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  1. 1 hour ago, Cyradis said:

    I haven't used the resin or the polystyrene models yet, so I have no opinion there. Someday I'll snag resin ones I think. 


    I like metal for the feel and the detail. They're easier to prep too. 


    I like Bones PVC for the price. I also like that material for Big items, as the cost/detail is good, and some of those dragons would be prohibitively heavy and costly without being in that material. I distinctly dislike Bones figures with long narrow bits that get bent and require boiling. I'm lazy and want to work it with my fingers into place. But... cheap figures for farting around on? Bones can't be beat. 


    I have painted lead metal figures. They're softer than the pewter, and heavier. I prefer pewter. 

    Ooh I forgot to make that distinction about metal mini's:)

    I LOVE lead metal miniatures, because they are heavier and do not feel like they will "snap" from bending like pewter does. Another thing I have found with pewter, they seem to oxidize over time. I have many pewter mini's that are now gold/yellow instead of silver after being exposed to air. I have not seen this on my lead mini's.

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  2. Here's my opinion, for what its worth:)


    Metal: Much more models out there to choose from, pain to convert, sometimes pricey, especially when the mini gets bigger, built in weight, good details.


    PVC (Bones plastic): Not as many choices due to mold costs, detail sometimes not as crisp (and until primed, hard to see),easy to convert. I have seen people say that they are too light and hard to prep. As far as weight, I use fender washers, which give it enough weight to equal ANY metal mini. And once its based,primed and painted, no one can even tell its a washer. As for prep, I first do whatever needs to be fixed (due to it being flexible) using the boiling water/ice bath method (and 99 percent of the time, the fix SHOULD hold forever), then I give it a good scrub with an toothbrush (specifically for clean up) and soapy water. Let it dry overnight (usually), base it (on a washer usually), texture base then either brush prime or airbrush. The key is either airbrushed or an undiluted prime, as bones HATE diluted paint as the first coat. If it is a clear/translucent mini, I use brush on varnish.

    Polystyrene (plastic model plastic): I am assuming these are those new wizkids or GW, so I do not have any experience with them (though I do want to try the new wizkids). I know models in plastic have great detail, but that's another animal:)


    Resin I have only worked with models in resin, so do not have an opinion either way as far as mini's.


    Bottom line for me, if I want a show quality mini with great detail, i'll probably go metal. For everything else, BONES!

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  3. 2 hours ago, Cyradis said:


    Broccoli and carrots are also cheap! ::):

    Nothing goes better with cabbage then cabbage:)

    1 hour ago, Zink said:


    I already have hundreds of unpainted minis, hence the massive paint buying now. But yeah, it'll probably happen because I regret not buying more in the earlier Kickstarters. 40-50 paints was enough for years. Now I'm at over 150 and thinking not enough.


    I'm not in the buy minis=don't eat category anymore but I know how that feels. I'm in the buy minis=pay bank interest category. I'm all grown up now (theoretically) so I get to figure out whether my interest payments offset the Kickstarter savings while I scrape together more cash. There's not a lot of worry the cash will come just some question about when.

    I am in the "get into the pledge manager as cheap as possible then buy what I want till july 2018 using Ebay funds" category. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Rotiahn said:

    So, I've been lurking on this forum since day 2 of the Bones 3KS.  You guys are a lot of fun to read and have helped keep the update withdrawal under control.  But I felt the need to create an account to reply to this:



    You have completely transformed my perception of the potential cat dragon.  Up until now, I thought it was a funny on-going joke.  I mean, a cat dragon would be ridiculous looking, right?  But squaring off the mouselings against the cat dragon is just too perfect.


    My daughter is going to be 4 or 5 by the time these kickstarter pieces arrive (depending on timing).  I've been trying to think about how to introduce her to miniatures and painting and roleplaying in general.  Running a mouseling campaign with cat dragons and Owlbears and Snakemen (and any of an other long list of anthropomorphized mouse predators) is just too perfect to not attempt.


