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  1. Really great, love the skin tones!
  2. Some really nice color transitions on this one, well done!
  3. Wow, looks great! Would not have expected such a size difference with reaper's efreeti, he looks so wimpy!
  4. I'd agree with the above, the humanoids are really hit or miss from wizkids, the monsters tend to be alright. But yes, I've definitely had my fair share of play-dough faces on the people. NIce work on that cloak!
  5. Really great, I love the colour you chose for the stonework. Green dragons aren't always desert-y to me, but it works so nicely here. Well done!
  6. Thanks! I had a lot of fun on the hooked horror, the dots were an easy but effective method!
  7. Hey folks, Below are a few images of my favorite painted minis from the past few months. Most are from the Bones 4 kickstarter, although there are a number of others including Vanja, Fire Giant Queen (as a Pathfinder river giant), Alaine, Female Paladin, and Bjorn, dwarven warrior (as an Azer). I highly recommend Vanja, a real pleasure to paint. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Some really nice texture on the cloth, love that dreadmere wight!
  9. This thread is so amazing, as a lover of Reaper dwarves you're doing a great service. Shardra looks fantastic, looking foward to seeing more!
  10. Hi folks, I recently painted up the dark dwarves (and Margara, dwarf shaman) as some duergar. Heavily inspired by Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic duergar streams for the skin. Only one picture, but may take more if there's interest. :)
  11. Coming together really nicely! I think the modular fences will be lots of fun, can use them for all sorts of things!
  12. This looks really great, as said above, the yellow is a fantastic choice. The mandible also looks great, nice bone painting :)
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