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  1. @Chaoswolf as the receipt of a 1way box in Round9, how can I get on to that Box Starter good-good? Asking for next round, of course.
  2. I AM DOWN TO CLOWN! Location: Ridge, NY USA International: If you need to round out an Int'l box, I'll gladly do it Box Starter: Yes please!
  3. Clearman box has arrived. It actually arrived on 7/15 but my better half advised that I might let it mellow in the garage for a couple days. Hopefully I will digging into it's VAST depths, this evening or weekend at the latest.
  4. Am I the only one who really wants to know what's done with the stuff that comes out of these boxes? Could we make a thread of Free Box Projects or something? I'm just so into what goes on with my past treasures.
  5. Ridge, NY No International( unless you need one person to round out the thing then, what the Hell.) I would be interested in starting a Box, yes.
  6. This is good news, cause I am ready to be starter this time. *looks for interest thread*
  7. Well when he got to me is club was sundered, but that was easily fixed.
  8. Sorry about he lack of pics. This post-due date pregnancy stuff is wild. I did grab a pic of crown jewel though. Big Mamuk.
  9. @Inarah box has shipped this day. May it's travel be swift, onward toward glory.
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