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  1. I really like this, great work on the face. The hint of blue from the potion is a nice touch.
  2. She looks ready to give Thor a run for his money 🙂
  3. I've always thought that this guy looked a bit silly but I like your take! I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark dungeon.
  4. Luckily that is just drybrushed texture that is already there,I took the easy way out! I'm glad that the steel reads okay to you all. Thanks for the kind words! 😄
  5. Hi folks, I painted up my Queen of Hell yesterday for the RCL "Textures" pop-up. She's a gorgeous model, really fun to paint. I gave NMM another try and am happy with the gold but not so much with the steel. However, more experience is still good. 🙂 I realised when looking up her SKU that I attached the left hand incorrectly- so it goes! Now to paint the King of Hell to match one of these days... thanks for looking. 🙂
  6. This guy looks great, I love the blue in the flesh. Nice work!
  7. These lads look nice and fearsome! I like the bronze/copper color for the plates on the last guy. 🙂
  8. You're really ax-ing olotl me if you want me to laugh at that joke... 🙂
  9. Hi all, I wanted to share this Bones V axolotl adventurer that I painted for a RCL trio this month. He is my first attempt at NMM and while I think the breastplate could be a lot better, I'm quite pleased with how the sickle turned out. Not sure I'll ever use him in a game but boy is he cute! 🙂
  10. Looks great! I agree with those above, the claws are very realistic and convincing!
  11. Looks great! Gauth is known to be a bit of a pain to paint (and keep standing) but I like what you've done here. The fleshy inside of the wings is a nice contrast.
  12. This guy looks great, nice colour choices. The spots are a fine touch. 🙂
  13. These look really cool! Some nice terrain to boot. 🙂
  14. I've not yet painted either one, unfortunately. He's primed and sitting in my "to be painted" drawer, I think I'll do both together when the second arrives. 🙂
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