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  1. And technically, this is my first TRUE KS, as I missed the last one and bought the core set off Ebay And extra sets of the chill out, wild west oz and savage worlds groups:) I am hoping the core set gets more cool stuff to woo me to buy it:) I am all down for the griffin, wraiths and dice though:) Heck I may even throw down for the trolls. If I don't use them, I can always sell em
  2. What happened to the last two question marks on the map?
  3. well I was hoping we'd get the xpac out of the way and see what the next unlock would be, guess i'll see in the morning. Should pick up new momentum since while we sleep in the US, the other side of the world will be getting up:) Just 3 more ?'s on the first map!
  4. the BFG will be released as will all bones 3 miniatures, it just may not be till 1st quarter 2018
  5. Yes, but Gandolf only took on ONE demon:( and he umm...died doing it
  6. I like the wraiths too! So, can I assume these are all new sculpts? Not something already in metal?
  7. I have a question: why is the squishy wizard breaking off on his own? Against Demons????? Does he have a death wish?
  8. I like the mini's, but really, did you have to use that amount as the goal amount:(
  9. Yes, so far I am holding judgement on the core set till we see more unlocked. Hopefully one or two more big guys and more interesting things may make me want to stretch 100 bucks out, but right now it's just the wraiths and the high rollers (which is good for the wallet). We'll see, we still have 32 days, anything can happen.
  10. We can put them up against the lizardman we got last core set:) yes, we have broken 500,000
  11. agree! oh and I just noticed this in the last e-mail, looks like I nailed it:) Looking ahead, our heroes are staying out of that dark alley for a little while, but there’s something really strange. A bunch of sci-fi models? That’s right - it’s a Chronoscope Expansion! This set includes all the model pictured below for only $50! And there's more models to be added to it later!
  12. Hoping there is something for the core or another add on BEFORE the expansion, or else I see momentum being lost. Looking at the map, I can see the expansion theory working:)
  13. Actually, neither do I:( I meant to say question mark. Sorry.
  14. And is it just me, or will there be a split off to the building on the first map to maybe an expansion? see how the road keeps going, but there is also a star at the door of the building? Guess we will see.
  15. That would be cool, as long as its priced right, I could use a Wyvern as well as a griffon. I am really hoping the griffon (and whatever else will be paired with it) gets unlocked soon, as that is what I was really wanting. But then those wraiths and dicelings (high rollers) came along, and well:( If I can make small pledges till it closes, I may even get a core set, depending on what it ends up being.
  16. I kicked in my twelve bucks (well 15, they add 3 bucks for shipping), so now I just await the end of the KS so I can choose my mini's. That's how it works,right? they e-mail me, I tell em what I want and give them my address, correct? Such a newb as far as KS goes:(
  17. So another stupid question I just thought of, the initial pledge goes through kickstarter to be paid/charged by them. Does the additional funds get charged by them July 2018 as well when the PM closes or through Reaper? Sorry this is all new to me:)
  18. All I want to know is, what happened to the griffon??? Oh, and will the adventurers be available as chibi versions? In the core set?
  19. Unfortunately if its comments on Kickstarter, KS has to take action I think. Still sucks. At least he cannot spout off here
  20. Man, do you think reaper was trolling my post and got that idea???
  21. I don't know if anyone has said it yet, but I was just going for the wraiths (and waiting for the griffon to unlock), and now they popped in those high rollers:( Damn you reaper:( (just kidding). Gotta get high rollers just for the cool factor. Geez, this keeps up, ill lock in at 30 bucks, and continue to fund PM like installments till I have enough for core,wraiths, high rollers and griffon:( Geez, wife is gonna kill me. well seeing as griffon is not even unlocked yet, theres still hope.
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