trying to cut down on patreons this month:(
  18. Maybe a concession they had to make for the print to come out correctly?
  19. I think WWT is also doing MMF now as well, you just need to download any throwback or crossover promotion models as those do not get added to MMF (same with bite the bullet if you subscribe to them)
  20. OMG! Just saw clay cyanide's june preview, slavic mythos and the loyalty incentive model: Baba Yaga's hut:)
  21. So, I'll need to circle around to the dice tree at a later time, decided to see how custom bases and other items I have licensing for will go: First up from 3D IPstudios is the wizard from their fantasy busts kickstarter: And here is more of Mia's scatter terrain and a mini from her women of tabletop (I have come to the conclusion that FDM is great for terrain/large pieces I.E. busts and resin is more suited to detailed and/or smaller mini's) And here are some bases that worked on FDM from Casper Gad's basicaid kickstarter: This one came out well except for the fact I knocked off one barrel as I was cleaning it up: And I should have supported this one I guess, but small pieces on FDM don't seem to go well:( I'll try this on the resin units later this month/next month once I am up and running. there was supposed to be a shovel which failed and I feel the grave is too shallow.
  22. Also, the tank acts as a moisture trap as well, you definitely want to make sure you drain your tank after use, as water build up will rust out the tank. I usually leave my valve open till my next session just because I feel that's better.
  23. I have actually lowered it to where the paper moves with tension, and it looks like it is better, hoping for the best. The printer is elegoo's new neptune 2. everything else (that I didn't mess up haha) has printed well, I am documenting it over in my neptune 2 post
  24. so I tried to print the dice tower, and it totally lost adhesion:( was sliding around, so stopped print. I understand using an elmer's type glue stick (or possibly blue painter's tape?) would help adhesion?
  25. Some updated shots: The completed stormtrooper head, now I need to print the base:( Had to cut a channel to make the tool holder fit (Neptune's apparently have a different top rail then ender's) but it works! Yoda is now a permeant resident on the extruder knob: I guess I should have either printed less at one time, made them bigger or saved them for the resin printer:( And now printing my biggest effort yet, a true stress test for the printer (Update, I am getting some lifting on the edges, which honestly doesn't surprise me, I am going to let it run, and see how it goes). This is the dice tower from Mia Kay's scatter terrain kickstarter:
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