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  1. Nax

    Wyrmwood Magnetic Dice Tower System

    I'm seriously considering one of their dice vaults made of those obscure woods. Anyone here ever dealt with these guys before?
  2. This is true. No account set up needed. I simply called UPS customer service and asked them to hold my package at the depot for pick up. Works well for me since they are just down the street and my delivery is expected during record cold along with possible snow. All they asked of me was my tracking number and phone number.
  3. Wow. That's disturbingly useful
  4. Mine is on the way! Wave 2 domestic, not sure when I locked in. 10.9 lbs. That seems tiny compared to most of the numbers I'm seeing go by, although my wallet disagrees. UPS estimates delivery on Tuesday.
  5. I think I'll let my daughter pick something. That should make things interesting
  6. Nax

    [SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

    I was just reading the last comment on this thread as the email for the update came in. How's that for coincidence?
  7. Our paint might not be ideal as a house paint. Take a swatch of Carnival Purple to the Home Depot. Color match it. Don't tell us you did, because the forumla is a secret. Actually, a larger-sized 2 or 3 oz. bottle for high-consumption paints, priced 10% below the equivalent (4-6) standard dropper bottles would be pretty nice, but I would imagine that "high consumption" changes significantly from painter to painter. I can dream though. There are certain ones that would be pretty common, though. The Liners, in particular, would probably be pretty big sellers in that size.And the primers. Especially if they made grey. ^^^This.... did you see the CAV KS Paint Set #2? product 9299 is listed as Grey Primer.... My main reason for getting in on the CAV KS was to get the paint
  8. Nax

    [SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

    That's interesting. Any chance these numbers are cross referenced anywhere? I'm just trying to put names to pictures. Getting an idea of who is who.
  9. Nax

    [SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

    The good news is that that is an awesome list, much better than mine. The less good news is that you still have the KS numbers for Bones II (same as I do) but they don't match the preview numbers. For example, The TARDIS, er I mean telephone box is listed as 92877, but in the previews it is 80037 Unless I missed something.... I'm confused by this. Are the numbers on the Kickstarter graphics not accurate? Have they been changed?
  10. Reaper Coolers. At least for the big paint sets. Pack the paint in big coolers with Sophie on them during the winter months. Sure, we'd have to pay a little more, but we'd also get a cool Reaper Sophie cooler to take tailgating or to the beach or camping. Wait...do other gamers actually get outside and do that stuff? Now I really want a Sophie cooler. It would make the perfect lunch box for work. This has been my only real concern with the delays. It will be my luck that I'll have my package sitting on my porch for 3 days during a snowstorm when I can't get home to get it inside.
  11. Nax

    [SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

    Now I'm confused. Either way I can unequivocally state that we have not begun shipping Bones II rewards, and will not be able to begin doing so untilJanuary at the Earliest, as stated in previous updates, notably First November Update, on 11/7/2014. I do not know why this e-mail was triggered, but trust me when I say we are shipping CAV ACE rewards now, not Bones II KS rewards. There have been weird emails triggered today. I got one today for a mini I had an interest in, but the figure had already been released a while ago. Meanwhile, I spotted Dark Underdwarfs in the store and was all interested and then I realized I'm getting them in Bones II, yay! Same thing happened to me. Got an email today that bones lptk is available, but I canceled that inquiry back when they were first released because I picked one up then
  12. Nax

    [SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

    I wondered if any geology buffs would catch those. Or the Take Number #. It's not a random string, btw. Number of Bones y'all are shipping for completion, innit? I remember the "four million and some odd" coming up before... Not counting Bases, paints, cases and DVDs, the number is the total number of individual models ordered from China, yes. DVDs? Did I miss something?