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  1. So, let me see if I am getting this right? If the pledge manager works in KS4 as it did in KS3, if I just pledge a $1 (or more) and initially just get a few of the add ons, after the KS is done, until they close the pledge manager (and hopefully give us fair warning), I can still pledge and get say the core set and any other add ons? Is that right? Man if I can pledge a little here and there till the manager closes, that would be awesome.
  2. I would have preferred more in the middle of the month to get funds together, so I am either going to miss out (again) or ill have to go for the small add ons only (if thats possible).
  3. Yup that's basically what has happened this month here too:( Hopefully I'll at least get my Bones III core set unboxing video done (I got it off Ebay, unfortunately missed it because of RL things in 2015) and priming my 6 mini's ready to go.
  4. This was what I was wondering as well, so since its a harder (read less forgiving) plastic, is it akin to lead (in this case bones) and rallidium pewter (wizkids?) Because I sweated bullets every time I did a LITTLE bending on a rallidium mini in fear of snapping it:(
  5. Hopefully the pack camel will be released relatively soon:) Only one I really want right now:)
  6. Any chance of Stay Puft Marshmallow man and slimer from Ghostbusters:) The Ghostbusters would be cool too, but probably licensing would be a bear :( I am sure reaper can mod the marshmallow and slimer enough to get around issues:)
  7. So I have been watching everyone's unboxing videos of their Kickstarter 3 stuff (i'll prolly do one of my core set when it comes in, off Ebay unfortunately but still super excited), and I have heard the hot irons (number 156 in the torture chamber series) twice now being called a Root Beer Float. I found this extremely amusing:)
  8. I think we are all "Closet" Engineers, because we always seem to be overthinking things:) Or maybe just too much "tool time" :)
  9. I already have this dangerous idea going on over at Ebay with a seller who has a great selection of minis from reaper (and others) and great prices:)
  10. Hehe perhaps its time to watch one of my favorite videos from Tabletop minions:)
  11. well I basically have no feeling in my fingers, because I just stick the offending part in the water for about 15-130 seconds, pull em out and shape and immediately plunge in ice water:) Of course I don't get the water scolding hot, just enough to allow shaping:)
  12. Oh yah, on top of the bones I have collected AND the core set, I also have a whole bunch of old ral partha/grenadier/etc box sets and loose metal miniatures still to go, including a 50 count (or more) parts cabinet (you know, the ones you use for screws and stuff in a workshop) FULL of miniatures:( My kids may be stuck selling all that when I die:( Oh, and did I mention all my car/sci-fi/military etc model kits:(
  13. I got mine originally because I wanted a bunch of inexpensive mini's to get back into the game as it where, I have a decent source off Ebay and Garrick was real cheap:) I have him all based and ready to prime, but I just scored a Core set Bones III set, so now I have a TON of mini's to get back into the game:)
  14. At fifty bucks, I am not surprised:( Too bad too, I would have liked the pack camel:) Guess i'll have to wait for the individual release.
  15. Speaking of China, I noticed on the Miniatures that I got from Kickstarter III (not the whole core set, just the savage worlds, wizard of Oz and chill out groups. I do have a core set on its way through:) ) that they are stamped MADE IN CHINA, is that just because its the initial kickstarter, and once regular production starts, they'll be produced in the US?
  16. Maybe they added them because of the questions:) I know a lot of the mini's are not in any kind of order yet (as far as I can tell anyway) when you try and scroll through them, so I am constantly finding myself going back to the main page. I just went back and looked at a few of the other box sets and apparently they did them to all of them (graveyard,mythos, and even Core set!) That is cool, will help immensely to try and figure out what is in the core set! Intersting, the core set shows that the corsairs and space mouslings are in the set, thats odd. I thought they were options. Were they added to the core set? Havent seen anyone unbox them in any youtube videos, weird.
  17. Yup. Apparently... i mentioned it after I posted Tinman above. Doh, I need to stop posting when I am tired or hungry haha. Looking good! Cannot wait to see it all done:)
  18. Actually if you go into the graveyard expansion page, it lists what is in the expansion, and they list 77637 which is the same number as obsidian crypt.
  19. Does that mean the art of bones book will also be available eventually?
  20. I was fortunate to get this set off ebay last week for a decent price (hopefully if someone takes my offer, I'll have the whole core set and another set of the wizard of Oz). Love how you are setting them up so far, your daughter should be very happy with them.
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