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  1. 15 hours ago, AlonTey said:

    Love it all; really jive with your style for highlights.  I think the creep manages the number one spot just because of how unique it is.  


    Thank you! I highly recommend the creep, big chunky details and easy to paint. Though is is quite large, which is odd.


    7 hours ago, Iridil said:

    Great painting.


    My faves:


    Attaxolotl - such smooth pink skin

    Dwarves - freehand!

    Tiefling Pirate - you brought life to this scultp, love his skin (I really struggled with him!)

    The creep - those moist eyes, that unatural/hypernatrual skin....


    Thanks Iridil. I want my team of dwarves to be very unique once complete, a few more to go! The axolotls are so cute but it sure does take time to keep that skin smooth and soft 🙂

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  2. 17 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Another great set!

    Well done!

    Love the Axolotl


    17 hours ago, Rigel said:

    These are all spectacular! The Attaxolotl, the Tiefling pirate, the dwarves, and that awful Creep are my favorites.


    3 hours ago, aku-chan said:

    Lots of good stuff there!

    My favourite is Creep with his big googly eyes.


    3 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

    They are all so well painted!  I’d say my favorite is the Tiefling sorcerer.  He has a unique skin tone.

    Thanks all for the kind words! I do love the creep, he’s so weird 🙂

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  3. 9 hours ago, Brother Jim said:

    Looks good!!

    The "harpy" is 02760 Jalinrix, Female Devil. Which does not have the tag 'devil' in the store, but does have 'demon'. 🤷‍♂️

    I seem to remember her being sold as Jalinrix, Female Erinyes.


    I like the Bugbear too !!

    Indeed! She’s a fantastic erinyes model, I wish I’d had her painted when my players fought many an erinyes in Paizo’s Hell’s Rebels adventure path. 🙂

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  4. 21 hours ago, Fencig said:

    really nice, my favorite is the fighter in plate, really nice TMM,  and the cloak and shield freehand is great.


    Who makes that, i thought it was Reaper sir William but?.......


    Thanks! I was messing around with mixing metallic paints with different shades, he worked out nicely! That guy is Baran Blacktree, he is available in metal and maybe also Bones, he was in Bones V Dungeon Dwellers. 🙂

    10 hours ago, tommyzolla said:



    They all look awesome to be honest - and a timely reminder if I want to be anywhere near my March goals I've gotta hit the paint table asap! 


    Go hit that table, I have faith!


    2 hours ago, Iridil said:

    These are all really wonderful - my favorite bits are the harpy (especially how the sword draws the eye), the cloak on the fighter, the hair on the dwarves and the highlighting on the dragonborn


    Thanks for the kind words Iridil, I was indeed very happy with that sword. To be fair, the transition looks nicer in the picture. 😄

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  5. 18 minutes ago, Rigel said:

    Love the dragonborn and Harpy, but those dwarves really steal the show! Excellent work on those beards and 'staches.

    The lacertile mounts are very sweet too--are those Bones Kickstarter, or from elsewhere?

    Thanks Rigel! It's always a bit too obvious that I love dwarves and put more care into them. 🙂


    The lizard lads are 3D prints I picked up on Etsy, I believe they are by Artisan Guild. They are supposed to be 50mm and have frog riders but I went for a 25mm size as mounts for a halfling in my Pathfinder group. 🙂

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  6. Finished this halfling regiment today from Black Scorpion Miniatures, they’ve been added to the crew!




    Can’t say I hugely recommend the producer, their resin is very difficult to prime and required a lot of clean-up. Nice sculpts overall though, after the work.

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