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  1. Nothing to add except that I love watching this project progress!
  2. Thanks for the kind words folks! Glad people like the cleric, I thought he was such a great figure that I'd never paid attention to before. Reaper has some real hidden gems!
  3. Hi folks! Back with another pile of images of minis from the past few months. Giselle is such a fun mini to paint! Not much to say on this one. Some skin and black hair practice! Bronzie painted as a marut inevitable for Pathfinder Big boi number one! Big boi number two! White dragonborn lad with some recently “acquired” loot… Limited palette, I love this guy’s t-rex arms. Dwarf from Bronze Age Miniatures. I wish these were easier to get a hold of in the UK, some great sculpts. Bit of OsL attempt, not sure I’m sold. The last of my Crypt set dwarves! Now to paint my second set. 🙂 Band on the run… Really loved this reaper cleric (Silas), painted as a cleric of Asmodeus. A fantastic imp miniature from 4A miniatures. I stole the wings from a creepy cherub mini of theirs and added them on, finishing with a flight stand. Pretty happy with the modding! Out of my comfort zone, an Iyanden skyseer painted for a friend in a bit of an exchange. Smooth yellow is not for me. Snek I wanted this guy to be a rose/thorn themed knight but he now just looks christmas-y. But still cool at least! Lich from Otherworld Miniatures Bloodstone gnome painted as a mesoamerican goblin. Really happy with this little fella. Dungeon Dwellers cleric. A really great mini to paint. Some wraith guys from the Frostgrave miniatures line. I really dig their armor. Scrag for Pathfinder, a cool mini but a bit too floppy. Thanks for viewing!
  4. Thanks both! Got some minis so life is good. 🙂
  5. These all look so good. Fantastic work! I particularly like the colour choices you made, the brown wizard and white cloth on the paladin/fightery folks look really nice.
  6. I really like the colours you used for this, the yellow eyes contrast nicely!
  7. It's good evidence that it can be done! I always chicken out of the combo due to festive fear. 😛
  8. Nice stuff! The hair looks great and I like that she doesn't scream "Christmas" even with the red and green.
  9. Really cool, the glowing eyes on the shield turned out well. I always think this mini is so rad.
  10. These are all really nice and earthy, great work!
  11. Your minis always make me want to play in that game. 🙂 Excellent work as always!
  12. This guy is great, I like the purple in the robes a lot!
  13. As many have noted, those swords are so good! They are really convincing as hot metal. Great work!
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