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  1. Box is in route and the friendly Paint-by-Post is in a canister inside. They were best suited for the job because they possesed the greatest start towards being finished. Please enjoy!
  2. Apologies but Capitalism got me crazy for this last, let's call it a fortnight. MattParody box has shipped. Onward to @Sylverthorne
  3. My box team, Are we feeling a Paint-by-Post figure? @Sylverthorne @buckyball @Goddesstio @SamuraiJack Let me know. Hope to get the train moving soon after the holidays.
  4. NOTE: Like @themudhead I would also like to try a group paint figure. #JustSaying
  5. IN! Rocky Point, NY Box Starter (If you need me to round out an International group, I would)
  6. Happy 2022. With the holidays concluded, I'm sure we all have new minis or games on the horizon. So I had a thought, what about a Paint by Post swap? Each person would select a figure. And this figure would travel around to X amount of stops. Finally the completed piece would find its way home. I think it would be cool if each figure was specialized in someway and not just right out of the box/printer but, that's just me. Do we think that this is something people would want to sign up for? Everyone would get their figure painted by a smattering of forum folk.
  7. No, trip would be complete without a surprise stop. No, letter would seem fitting without a P.S. Bonus points are the best points after all. Anywho, the MattParody box has finished it's cycle around these united states. I'm a bit bummed that my Paint by Post figure, decided to get off at a different "station" than his ticket read for but, next time they will be more clearly marked. My bad. Attached is the bonus pulls this box got for a @Lidless Eye. I know you all were chomping at the bit to see what happened to your peeps. BEHOLD. Until next time. After the Holidays? LOL
  8. My box arrived safely home on 11/24. Ahead of schedule and in time for the holiday festivities. Pics to follow in other thread.
  9. SUPERB! I'm glad that my daughter's antics could put a smile on some other's faces. My girls are destruction incarnates. So that Nokk (Water Spirit) was "liberated" from a Frozen 2 magnadoodle. Thought if might make cool fresco or alter for someone with more time than I but. But I'll take happy kids and education on sharing and trading any day.
  10. Glad to know that @Lidless Eye aren't the only BoGW Team Players. Nice.
  11. MattParody Box is in the wind. On it's way to Rob Dean. I'm a first time starter, so go easy on me here. And I did include a paint-by-post guy. Alright, let's get out there and have fun with it.
  12. Got my first address in hand and getting my box together. Hoping to be sent by week's end.
  13. Questions for the paint by post figure: Are their any guidelines as to what the figure must/should be? And as a Box Starter, do I add a color or just prime said figure??
  14. Do we have to use USPS to ship? I know that the flat rate box is best for most but, I'm just curious if it's the hard and fast rule.
  15. YO!!!!! Let's do it! Location: Rocky Point, NY International: I can if it's needed. Box Starter: I believe I am deigned to be a Starter by Chaoswolf. *fingers crossed
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