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  1. We al ready have Amiri as a Miniature, Would be posible to do the Other caracters from Pathfinder Kingmaker to. Like Linzi and Olivia
  2. I like what I see so far , the models are excelent. and I'm thinking of making a smal pledge and raising at a later stage . because I would like the core set and daimyo set.
  3. I dont know if I read this correctly I can pledge 1 dollar now to have the pledgemanager at my disposal and at a then raise my pledge at a later stage .
  4. All things said and done , I understand that the reapercon bag is a limited item. but products like the month collections aren't. so what good is an European warehouse if it only has a very limited stock of these products .
  5. for some reason , some products like for instance the swag bag and Monthly collection are on low stock in your warehouse in the UK. I would like to obtain these products
  6. I would love to come to a reapercon. