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  1. 3 hours ago, PhantomAsh said:


    I think from my understanding, part of it is cost, but also contract logistics; they've contracted with various shipping companies to distribute things a certain way and at a certain price, and changing things at the last minute and going "well, actually we want to do twice as many shipments at the same cost" ppprrooobbbabbllyy wouldn't go over too well for them.


    Plus I don't think 2 is as weak sauce as you think it is. I imagine you're working with a program and system that has been set up to take and make changes for years. Their software is most likely designed for a singular use and only gets pulled out for a few weeks every couple of years. It's feature range is most likely very limited and the chances of anyone on the ground being able to modify it on short notice is slim. Convincing a program to do something it's not meant to do takes time and effort that can quickly turn into a LOT of time and effort - time that could be spent pulling orders or harrassing someone to ship the container.

    Making changes to an inventory based system is NOT easy. Adding extra characters or *gasp* a whole new category is a major pain and cost. We used to wait and make a list of the major changes we wanted to make because it was cheaper and easier then just doing one or two items. It also would take our whole system down for a significant time. And don't even get me started on migrating to a whole new inventory system:( 

    2 hours ago, amuller33 said:

    That's a fair point the contract is probably for a certain # of orders


    Cyr, I agree 100% with the added costs of doing it twice and it adds up, BUT I find "the have their usual business" as weak. YES its true. But the Kickstarters are a major source of revenue. Yea they do it at deep discount and I'm forever grateful, but its #5 they know it will be busy and they can hire temps.  

    temps would probably be more hassle then they are worth. I spent more time babysitting temps then I would have doing it myself, plus I think Reaper likes keeping things to a small team (not saying that's a good thing though. Too many people wearing too many hats, but I am tired kicking that poor dead horse)

    1 hour ago, Cyradis said:


    1.5-2mo delay is a pretty common thing in Kickstarters, even without a pandemic. So yeah, friggin' miracle they're as on-it as they are. Kinda seems like they may have been able to be early if not for a plague encompassing the world, which is amazing.


    I am sure that someone could change up their software to separate orders, but that still ignores *all* the other logistics of managing packing and shipping. This isn't a small Kickstarter or preorder event where one person boxes up their boutique figures, all 20-100 of them, and brings them to the post office. This is a "we need a prearranged deal with shipping companies to manage it" event because they have what, TWENTY THOUSAND people when late backers are included?


    If things end up being on the Tons of Time longer, perhaps Reaper will change their minds, but I seriously doubt it. They seem to have information on where the container is, in that it is already state-side of the ocean. If it hadn't crossed the ocean, *maybe*. But it has.

    Hell, it doesn't even take a pandemic to mess up shipping logistics. Sometimes you have to plan around asian holidays (For me, May was the worst because Japan literally shuts down for two weeks), or you have major work stoppages (strikes) at the ports and broccoli sits on ships for two months because no one is unloading them. Hell, a certain "Diamond" company was going to refuse their magazine shipments because the magazines were in their opinion time sensitive. When we told them how much it would be to air freight them in rather then wait, they backed down.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Auberon said:

    I don't remember it being mentioned here (but I'm tired and may have just forgotten) so FYI this is Mojibake's last month on Patreon. The final statue is Nuwa along with one last MMF discount code. 





    On the flip side, Nutshell atelier hit 100 patreons at the end of last month and as a thank you has released all of his old 2020 figures to members. They were all pinups/nudes, which he admits looking back on are a bit crude, but hey free figures.  Now he does a full figure with alternate NSFW versions.  The current reward is a female samurai.



    Is Mojibake going to a different platform or just stopping altogether?

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  3. 2 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

    The Saturn is back on Amazon - $500, with free shipping (I think for everyone - hard to tell, we already have Prime).


    The Auld Grump

    That's awesome. I got mine back on june 7th, still need garage cleaned to set mine up (I'll have a small, medium and large setup once I am ready, as I have a mars, mars 2 pro and now a saturn. Oh and two neptune 2's in the house)

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  4. 3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    I'm not worried about wave # or delays.