    Thank you for the inspiration you have provided me.

    I think at first it was just a joke, but I think we also really want it! By it we mean this guy (Smaug from Hobbit cartoon from Rankin/BASS)


    and NOT This dragon (from Secret of NIMH) :


    And we will NOT even talk (or show) that white furry looking thing from Neverending story:huh:

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  5. 6 hours ago, Clearman said:

    Same here.  Nothing has changed.  I went through the offerings and totaled up the points needed to acquire the models I wanted, and have just been waiting ever since. 

    Actually, for me, the wait is fine because I will not have that money in till the KS ends

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:


    Many things are possible; that seems unlikely (based on previous projects, mold costs, fulfillment costs, and the like). Though I doubt there will be more than 300 figures in the core set.

    well that just may be a convenient numbering convention, as in KS 3 the core set started at 101.

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  7. I'll have to pick up a few Garrick (Sir ForScale) and do a few like this (bronze, stone (I have a skeleton that will probably be stone as a happy accident in painting him), maybe something else statuey haha).


    If  Ma'al Drakar is not crazy expensive retail, I may just have to cut two heads off and make a NOT King Ghidorah! Is it out yet?


    Great job BTW:)

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  8. 1 hour ago, terminalmancer said:

    As companies release more products into the same small consumer markets, the volume of goods that they're able to sell tends to go down--at least as long as the old things are still out there, functioning.


    We've seen declines in totals across all of the Bones kickstarters... I think it is reasonable to expect Bones IV to end up somewhere below Bones III in the final total.


    Still, we've got a surprising number of backers for where we are in the longer campaign and we've only just now had the second expansion shown. There's potential for this to zoom right past III, maybe, and it looks like Reaper is going to do their damnedest to try to make that happen.


    Should be fun!

    I think it may be slightly or better then KS3, in that they are now in a spot were they can really hit "cool" stuff while also being able to offer stuff for the first time pledger. Many NPC's and monsters for the first time person who needs them, but also cool stuff like wraiths, high rollers, rocky, etc. And also big stuff like statutes and not Balrog:) as we get to -10 days till end, I think this will be a roller coaster ride.

    1 hour ago, daveismyhero said:

    Well, I finally caught up here, so I guess I'll finally unpack my Bones III package while I wait. :D

    Hehe I cataloged my bones III core set, but thats as far as I have gone. Need to finish my unboxing video and post to youtube:) 

    19 minutes ago, Looter said:

    I hope the dire crab and the treasure pile for the dragon turtle are similar enough to make tamatoa from Moana.  Just sounds like fun.

    OMG! My kids would love that (*sniff* one more thing to budget for *sniff*)


    By the way, I missed pledging for Bones III, BUT I acquired a core set, would that still be considered "supporting" bones III?

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  9. 3 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:



    While I am not an official source, I would say the Chrono. Expansion is complete.  All expansions in past Kickstarters have only had three sub-set additions; and the fact there is no more blank space on that Expansion's graphic is a sure sign.

    2 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

    I thought I recall reading a One Boot recap in the official info thread confirming Chronoscope is done.

    2 hours ago, OneBoot said:


    Correct; Reaper has confirmed a few times that the Chronoscope Expansion has only 3 parts.



    --OneBoot :D

    Great that helps a lot as far as deciding where in my after KS list this expansion goes. Should be worth $50, but definitely want Core and my other fave add-ons first. Depending on what dreadmere unlocks, that may go in also, but so far not on my list (and my wallet is happy about that).



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  10. 1 hour ago, Nunae said:

    Well, after how many people claimed they needed this tree (or even multiple of it) we should be moving along quite through the weekend. 

    1 hour ago, Dr_Automaton said:

    "Contemplate this on the Tree of Dispair."


