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  1. HEY! I am in this pic.. Not. paying. attention. BAD BAD FONZIE! Survivor Painting at its finest.
  2. Hi, I am a Newbie at the "con" - I have been there in a booth but this year decided to CON all out.. and I am glad I did.. No more booth for me! Anyways.. Good to meet all the ones I did.. and looking forward to 2018! First time I have entered too and got a cool Bronze medal! very nice! anyways... see y'all next year (if not sooner) - Fonzie out!
  3. I LOVE the purples here too! man a lot of people use Purples... I like that.. the Color of Royalty!
  4. I like the color of Royalty you are using... Purple has always been my Fave... I am working on the Walking Dead Kickstarter Walkers and they seem to be a bit on the purple side... Very Las Vega-ish attire! purples and such.. good job tho..
  5. Oh my.. I have a ton of pics from this event.. where can I share these? too many to add here.. BUT here is one I shot for Shawn Mattia - a Bombshell Mini - Wu Ling Shu I have too many more.. (yes, I was the photographer set up at the Con. What do you all want to see this year?)
  6. Speaking of paint... I have a few paints that are not on the catalogue I received from My bones 3 set ... any idea where these paints are at? I don't want to get doubles and it seems that some of these paints are VERY similar to the MSP Core Colors... for example 09663 Big Top Red is very similar to 09134 Clotted red... now I don't mind the paint.. I just need a check list to ensure I am not doubling up on them. I have quite a few that are 096*** and I can't find them anywhere on any check list.. I have emailed Reaper but no response, so I figure I would ask here.. maybe some of you have insight? Please advise.. thanks in advance.
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