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  1. MattParody box final stop + bonus round. https://imgur.com/gallery/QYzNEb3 Can't wait for Round 14.
  2. MattParody box is safely back with daddy. Bonus round with @Lidless Eye and pictures in due course. Thank you for postal another adventure, all.
  3. I like the mantra that if it's too miscast for you then it's too miscast for the BoGW. That being said, a badly scaled mini is different than one that is printed with missing and melted bits and bobs. But I don't have a 3D printer, so I feel my skin in this game is minimal just wanted my opinion out there. "No PLA spaghetti"
  4. Sad but fair. Nobody knows them them IRL or in another venue?
  5. Apologies for my tardiness. MattParody box has left the building. On its way to @Sylverthorne
  6. MattParody box is getting assembled. Just had a death in the local gaming community so there might be a surplus of new additions in this box or future boxes, depending on timing and such. @Sylverthorne @haldir @Cygnwulf @SamuraiJack @Jeepnewbie Any feelings one way or another about a Paint-by-Post figure?
  7. REPORTING FOR DUTY! Ready to start a box Rocky Point, NY I could be convinced to do International.
  8. As we all eagerly await Round 13. I would share with you all the bonus turn for @Lidless Eye https://imgur.com/gallery/1UdyJ5b Ready and waiting for Round 13.
  9. Box is in route and the friendly Paint-by-Post is in a canister inside. They were best suited for the job because they possesed the greatest start towards being finished. Please enjoy!
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