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  1. Okay, so the resin printers are still not set up on the garage, but I did manage to acquire a Elegoo Neptune 2 printer, and I am having a blast. I will try and document my adventures here, and give any insight I can as I go along. So, first here are some pictures of the neptune 2 after set-up. The manual leaves a lot to bw desired as far as set-up, but elegoo has an excellent video showing how to build the neptune 2, so it was very easy to put together. I was doing the build leisurely, so it probably took an hour and a half:) Next is elegoo's test model (honestly, I would have preferred some kind of chess piece): I needed a cover for a PSP missing a battery door: And of course I needed a Yoda extruder knob:) And a tool holder (I need to modify it a bit to get it to go on properly, pictures completed incoming) And starting to test print Mia Kay's scatter terrain: and finally a belated birthday present for my 12 year old: I cannot wait to set up my resin printers, but for now I am having a blast with the Neptune 2!
  2. I think we need to implement order 66 on this discussion:)
  3. Didn't they used to post the update in the information thread in the kickstarter forums? Did they stop doing that?? @Reaper_Jon can you confirm?
  4. Whoa, did I get a promotion 😳 Yes, I've been promoted to Godhood ! J/K (hmm,maybe I should have done that in purple)
  5. FYI, archer's are also out of stock (which is kind of crazy, since they are all Bones USA mini's now, which should mean in house. I asked @Reaper_Jon about them a while back, and he said they were going to release them soon, but that was a while ago)
  6. I am probably in the minority, but TBH I am in no hurry to get my box (after all, were the hell would I put it right now). I know I should be excited, but honestly, lately I have not been excited about much. Hopefully I get out of that funk soon.
  7. They did? Man, I'll have to check my files haha.
  8. Sorry for the late reply, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.
  9. What bugs me is (unless it's not possible to do in patreon) when they have a merchant tier , once the tier is full they open up a new higher priced tier.
  10. Reaper Live tonight, AND tomorrow SHOULD be the B5 update (not to be confused with B5 the TV series)
  11. So after seeing video reviews from people like Uncle Jessy and VoG(?), I was finally able to score a Neptune 2 before they went unavailable again :( So, does anyone else have this printer and have any pros/cons on it, and maybe some tips/tricks to get the best out of it? And what would everyone recommend for filament?
  12. So I have pruned my list of Patreons down to 4, and will probably stay that way: Loot Studios (Not on Patreon but still a monthly subscription. Wish they had a merchant level) Clay Cyanide (probably lock in my merchant level this may) Epic Miniatures (Will probably lock in merchant level now and again, but I just straight up love their stuff) One Gold Piece (hey, it's a buck, and it is always fun stuff) If things don't get better, I may not be doing any at all, but that's a story for another time.
  13. I got in for April because of the busts and other models, but I need to start cutting back and concentrate on ones I can print and sell, I have a boatload of stl's now:)
  14. So you are saying they should be called "The elves of the High Brow" :)
  15. I don't like kicking a dead horse...BUT...Yah I am kicking that dead horse:) I think everyone has been mentioning the need for a dedicated PR guy (since post Bone THREE???) to handle JUST this, it is too important to be Ron or Jon wearing other hats AND try to be PR guys. Come on, you are a big enough company now, you need a PR guy. Dragon size ,Frost giant umm size, and UK/Brexit issues could have been resolved better if someone just did PR. Especially now with all their communication streams, PVE and other events, you guys are killing poor Jon.
  16. My focus lately has been trying to find kickstarters/patreons I either: 1) Like enough to pledge 2) Like enough to not only pledge but have the rights to resell if they offer a reasonable price. Unfortunately this project has neither. I do not like it enough to pledge (In my wife's words "it's too creepy), and I just do not think it would have enough appeal for resale, especially at the commercial tier cost. I got rapunzel from stl sampler creator, that's good enough for me haha.
  17. wow! Mars Pro? Wonder how a standard mars would handle it? The mars pro 2 should handle it no problem I would think (too bad I don't have the file haha). I do have a few giants somewhere to print I am sure:)
  18. Like someone should have with Kimba the white lion:) Honestly, these are all characters from old tales, unless they could show undeniably that it is THEIR take on the figures, it would be hard. Now if it were toy story, that would be different. Plus, this is more along the lines of satire, so it may fall under that:) Don't you mean Wreck it ralph 2:) maybe?
  19. Those look great. Can you share your settings? I have a 500 and 1000 gram bottle of washable resin (grey and blue), and I always like to try what works for people:)
  20. The print and the paint job looks awesome. Cannot wait till I print mine.
  21. If it's an elegoo mars, I hear the settings on black are different then other colors.
  22. And Loot studios is doing a greek mythology theme next month: Minis -Georgios Minoulis (Fighter Human) (M) -Ciktan (Catfolk Sorcerer) (M) -Lilli "Oneshoe" Nackle (Gnome Artificer) (S) -Centaur (L) -Minotaur (L) -Medusa (M) -Masked Undead (M) -Lamia (L) -Harpy (M) -Cockatrice (S) -Oread (M) -Naiad (M) -Lampad (M) -Olympus Rider (L) -Hydra - Huge (H) (Boss) -Objects
  23. STL Creator sampler just added this one as a bonus from one gold piece:) Dwarf Mando: By the way, apparently one piece gold has a $1 patreon of stl's.
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