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  1. That's out of the fiend folio? I'll have to dust off my book:) yup, I still have the blue and pink box sets of D&D and all of the 1st ed. books, including fiend folio:) where in the garage is the real question:)
  2. I would still love to see Trial by BONES:)
  3. I was bored so did a search and found this on their facebook page: UPDATE: Resetting Fog Machine project to optimal Kickstarter time. Tuesday August 1st 1 PM EST After some in depth research with Kickstarter data today we have decided to set the project date as above. This is due to starting and ending times being optimal to the success of the project. We are re-sending email notifications to update. Though we are as anxious as you to get going in the end we believe this will create the best opportunity for buyers around the world as well as last minute buyers which seems to be crucial in many projects as you can see in the chart below. We hope you all will understand and bear with us as we do everything in our power to make this project a success :) All the best from us here at RGFX Hmm, August 1st, coincidence?
  4. Looks like 77625 will be clear (was he clear in the KS?) and released sometime in Q4 2017/Q1 2018 (or maybe a little later since they are running a bit behind)
  5. I know on my fog machine (its one of the one's from spencer's gifts) that anything about a foot in front of the machine can and will get some of that residue from the fog juice. That's why its recommended for outdoor use only:) And it's 9:08 AM PST, is this still going live?
  6. All hail the Cat Dragon! Actually that looks more like gollum:)
  7. I don't really like this one as much as I do the audio version because she narrates there:) and heres a link to the album audio: (I actually have this one, its the B side to the haunted mansion record)
  8. Yup I had the three skeleton archers, and for the life of me, I could NEVER get one of them to take:( the other two are pretty much straight standing (one better then the other but still upright) but the one would never stay, so he is now almost done following the skeleton walk-through in the core skills reaper LTPK, he just looks like he is peering around the corner shooting:)
  9. I didn't want to be the first to say it:) But yes, he does seem awkward. Not sure what it is, but it just didn't seem to wow me. But that's me. Maybe because I have WAY too many elves:)
  10. Thats what I am hoping for too:) You can never have too many explosions:) Maybe have Sir Forscale test out the ordnance:) Now that would be a cool Chibi dragon, okay I am in:) So something like the mythical monsters from KS III? Now I am intrigued. Well then hopefully the stretch goal is not too expensive:)
  11. It is 70700 Sledgehammer BFG off the flyer everyone got in their kickstarter delivery. Shows under spring/summer 2017, so with the delays maybe early 2018?
  12. If the price is right, I am going to have to find a way to get that griffon:)
  13. If I can swing it, I'll be getting the fox, the kobold rogue and that halfling female. 200 points, that will work:)
  14. Mine is not a hate but more of burnout. Got nothing wrong with chibi, but as I said before, after working 6+ years with a Japanese company that brought in everything SD/Chibi, you get burned out REAL fast:(
  15. Okay:) I will pass over goals of miniatures I am not real interested in, and just get ones I really like:) This is also a good thing to do because it's hard on the wallet trying to get all the miniatures you make:) They are all great sculpts, and its great to give everyone variety:)
  16. Oh that sounds good, otherwise there was going to be a glut of Mr. Bones on Ebay:)
  17. Such a great voice talent, she will be missed.
  18. That would be a great figure in bones:) hint, hint!
  19. Really? I'll have to look at him again, but he didn't seem chibi to me:) Speaking of the vulture, is buying mr. bones the only way to get copies of the vulture, or will he be sold separate? And honestly i'm not opposed to any miniature in the core set, they are all great sculpts and more miniatures to hone my skill. Granted, I may paint them up and sell em on ebay if I don't really like them, but im not opposed to them:) I may just pick and choose this KS though, as I have a ton of mini's now:) and I am low on funds haha.
  20. Wait? There were three chibi's in the core set? Mr. and Mrs. bones and who else?
  21. You can buy the fox, its 50 points. Matter of fact, with 29 days left, if I can swing $12.00 bucks from somewhere (like my bay stuff haha), I want a fox and maybe some 150 point mini:)
  22. It's not a hatred of Chibi per se (I loved the mr. and mrs. bones, glad buzzy wasnt chibi haha) it's just after soo many years of SD/chibi being brought in by us from Japan, its just a little too much for me. At one point, it felt like everything coming out of Japan was SD/Chibi:)
  23. Please NOOOO!!! Not more chibi's:( I worked for Books Nippan/DMD (DM publishing now) for over 6 years, please NO more chibi:(
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