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  1. I don't know if anyone has said it yet, but I was just going for the wraiths (and waiting for the griffon to unlock), and now they popped in those high rollers:( Damn you reaper:( (just kidding). Gotta get high rollers just for the cool factor. Geez, this keeps up, ill lock in at 30 bucks, and continue to fund PM like installments till I have enough for core,wraiths, high rollers and griffon:( Geez, wife is gonna kill me.

    3 minutes ago, icarus231 said:

    Not Cat Dragon yet :(

    well seeing as griffon is not even unlocked yet, theres still hope.

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  2. 32 minutes ago, ladystorm said:

    Great question.


    Your Wave remains the same.  


    I will point out Wave order matters less in this project for the other Zones because when the orders are pulled and filled here to be sent to the other Hubs for shipping, there is no guarantee they will go out in anything like wave order from there.  This last project showed they go out in order they are unloaded from the pallets from the container.

    Somehow my reply disappeared so I hope I get this sounding the same. So, we have our wave locked in no matter the amount, gotcha. Now, once Kickstarter ends, we pay KS, but the pledge manager is opened till July 2018 (is that right?), and we can continue to contribute like a payment plan:) until just before the manger is closed, at which time we lock in whatever we are interested in, is that right? Because that is cool:)

  3. 7 minutes ago, GreyHorde said:


    Guilty as charged.  For my first red box D&D Basic games, the GM passed around his dice.  2nd game or so, I brought d6's from my mother's Yahtzee sets.  Later, I got my own red & blue boxes, more dice, and I think either Chessex or Gamescience clear color dice.  And Armory.  When the d30 fad came and went, I had a few and worked out some AD&D charts to use them.  Still have a couple with +/- that needed crayon or similar fill-in, plus a clear one.  I don't think I've ever lost, tossed or given away more than a few dice.  I still have my original, rounded-edge plastic ones, Mom's Yahtzee dice, and pretty much everything since then.  Of all my gaming stuff, dice have the record for longevity, even over (gasp!) miniatures.

    Man I have never even seen a D30, but if I can ever clean up my garage stuff, and my dice bag still exists, I have a D100:)


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  4. 24 minutes ago, vutpakdi said:

    We used China markers to color in our dice (mostly GameScience).  I may still have my set of some 6-8 colors somewhere.



    You know I keep hearing you guys say gamescience, I just used to buy from Paul Freiler hobby store in Torrance CA, so I didn't bother with who manufactured them, but yes, besides my TSR dice, this may be the other dice I had. Man, I need to tear through my garage and find all my stuff:( I don't think I bought chessex stuff, but maybe? All I have right now are some dice sets from easy roller.

  5. 1 minute ago, Reaperbryan said:

    I'm just clever enough to filter out exact duplicates. Can't help the people with typos though

    Yah, so there may be someone out there going, WTH, why did I get this e-mail haha. Oh, and when does this thread lock and the other two go live? midnight CST or when Bones 4 goes live?

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  6. 21 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

    Is it bad that I am really hoping there is nothing that I like in the whole KS?  I hope there are lots of things other people like so that Reaper has a successful KS but I really would like to save the money!

    Yah, as others have said, you are doomed:) 

    You have no chance to survive, make your time!

    13 minutes ago, Mushu_Green said:

    Personally i'm hoping for a good variety in the core set + a few bigger minis included. Please add bases like you did in bones 3 !


    Not looking for many add-on but i need that griffin...

    Yah I want that griffin too:)

    1 minute ago, Limey72 said:

    We should get an email notification soon if we signed up right

    I hope so, or I screwed something up signing up:(

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  7. I have a quick question before this thread gets closed


    CAT DRAGON???? Just kidding:)


    I see a lot of people with bones supporter tags and avatars, is there a certain level you have to pledge to get that, or does everyone who pledges get that ?


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  8. 37 minutes ago, OneBoot said:


    Whether there will be a KS chatter thread or not, I don't know.


    I do plan to do my 'KS summary posts' again, and I will post them in the official thread when that goes live. These are where I skim through the KS comments and glean out important or interesting information posted by official Reaper staff members and post it here.


