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  1. Oh hey, thanks! Got some minis so no complaints 🙂
  2. Nice! Lotta good progress there. Some really vibrant colors and that airship rocks.
  3. Looking good! I'm liking the colours on these 🙂
  4. That's a really good point, I do wish he was a bit more ramshackle and piecemeal to show his massive size. If I was better with conversions maybe that would have been a good route!
  5. Hello! I finally painted up this 3D-printed landsknecht giant sculpted by ssharkus over on Instagram. It’s meant to be a proxy for a mega gargant for those who play AoS. I definitely could have done more but with this large of a model the natural light does a lot of heavy lifting. So, it was a lot of contrasts and drybrushing tidied up with normal brushwork and glazes. There are some Dunkeldorf and Knightmare Miniatures for scale. He’s on a 160mm base, the ogres in the last pic are on 50 or 60mm bases. A large lad! Thanks for viewing!
  6. This looks great! I have one of these larger Durgin guys as well, this is making me want to pull him out and get started! I like that skin a lot 🙂
  7. Really nice to see these painted up, it's cool to see Reaper minis I've not seen painted before! You've done a great job, love the fire and air in particular!
  8. Thanks for the kind words! Love your sandgrave stuff, bet you set a glorious table!
  9. He’s the “Angel of Righteous Anger” from Heresy miniatures, a fab model!
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