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  1. PLEASE NOOOOO!!!!! NOT SHINY:( My boys watch that movie all the time, then start singing that song:(
  2. OOH! Which art history class? I am taking art history 100 and 102 this fall (online)? As long as they don't ask for twitter (I'd have to dig out my password hehe, not there much) or anything other then youtube or facebook I am good! I am hoping it's MR and MRS bones:) Well at least Mr. Bones, he's been profiled every KS, correct?
  3. So apparently some people were miffed y the 18K SG and pulled there pledges:( Really? It looks like only a few people and only $20 but still:(
  4. So saw this on Oneboot's latest KS comment post in information thread: Quote is the battering ham that Jason Wiebe showed on Facebook an actual part of the troll stretch goal? Thanks! - @David Locke - we will be producing it, but have not made the final decision as to whether the Pig will be added to the reward level. If we do, we will announce it via Update. So this has kind of put the trolls on my backburner list of stuff to get. Unless something changes or new cool stuff pops up, my LOCKS are wraiths, high rollers and Rocky all to be pledged before KS ends. Then I need to save up and lock core set after KS ends. Then MAYBE get some add on's as money allows, but maybe not trolls now until we get confirmation of battering ham.
  5. It's taken out shortly after the KS is done. KS does do one of those account holds to check account, but it falls off after a few days.
  6. You know, why do I feel like keeping the PM open (for me at least) is a bad thing. I am probably not going to be able to kick a lot in before September 2nd (maybe?) even though I wish I could, but I can just see myself between now and july 2018 saying "you know, I just sold something on Ebay and now that money is sitting there doing nothing, I think i'll add those trolls/hill giants, [insert whatever else is unlocked] and add to my pledge. Heck if I have a good month, after getting the core set, I may even get the chronoscope expansion:( Man this may get expensive, and I have zero self control:(
  7. Man Thes Hunter, and I thought I had "too much time on my hands" Really though, much appreciated, this helps justify my need to buy core set Haha, this even gave my wife a laugh!
  8. That's better then my budget, mine's about $40 for the KS, and save up for the core before next year:( Unless Ebay picks up:)
  9. I think I can wait till retail on this. I could use bone piles for my skeletons, but not enough to divert funds to the addon. yes the comic was great, but shouldn't we be seeing rocky tagging along now?
  10. Here's a question I am not sure has been asked, and since I pretty much missed the first three, have the previous kickstarters hit all there SG's, or did they leave a few on the table?
  11. Every time I see the boss ape, that scene from the new PoTA pops in my head: "BOW YOUR HEADS!" I have enough Yeti's from KS III for that:) But multiple apes is always good. Get your bones off me you damn dirty apes:) Yes, I have already resolved myself to buying this, probably after KS closes but if Ebay does well this month, maybe sooner:)
  12. may do this with my extra lion:) Great job!
  13. very nice! I'll have to break out my bones version from KS3 and try my hand at him:)
  14. Yah that would be me Well I am definitely getting the core set now I guess Probably after the KS is over, but definitely going to get it now, just too much cool stuff. Neither did I, and buying it separate when/if core set is broke out near end is probably not a good value (however I may buy an extra set just becuase grr) YUP! No avoiding it now.
  15. I have been posting on facebook and a few groups on there. And updating/commenting my post to get people informed. I have a few old friends that are gamers, so hopefully they see my posts and jump on. I have also been commenting on a few people's youtube videos
  16. 77355: Count Lorenth ($3.99) sorry couldn't find the others
  17. I know from other places that is a no-no, so that would never happen here:)
  18. Well there's a certain site I am sure I cannot mention here that has them available from other sources
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