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  1. 3 hours ago, Pochi said:

    Killer apes!

    Every time I see the boss ape, that scene from the new PoTA pops in my head:


    2 hours ago, Pingo said:

    Every time I see apes I think about getting three of each:


    One to paint black/dark brown


    One to paint gold-orange


    One to paint white (a.k.a. white apes and / or yeti)

    I have enough Yeti's from KS III for that:) But multiple apes is always good.

    2 hours ago, Amra_the_Black said:

    These damn, dirty apes will have a spot on my table in many games indeed.


    Get your bones off me you damn dirty apes:)

    2 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

    At this point the core set is going to be too good of deal to pass up

    Yes, I have already resolved myself to buying this, probably after KS closes but if Ebay does well this month, maybe sooner:)

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  2. 1 hour ago, Nunae said:

    Who was looking for a thing to tip them over the edge and make them buy the core set?  Will a griffon do it? :lol:

    Yah that would be me:huh: Well I am definitely getting the core set now I guess:mellow: Probably after the KS is over, but definitely going to get it now, just too much cool stuff.

    1 hour ago, Pineapple said:

    Did not expect to see the griffon in the core set. Very cool!

    Neither did I, and buying it separate when/if core set is broke out near end is probably not a good value (however I may buy an extra set just becuase grr)

    1 hour ago, breegull said:

    Julie Guthrie griffon in the core set confirmed!!!1!1!!  :lol::wub:::D:


    Sigh, I really am going to end up getting the core set, aren't I?  There's no avoiding it.

    YUP! No avoiding it now.

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  3. 51 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Anyone here on other miniature forums?


    Spread the news!

    I have been posting on facebook and a few groups on there. And updating/commenting my post to get people informed. I have a few old friends that are gamers, so hopefully they see my posts and jump on. 

    37 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

    I'm not on any other forums but I'm gonna start posting all over YouTube on miniatures videos.


    What were these secret emails?

    I have also been commenting on a few people's youtube videos::P:

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  4. 51 minutes ago, Gargs said:


    Well I do now!  Doh! but its out of stock. :(  


    Moar Gargoyles are still good -- clearly so since they are out of stock!  :P Mostly though I was just using that to illustrate a point (i.e. that just because I really want something doesn't mean everyone else does too). In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if most people figured they didn't need more than one or two at most. 

    Well there's a certain site I am sure I cannot mention here that has them available from other sources::P:

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

    I fall for core (well priced general figures good), High Rollers, and wee dragon babies. The boyfriend wants the big meanie demon. The wraiths I can do without. These giants too. Debating the trolls. 


    Just waiting on griffon, the hut, and dragon turtle to really hurt me.

    I will have to get core between end of KS and the 2018 close date, as I need to get the money raised first:( But I am down for the high rollers, wraith, and prolly rocky:) I am also debating trolls and waiting for griffon as well.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, Nunae said:

    Aaaand we will get a Wyvern at 895k. 

    That's a pretty short stretch goal, considering we will unlock the Dragon Babies at 860.

    Well I think reaperbryan said something to the effect that as the days go, reveal stretch goals would be closer together to keep interest going. But I thought we'd get a wyvern with the griffon as another mystical creatures add-on? So either we are getting another wyvern or *shudder* the griffon will be part of the core set:huh:

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  7. 15 minutes ago, Inarah said:




    1.  You must wear your badges at all times to be admitted to any convention function. Children under 10 do not require a badge, but cannot take classes, and may only participate in games with GM's permission and an attendant guardian.  Paint and Take events, when they occur, are open to attendees of all ages. Bear in mind that this is an event at which members of the general public are admitted, and we cannot be responsible for any new vocabulary children or adults may unfortunately acquire after exposure to our guests.

    So from that Can I infer that the boys do not need to pay for 4 day or single passes?? Just the adults?

  8. So I saw this over on information thread and it gives hope to the Cat dragon requests::o:


    I can tell you that I literally just heard Ron in the last 10 minutes give an art order to a sculptor for at least one idea from fan suggestions. And several other fan suggestions are already on the slate.


    @Dan It's multiple things - a set of 3, in fact.

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  9. Okay Hopefully this is not a stupid question, but is there an age limit to attend ReaperCon? I have a 3 and 8 year old, and not sure how they would fare for 3-4 days:) I don't mind paying $50 each and getting their swag bags :rolleyes: But I know other cons (AX,comicon, E3) have an age limit, so IF I can swing going, I just wanna know if I'll have to have someone watch the boys:)


  10. If finances get better and we can swing ReaperCon this year, we may just drive out (From California its about 19 hours, can make it a mini vacation and stop at Tombstone AT, the war eagle museum in NM, frederickburg in TX), as I have made that drive many times before:(

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Smokestack said:

    Character sheets is not a bad stretch goal.... but... If no more minis then there is no real value in the completionist sets... not sure why you would go for that.... I am starting to wonder if there is a money issue... The super increased prices on the webstore, the increased prices on this set vs the last ones and the Giants not being shipped yet... Also the Giants set had free shipping in US... where as this one has shipping fees...


