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  1. what was your technique on the wraith?
  2. Have a quick question about Kickstarter III Oz figures: I think I have figured out who is who except for one: 224 - Tinman with an axe 225 - Is this the wizard or the lion? 226 - scarecrow with a big scythe 227 - Wicked witch 228- Monkey 229 - Dorothy and toto so what is 225? I am hoping I can get the KSIII core set off someone soon:)
  3. A bit too well is right:( I was trying to get my grave wraith lined up under the washer hole to light it, and I was a little off:( Couldnt adjust it once it hit the super glue at all:( Guess i'll need another tea light and grave wraith:)
  4. Do not know if you already drove grandma and the get together is over, but why not do the wild west OZ set? Thats pretty tame...mostly. And maybe the townsfolk (cept the dwarf butcher:),grandma may not like the pig getting hacked up )
  5. How about: A full line of the Tombstone cast (you already have Doc) Wyatt Virgil Morgan Curly Bill Ringo Those would be awesome. And as someone said Kelly's Heroes and LXG (league of extraordinary gentlemen) Maybe Bubblegum Crisis?
  6. Minotaurs, LOTS of minotaurs:) Dual wielding would be cool, but Minotaurs! Pegasus! maybe a Harryhausen set featuring some of his creatures from his various movies:) And you guys did a cool wizard of Oz (hoping to get my hands on a core set somewhere haha), so how about: A League of Extraordinary gentlemen set? Including the car and nautilus maybe:)
  7. Will this core set come with the round bases like people got from the kickstarter?
  8. So I decided to base my grave wraith on one of those cool tea lights run off a 2032 battery. I will be adding some basing and then decide how to best paint this one. I have heard some people throw a varnish on it then do a nice wash, would hitting it with a can of testors dullcote then using a wash work? any suggestions is appreciated:) And I thought I was in the WIP forum:( can a MOD please move it:) sorry
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