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  1. 9 hours ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

    That's the thing about giving minis as gifts, quite often it turns out so well you want to keep it. Quite a few of my mini purchases wind up as gifts for coworkers and I'm now finding myself buying copies of them for my own shelf.

    Nothing wrong with buying duplicates, helps improve your skills:) Especially now with bones being so inexpensive:) 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

    That's really great!


    Here's mine from a June 2013.  I agree it's hard to believe it's been four years.  I have to say the Bones Kickstarters have really changed my painting abilities, and what I have in my painting queue over the years.  They've also led me to meet a lot of great people here in the forums!





    And here it is; that first glorious box.  I can still vividly remember the thrill of it's arrrival and opening for the first time.  It was the most minis I'd ever purchased and received in one fell swoop! 



    I actually bought that Mr. Bones Mini recently, hope my paint job comes out that good:)


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  3. That's probably what I'll do, just been too busy to finish it:) As for doing the LED into a base, I decided NOT to go that route after I saw this:


    Was easier to just keep the tealight base:) Next time, if and when, I do the wraith again I will make sure to center the fender washer so I can drill straight up into it so more of the light will illuminate. Better yet, maybe just drill wraith first THEN base it!

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  4. So not real happy how it turned out (especially the base), but here's the wraith all dry-brushed and base painted. I just need some drybrush on the base and details on the skull and I am calling it done:( Not happy, but my wife says i'm too hard on myself, especially since this is my fully completed miniature in like 15 years:( 595d46dd7b6fb_77097gravewraithdrybrushfrontreaper.jpg.b04e2ca7af0e6d77c2f8a606f61d2b4e.jpg595d46fbe91c7_77097gravewraithdrybrushbackreaper.jpg.ef2ebba3af22a0f2ae879a5e5703017f.jpg

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  5. My goal for July is to get back into the groove and:


    1) Finish my three skeleton archers using different primers and see whats best

    2) Finish my grave wraith now that I have based and varnished it:)

    3) Do all three miniatures in the LTPK:core skills now that it has arrived:) I'll of course deviate a little from the instructions by basing and priming them (hopefully primed by airbrush).

    and if I get that all done

    4)finish my 20 year project: The Ral Partha Orc:)

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  6. 3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Good work so far.


    It's an old Ral Partha orc, though. I've got him and his brothers in my collection.

    Thanks, and appreciate the ID:) Yah I have so many out of the box mini's in a big parts tool case (you know, those ones that hold screws and parts haha) I am not sure who is who anymore :) Gonna be tough once I start painting them all:)


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  7. Okay, this one has been sitting around for like foreever just primed, so I decided now that I have the Reaper LTPK, i'd start trying to finish him. I am pretty sure its a grenadier model, and that its a goblin:) but if someone else knows for sure, please let me know:)

    grenadier goblin.jpg

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  8. So I finally got my Reaper Bones Learn to paint core skills kit, and decided to use the techniques for the skeleton on these skeletons first (well sort of haha). The whitewashed skeleton was a Vallejo ivory model color bottle which seemed WAY more thin then the reaper stuff, so not too happy with it at the moment, but will take it through the other techniques and see how it plays out. The other skeleton is more true to the walkthrough in the LTPK book. They both of course had a black primer done before the base coat and they both had their bases done (one with kitty litter, the other just baking soda). the white one is only on the basecoat, where the other is ready for its drybrush. Will post more as they move along.



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  9. 1 minute ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

    Yep.  All their varnishes are creamy with even a bit of a yellow tint to them.  They still all dry clear unless you put too much on in one spot then it will be cloudy.

    yup, had a few spots happen, but that might work on the grave wraith:)

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