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  1. 10 minutes ago, John Fiala said:

    So, I remember that with Bones 3 you could get certain sub-segments of the main pledge by themselves.  Anyone know if that's going to happen with Bones 4, or has that not come up yet?


    I wouldn't mind another Dire Crab, Wyvern, or Gryphon, myself.


    Looks like the next reveal will be an add-on, and the last one for this 'page' of stretch goals.  Here's hoping for something big and shiny.


    (I'M SHINY!)

    Reaperbryan addressed this in the information thread on August 2nd:

    Core Set Break Up

    we typically do not break the Core Set into sub-components until much later in the project, when it is much larger. When we do that, any backer will be able to select those components.

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  2. 45 minutes ago, Sylverthorne said:

    ... and now, thanks to you yahoos, I have The Rock in my head singing You're Welcome.


    . .. thank you for that. o_O


    42 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:


    Um, you're welcome?


    24 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:




    And all I have to say to all that:

    "Really??? Blowdart, in my buttcheek!"

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  3. 2 minutes ago, John Fiala said:

    Well, I'm not one for pushing on Facebook, so I'm hoping some of the figs will show up as needing a twitter push.  We'll see!


    Meanwhile, I've backed for the Paint, the Rocky dragons and the Dragon Turtle.  The first because $1.50 a bottle is a good price, the second because the little dragons are cute, and last because I pledged that I would get all the "Big Dragons" this time, and it's technically a Dragon. 


    Tell me, does anyone else see that Dragon Turtle with that treasure and starting singing "I'm Shiny" from Moana in their head?


    PLEASE NOOOOO!!!!! NOT SHINY:( My boys watch that movie all the time, then start singing that song:(

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  4. 1 hour ago, TGP said:

    Errr. I believe you. But did you mean the Lambda shield or the Gorgon? both?


    I think I remember seeing Gorgon shields in Art History books (...been there, done that, for college credit :zombie: ) also a design with a huge scowling face. 

    OOH! Which art history class? I am taking art history 100 and 102 this fall (online)?

    1 hour ago, uncas said:

    Social Media share goals seems like a really smart way to boost those slow days when there might not be a normal unlock. I'm not on Facebook, but it seems that there will be no problem getting enough shares if this first one is anything to judge by. 

    As long as they don't ask for twitter (I'd have to dig out my password hehe, not there much) or anything other then youtube or facebook I am good!

    1 hour ago, NebulousMissy said:


    Wait, does this mean two more player characters will show up in the comics?


    Ooo, they could rescue one from giant spiders or they could find one lost in a dungeon or they could make friends with a bandit trying to steal the scroll or...

    I am hoping it's MR and MRS bones:) Well at least Mr. Bones, he's been profiled every KS, correct?

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  5. So saw this on Oneboot's latest KS comment post in information thread:



    is the battering ham that Jason Wiebe showed on Facebook an actual part of the troll stretch goal? Thanks!


    @David Locke - we will be producing it, but have not made the final decision as to whether the Pig will be added to the reward level. If we do, we will announce it via Update.


    So this has kind of put the trolls on my backburner list of stuff to get. Unless something changes or new cool stuff pops up, my LOCKS are wraiths, high rollers and Rocky all to be pledged before KS ends. Then I need to save up and lock core set after KS ends. Then MAYBE get some add on's as money allows, but maybe not trolls now until we get confirmation of battering ham. 

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

    Once my new debit card arrives I should be able to jump in. This has probably been answered elsewhere, but is the money taken from your account when you pledge or at a later date? 

    It's taken out shortly after the KS is done. KS does do one of those account holds to check account, but it falls off after a few days.

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  7. You know, why do I feel like keeping the PM open (for me at least) is a bad thing. I am probably not going to be able to kick a lot in before September 2nd (maybe?) even though I wish I could, but I can just see myself between now and july 2018 saying "you know, I just sold something on Ebay and now that money is sitting there doing nothing, I think i'll add those trolls/hill giants, [insert whatever else is unlocked] and add to my pledge. Heck if I have a good month, after getting the core set, I may even get the chronoscope expansion:( Man this may get expensive, and I have zero self control:(

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  8. 20 minutes ago, Thes Hunter said:

    So if we look at core set value with these 9 apes and not Yuan-ti lock, it puts us at 91 figures in the core set. That puts us at $1.09 per mini.


    However, not all minis are equal in size. So I did a rough standardization to help evaluate each mini based on size. If it was human it counted as 2, small as 1, large 3, even larger than large (or slightly large with wings) 4, And Gauth 10. With the upcoming unlocks, that gives us 180 'parts' total over all the 91 models. 100/180 gives us $0.55. 

    Meaning one way you could look at the core set is you would be getting every:

    Small mini @ $0.55

    Medium mini @ $1.11

    Large mini @ $1.67

    Larger mini @ $2.22 (this includes the Griffon)

    Gauth @ $5.56


    Which to me isn't a bad deal at all, for any mini in that set. However, depending on what you value, your own mileage may vary. 


    Man Thes Hunter, and I thought I had "too much time on my hands" ::P: Really though, much appreciated, this helps justify my need to buy core set:rolleyes:

    13 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

    I'll take things I didn't expect to learn during the Bones Kickstarter for 1000, Alex.

    Haha, this even gave my wife a laugh!

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  9. 1 hour ago, trappleton said:

    Dragon Turtle is gorgeous, but one of several figures I'll need to wait to see if i can afford. (I'm limiting myself to a strict $200 budget here.) Narglauth is probably in the same category.


    These ape warriors are outstanding. I almost hope we'll see some monkey minions who accompany them later!

    That's better then my budget, mine's about $40 for the KS, and save up for the core before next year:( Unless Ebay picks up:)

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  10. 1 hour ago, breegull said:

    Love the skeletal monsters! Now I'm debating between picking up multiple bone piles at retail, vs picking up multiples of this add-on and converting the extra manticore and chimera into bone piles :zombie:

    I think I can wait till retail on this. I could use bone piles for my skeletons, but not enough to divert funds to the addon.

    1 hour ago, Wyvernfire said:

    I'm loving our heroes continuing adventures, heh "Mama?" . 



    yes the comic was great, but shouldn't we be seeing rocky tagging along now?

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