    Reaper has gotten me my new toys 4 other times, I'm sure I'll get them this time, too.

    Reaper gets it done, they don't have control over shipping delays and global pandemics. They are doing pretty good, all things considered.

    3 hours ago, Corsair said:

    Listen to the wisdom of the Drunken Wolf

    Exactly! The wolf is always drunk:) J/K.

    1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

    Aye. Not worried at all here.

    I have plenty enough toys while I wait (especially with all my printers).

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  5. 3 hours ago, StarFyre said:

    friend had one of those rental boxes in niagara on the usa side where we'd send packages to and then he'd drive over every 2 months to bring them all here but due to covid he stopped paying for it, so i had to switch package to canada :D




    I used to have a customer do that exact same thing. We'd send her a HUGE shipment of sailor moon manga whenever we got it in (that's all she would order haha).

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  6. On 6/13/2021 at 1:51 PM, Divaricatus said:

    Admittedly, I’m a little nervous. It’s my first Bones KS and I guess I will be a little overwhelmed to find some 500 minis waiting for me in several huge boxes when I come home some day soon. 

    Oh trust me, it's going to be ONE BIG BOX! My last KS, my 4 year old (now 7) was able to fit in the box with room to spare:) I believe @Cyradisactually fit into hers:)

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  7. If the Vex is made and designed like other "BADGER" brushes, definitely DO NOT use pliers, FINGER TIGHT only (I cannot tell you how many times Ken has stressed that)

    Might want to contact reaper on this, not sure if it is like badger, but since it was made by badger, I would assume you'll get the same great customer service.

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  8. You should be using the Stynlrez right out of the bottle at 30psi. Runs fine through my badger patriot. What needle are you using? If it is the fine needle, it may be too small for the primer? As for your compressor, if it is tankless, staying on should be okay, but if it is tanked, I would have it checked out. Take some soapy water and check all the connections for leaks.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Auberon said:


    Yeah, but that sword doesn't look cool (coming from someone who enjoyed FF7 back in the day).  In order to not interfere with the design on the sword, all of the deep scratches are around the edge and parallel to each other.  It looks very artificial.  I don't really care for all of the spherical surface textures either.

    Maybe a concession they had to make for the print to come out correctly?

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  10. 1 hour ago, Talae said:

    Is there anything this month for WWT or AVG that I have to worry about downloading before the end of the month? I am out of town until late Momday night.

    I think WWT is also doing MMF now as well, you just need to download any throwback or crossover promotion models as those do not get added to MMF (same with bite the bullet if you subscribe to them)

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  11. So, I'll need to circle around to the dice tree at a later time, decided to see how custom bases and other items I have licensing for will go:

    First up from 3D IPstudios is the wizard from their fantasy busts kickstarter:



    And here is more of Mia's scatter terrain and a mini from her women of tabletop (I have come to the conclusion that FDM is great for terrain/large pieces I.E. busts and resin is more suited to detailed and/or smaller mini's)


    And here are some bases that worked on FDM from Casper Gad's basicaid kickstarter:





    This one came out well except for the fact I knocked off one barrel as I was cleaning it up:


    And I should have supported this one I guess, but small pieces on FDM don't seem to go well:( I'll try this on the resin units later this month/next month once I am up and running.


    there was supposed to be a shovel which failed and I feel the grave is too shallow.


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  12. 1 hour ago, KayBee said:

    What sort of printer do you have. I usually find relevelling and/or trying to get a bit more squish on that first layer by lowering the height usually helps any adhesion issues. I use a glass bed though and that has helped greatly if you're not using one.

    I have actually lowered it to where the paper moves with tension, and it looks like it is better, hoping for the best. The printer is elegoo's new neptune 2. everything else (that I didn't mess up haha) has printed well, I am documenting it over in my neptune 2 post

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