    I donno.  Doesn't quite have the same ring to it. ::P:

    Yah doesnt have the same ring. Fortunately Reaper is saving me money with the last two reveals:) It's great that everyone loves the tree, and thats what Reaper does best, give variety for everyone. For me, I am more just into painting and hardly,if ever game BUT I love painting the minis! So the tree, aside from trying where to display it if I got it, is not something I would use BUT everyone else has great ideas for it. I like the wraiths and High rollers (which is what I am getting NOW), plus before July definitely Rocky and the Core set. Then If budget permits, both statue sets, Chronoscope expac,, trolls (I want that battering Ham), giants, Narglauth, fire giant, extra sets of Wraiths (I need nine right::P:) rocky and high rollers(gift ideas on those two), and if I haven't honked off the family spending all that::(: MAYBE the dreadmere expac (If it gets bigger, then maybe not) and whatever else is left. But definitely want to shoot for everything up to the extras I listed If I can:) YMMV.


    P.S. Ohh and I just figured out, 3 sets of wraiths will give me nine riders:)


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  11. well from the way they wrote the KS, the molds and everything were already done, so perhaps they were just looking to recoup whatever they spent on that and just get something out the door during the move. Hopefully the 18K holds till the end and we get the PDF's (hopefully all of them, even if we don't buy a particular mini, not just the ones we choose).

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  12. 40 minutes ago, Pineapple said:

    Yeah I'm going to have to start being choosy, especially as more gets revealed. Not needing the chrono expansion saves me some headroom in the budget though. 

    39 minutes ago, Smokestack said:


    Yeah I looked... That would be a bit cost prohibitive for the amounts I want....

    I am there with you. I like the Chrono expansion, but It will not make the list if they keep pumping out cool stuff... Maybe in the pledge manager... maybe

    Yah that's what I am thinking too. Unfortunately at this point, I'll probably have to stay with my low pledge and pray things get better so I can bump up for a lot of what is available before July comes.


    18 minutes ago, Argentee said:

    I think that I'll be in for $300 during the kickstarter, then bump it up in the PM when I get my tax refund next year. 

    My tax return (if I get any) will probably be how I get all what I want (or get my Ebay sales moving). Unfortunately things are bad right now, to the point I have had to file one of those B things:( not even sure how the next month will play out. Everyone please pray our family gets through all this BS this month. Thanks everyone!

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  13. Man if this is speed painting, I really suck:( Least I have a good idea what this guy looks like painted up:) Now if I can just finish my 10 WIP (1 just needs base and touch up, 3 actually WIP's and six that still need me to break out my patriot 105 and prime them), I can finally get to this guy:) Well and everything in bones 3 core set:(

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  14. On 8/7/2017 at 6:40 PM, Cyradis said:

    I only went in for the horse. Others are cool, but I'm on a budget which is rapidly depleting. It is a shame that they aren't giving more incentive to those who are or may have been all-in though. 

    That's basically what I did as I am on a RAPIDLY depleting budget, and every time I turn around, it gets worse. I really only wanted the fox, but I went with samurai halfling and kobold rogue (samurai b/c she was cool, and rogue just because i had 50pts, and didn't want another fox).

  15. 2 hours ago, lazylich said:

    Oooooh Tree of Despair in the latest update's preview video, cool. Evil trees are a somewhat frequent feature of campaigns of mine...

    2 hours ago, Grayfax said:


    That is totally cool!  


    Yes because we couldn't have a tree of woe after all::P:

    So are these statues and stuff based on Arnold's Conan, or the newer version? Or neither? Because I do not remember any spartan/amazon statues in those movies.

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  16. 12 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

    need fat dragon mini? for Fat Dragon Games? Or fat griffin?

    More fat monsters?




    Oh man, that's freakin hilarious! Great work!

    11 minutes ago, Crowley said:

    Based on my tracking, it was probably in the mid triple digits or more.

    I thought the numbers looked wrong this morning, now I know:( Same thing going on over at stonehaven's KS:( Just sad.

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