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  1. Nice to see this thread reawaken, she looks great!
  2. Thank you! I highly recommend the creep, big chunky details and easy to paint. Though is is quite large, which is odd. Thanks Iridil. I want my team of dwarves to be very unique once complete, a few more to go! The axolotls are so cute but it sure does take time to keep that skin smooth and soft 🙂
  3. Wow, this guy is great! Good all going with an orange skirt to complement the purple skin. The metallics are also very cleanly done, and I love the reddish tones in the basing stonework. Fantastic!
  4. Thanks all for the kind words! I do love the creep, he’s so weird 🙂
  5. Looks good! I like the blue and the bone is really nice and smooth. 🙂
  6. Hi all, Time for another photo dump of my painted miniatures from the past few months. I never want to spam the show-off forum so I have to save them up for my forum pals. 🙂 Quite a mix here, I’ll label below each. Most for Reaper Challenge League in one way or another. Axolotl paladin Dorf! Caster-y lads Northumbrian Tin Soldier “Creep” Tartan dwarf and my growing unit of dwarves from the Crypt set. Sneaky lad A very Bruenor-esque dwarf from Knightmare Miniatures Foul sorcery! A 40k Dark Apostle. The jury is out as to whether I will paint any more 40k… Gnoll more Mr Nice Guy I love this model, what a delight to paint I was commissioned to copy my earlier Fillyjonk, here is round two! A 3D print norse guy. I’ve been reading the Symbaroum core rulebook lately, this guy would fit right in! Tiefling pirate, this is a great model. Looking forward to seeing him in bones in Bones 6! Another tiefling. I’ll admit, the tieflings were in June! Lastly, a whole bevy of folk from Northumbrian Tin Soldier painted quickly for my sister. As always, thanks for viewing! Let me know if you have any faves. 🙂
  7. Love the dwarves, great beards 🙂
  8. That armor is really cool, great job overall with what I’m sure was not the best-sculpted figure.
  9. Great skin! And the gold is very clean, looks great.
  10. Thanks for sharing, glad they continue to bring you joy!
  11. Indeed! She’s a fantastic erinyes model, I wish I’d had her painted when my players fought many an erinyes in Paizo’s Hell’s Rebels adventure path. 🙂
  12. These are fantastic, although I can't get past the shield with the baby on it...
  13. This is amazing! Very impressive. Alain and Crowe are particularly eye-catching.
  14. Thanks! I was messing around with mixing metallic paints with different shades, he worked out nicely! That guy is Baran Blacktree, he is available in metal and maybe also Bones, he was in Bones V Dungeon Dwellers. 🙂 Go hit that table, I have faith! Thanks for the kind words Iridil, I was indeed very happy with that sword. To be fair, the transition looks nicer in the picture. 😄
  15. Great job on this guy, he really is a fantastic model and you've done him justice! The turquoise smoke is very cool and the NMM is perfect. 🙂
  16. Thanks Rigel! It's always a bit too obvious that I love dwarves and put more care into them. 🙂 The lizard lads are 3D prints I picked up on Etsy, I believe they are by Artisan Guild. They are supposed to be 50mm and have frog riders but I went for a 25mm size as mounts for a halfling in my Pathfinder group. 🙂
  17. Great stuff! I really like the dio and the fire giant looks great. 🙂
  18. Looks great! She definitely seems to have a weak side from the back…
  19. Hi all, I’ve had a fairly productive March, here are my favorites from the month. Enjoy! Let me know your favorite!
  20. These are great, I especially love the basing on Lini!
  21. What a wonderful job! Really inspiring, the terrain and the characters are all so great!
  22. Finished this halfling regiment today from Black Scorpion Miniatures, they’ve been added to the crew! Can’t say I hugely recommend the producer, their resin is very difficult to prime and required a lot of clean-up. Nice sculpts overall though, after the work.
  23. Gah, I’ve missed all the replies! Thanks all, I managed to get these ones from Artisan Guild printed at 25mm :).
  24. These are both so great, I need to paint mine but yours and Metalchaos' two make me nervous. So good!
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