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  1. This is good news, cause I am ready to be starter this time. *looks for interest thread*
  2. Well when he got to me is club was sundered, but that was easily fixed.
  3. Sorry about he lack of pics. This post-due date pregnancy stuff is wild. I did grab a pic of crown jewel though. Big Mamuk.
  4. @Inarah box has shipped this day. May it's travel be swift, onward toward glory.
  5. Sorry, sorry, sorry. The @Inarah Box was taken into custody yesterday. I have started to look through it. Fair warning though, today is my wife's due date so we are walking on eggshells. But I will endeavor to get it out ASAP.
  6. Chaoswolf, you are TOO kind. Many thanks. Ridge, NY No International shipping I one day dream about being a box starter....
  7. Boulderdash. I missed the sign up for this didn't I.
  8. Most of my haul from the @Generic Fighter box. Apologies on the lateness to @Nathair and beyond. What are the odds I've been in a GF's box twice already? Weird. Math is weird. Anywho, next time I definitely want to be a starter. I have so much stuff I could not get into that box.
  9. Confirmed. Box left today.
  10. The @Generic Fighter box with be in the mail tomorrow headed for @Nathair
  11. No worries @Goddesstio and beyond, my father just called me and asked if he could start looking through the box this afternoon.
  12. How did I get lucky enough to be in the GF box for the second time?!?! Geez. Statistics, am I right? I would happy with either of the human types.
  13. WE RIDE! 1. Ridge, NY 2. I'd rather stay domestic. 3. If you need a starter, I could be one of those people.
  14. Belated pictures from my grabs from the Generic Fighter box. A bunch of spiders and modern types were grabbed out and squirreled away at my parents' whilst I was there for my father's birthday. The rest I arrayed out a little nicer. Lycanthropes, Adventurer types, tieflings & Thor.