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  1. I'm realizing how jealous I am about a majority of these picks. YOWZA.
  2. MattParody BoGW15 launched yesterday, and modern science estimates it will reach it's destination on the morrow.
  3. 😄 Location: Rocky Point, NY International: No Box Starters: Yes, please. Also, I like the paint-by-post miniature thing, so hopefully my crew does too.
  4. My father messaged me today to tell me, his gatherings from the horde of the departed is growing. When is this next BoGW?
  5. Yeah, stuff from a huge KS are always nice to see broken up into chunks than can be easily split betwixt new owners
  6. Bonus Round picks for @Lidless Eye BoGW 14. Ready and raring for 15. https://imgur.com/gallery/xLXOVib
  7. The BoGW Cycle has been closed for the MattParody Box. Arrived but, I think this box is bound for retirement.
  8. YES! Sharing is caring. If they aren't a waypoint on the journey, they can at least visit the station. #AmIRite?! 70% sure those are Satyrs from WarmaHordes. But yes, very beastman meets minotaur.
  9. MattParody BoGW 14 has launched! Enroute my neighborino @izzylobo
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