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  1. On 10/26/2016 at 11:11 AM, DocPiske said:

    Super glue works a bit too well for Bones. Next to impossible to remove the model after it dries. For metal minis, I use either PVA glue like Elmer's, or epoxy. If a model has no integrated base, I mush a small blob of green stuff on to the washer and then press the model into the blob. I remove the model and let the green stuff dry and then super glue the feet into the perfectly sized impressions.

    A bit too well is right:( I was trying to get my grave wraith lined up under the washer hole to light it, and I was a little off:( Couldnt adjust it once it hit the super glue at all:( Guess i'll need another tea light and grave wraith:)

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  2. Minotaurs, LOTS of minotaurs:) Dual wielding would be cool, but Minotaurs!


    maybe a Harryhausen set featuring some of his creatures from his various movies:)

    And you guys did a cool wizard of Oz (hoping to get my hands on a core set somewhere haha), so how about:

    A League of Extraordinary gentlemen set? Including the car and nautilus maybe:)


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  3. So I decided to base my grave wraith on one of those cool tea lights run off a 2032 battery. I will be adding some basing and then decide how to best paint this one. I have heard some people throw a varnish on it then do a nice wash, would hitting it with a can of testors dullcote then using a wash work? any suggestions is appreciated:) 

    77097 grave wraith based and lightedposting.jpg

    And I thought I was in the WIP forum:( can a MOD please move it:) sorry

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