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  1. I've had this thought for a while, so I'll say it now, I think a personalized miniature exchange would be more fun. Like a Secret Santa, but not. LOL.
  2. Just a bunch of the peeps that we grabbed out of the box. hopefully a bright future lies ahead for these pieces. box should be on its way shortly.
  3. Rob Dean box received today 3/8. Search and rescue to begin shortly.
  4. Based on what I see here, I am UBER exited about this box
  5. A rose by any other name and all that but.... I'm 99% sure these are High Elves. #JustSaying But good get, though.
  6. @Chaoswolf as the receipt of a 1way box in Round9, how can I get on to that Box Starter good-good? Asking for next round, of course.
  7. I AM DOWN TO CLOWN! Location: Ridge, NY USA International: If you need to round out an Int'l box, I'll gladly do it Box Starter: Yes please!
  8. Clearman box has arrived. It actually arrived on 7/15 but my better half advised that I might let it mellow in the garage for a couple days. Hopefully I will digging into it's VAST depths, this evening or weekend at the latest.
  9. Am I the only one who really wants to know what's done with the stuff that comes out of these boxes? Could we make a thread of Free Box Projects or something? I'm just so into what goes on with my past treasures.
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