    Stonehaven are great. They have always been super friendly. I moved 3 or 4 years ago and I had an issue where my kickstarter rewards were returned back to them. I contacted Petra and she shipped them to my new address and didn't want another payment to cover the shipment. Said it was my house warming present. That is a very great customer service... Above and Beyond. I wish them success, and they really do deserve it, but there are some warning signs on this one...

    Not sure if its a money issue, but I think shipping is just getting crazy nowadays (I mean even reaper stopped it this go around), especially shipping RoW. I am glad everyone will get access to the PDF's, but I would have preferred 5E for DnD. As long as they get my 3 mini's in a reasonable time, im okay:)

  12. 19 minutes ago, Limey72 said:

    I was at my lfgs tobay talking about bones and the KS. Most people were interested but one guy slammed them until I showed him some pics of well painted bones, boy did he get quiet

    I get that a lot about bones from people I know. Considering my one friends comments, I just agree to disagree:) For the price, and the detail I have seen myself and others here get out of them, it is definitely worth the value they give. I mean, I would never have paid for all the wild west Oz in metal, but in bones they are quite reasonable and quite detailed. I love metal, don't get me wrong, but it has to be something special for me to kick out a metal miniature price now:( And I have around 150 mini's in metal to paint, so I am in no hurry for more (just wish I could find my skellies and mino's in metal grr)

    2 minutes ago, NebulousMissy said:


    Is it just me or does it seem like they ate Sir Forscale between the first and second pics :blink:


    That pouncy one looks suspiciously smug ::P:

    You would have thought someone would have spit out his gear by now though::P:

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  13. 6 hours ago, arctjg said:

    I have backed two previous Kickstarters with StoneHaven and love the quality of the miniatures I just hope they start unlocking more miniatures because so far I am not ready to pull the trigger on this kickstarter just yet.

    They just had an update today on their KS, and they pretty much said no stretch goals as far as any new mini's. They pretty much said stretch goals will be digital, first one would be PDF's of character sheets for pathfinder and DnD 3.5??? Isn't that kind of lame, seeing as 5E is out? seemed odd to me.

  14. 2 hours ago, Reaperbryan said:

    @RomulanCmdr is correct. If your first "order" had $6 in shipping, and your second brought the total shipping to $8, the second order would ask you to add $2 shipping, plus cost of goods.


    What you pledge via the Kickstarter is credited to your account. But the PM is not a bank. When you add a Core Set to your order, you will have to pay $100 (+ shipping) at that time, with credit being subtracted form your total, and you will need a Credit Card or PayPal to pay the difference. You can't pay $10 here and $10 there until you accrue $100.



    Essentially, after the campaign ends, it takes about 2 weeks for Kickstarter to process all payments and give us that data. We import the data, and after that you will see a credit totaling what you had already paid. Add items to your heart's content until July 31, 2018, paying each time you visit for what's already added. Your credit can be spread across many orders or one order. It's really just like going shopping, with your "pledge" being similar to a gift card usable only on the PM. That's purely an analogy, but it works.

    Wait? Kickstarter requires a credit card BUT the pledge manager allows us to use PAYPAL???? I wish I knew this in the beginning, I could have hid all my mad money in my paypal account (funded by my Ebay sales:rolleyes:) and just pledged a dollar and my SO would have never known::P:


    so in summation:

    We can pay in the pledge manager with PAYPAL!

    shipping adjusted as we add items.

    Anything added after KS needs to be paid in full.


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  15. There is one thing I am still confused. So, if I lock in my add on's and calculate shipping now, then after the KS closes and we still have access to the pledge manager to buy/pay for add-on's (which I understand has to be the paid in full for items such as if I finally decide to buy a core set) will shipping be recalculated or just calculated on the new items?

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  16. 4 hours ago, MojoBob said:



    My Bones III Kickstarter fulfillment arrived a couple of days ago, and I've been happily sorting through them. I've engaged in all three Reaper kickstarters so far, but I doubt that I'll do another — it's not that they're not a good deal, but there's always a very, very long wait for them to arrive, and they've all been very heavy on the character figures, of which I really do have an ample supply. I mainly want the monsters, and it'll be simpler just to buy them individually when they eventually appear in the shop.

    I chose this one to start the painting with, mainly because it would be very quick and easy to do, and in fact it only took about twenty minutes. It probably would have taken longer if I'd actually removed any of the mould lines, which I kind of forgot about in my enthusiasm.

    I don't know what its SKU is; I couldn't find it with a (fairly brief) search in the online store.

    So you bought multiples of this wraith or multiple core sets?

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