    This way, folks who don't have time to keep up with the runaway-train speed of the comments won't miss out on essential information (such as answered questions and stretch goal teases). I try to keep these as factually true as possible, which is why I don't generally include comments that aren't from Reaper or one of their associates (like Izzy the artist or Julie Guthrie the sculptor, for example).


    I...may need an assistant to help me with this for the first week, though, since I have a date with a certain 5-headed dragon. ^_^



    --OneBoot :D

    runaway-train speed??? Is that sort of like a freight train coming???

    Sorry couldn't resist::P: Especially since Nitro is reforming:)

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  9. it was here:


    On 7/27/2017 at 7:20 AM, Reaperbryan said:

    We have a large and extensive section explaining shipping in the project, which is awaiting review. I am loathe to discuss details, primarily because at this point every time I say "probably something similar to..." or "about like this ..." some hoser quotes me directly and swears up and down that my attempt to summarize is a legal contract locking us in to one precise and specific interpretation of my sentence. But I'll try.


    The nutshell version is we will ship from our hubs, as long as such an option remains viable given the political situation in the UK/EU/Schengen Zones (and potentially elsewhere) and shipping prices will be calculated as originating from these hubs. No backers will get free shipping, US backers will pay calculated shipping. Because parcel sizes and weights vary radically based upon user choices (and freedom to choose remains a key part of our strategy) all backers must use the PM to calculate shipping. All backers must use the PM to provide their address and select their rewards, as always. As always, if something changes we will make effort to discuss the impacts of these changes. And the official policy has a lot more depth than the above, so please be sure to familiarize yourself with our strategy after the project launches.


    So if we put in normal models first, we can do whatever we want?


     Standing adjacent to monsters is his dream job, be trained for years as a squire to the Knights of the Order of Weights of Measures and he takes pride in being our scale indicator and occasional comic relief. Yes, we will be employing Sir Forscale for another project, and we're very happy to be working with him again.


    That's a whole basket of nope. I was delighted to be honored by Gene and Ron with a production miniature of myself, but I do not feel that the model would perform well in Bones, as "tubby gamer nerd with beard and glasses" is hardly a common RPG archetype, heroic or villainous. Although, I will award free hugs to any game group that uses the miniature of me as the big bad evil guy in their campaign, and I don't morph into a kanji of any kind.






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  10. 4 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:

    I'm looking at:

    Tengu Shogun
    Kitsune Fighter

    Grippli Sumo (A MUST!)

    Half-Dragon Spellblade (most likely)

    Grippli Rogue (despite what a pain in the elf they are to paint, I really like the Grippli!)

    I'll have 50 points leftover from my current pledge.  I may get a double or see if anyone else in my group wants a small guy.  Or, of course, see what the stretch goals reveal (I hope they have some!)

    *cough* FOX *cough*

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  11. 4 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:



    Actually, Reaper's Pledge Manager and Kickstarter are two separate things.  You can use the pledge manager to compute how much you want to pledge, but you still need to then log into the Kickstarter and actually pledge that amount. 

      Then after the Kickstarter is over, Kickstarter lets Reaper know who pledged what, and Reaper connects you pledged amount to the Pledge Manager, and you finalize you selection to let Reaper know what exactly you want.

    So after the kickstarter is over, we can kick in additional money beyond what we pledged in the KS to get additional stuff until the pledge manager is closed, correct?

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  12. 34 minutes ago, NebulousMissy said:

    We had a set of these show up at the game store when I was working there (2007). Clear blue dice with a red crayon. They got "lost" at my ex's place along with most of my minis and all of my good art <_<

    Yup, don't think those were TSR, but I have a few of those clear dice to somewhere that also needed coloring:) Man, now I feel the need to tear through my garage:)


  13. 2 hours ago, Marvin said:

    I'm too young for those dice, but what's the deal with people coloring in the numbers on dice that don't need it? Like, sitting there with a pencil, shading in white numbers. Why don't you just go write in a book, too, you heathen.

    Back in the beginning dice had NO color in the numbers (never heard of pencil shading numbers, heresy!), so you had to color them in. I don't write in books, I highlight:)


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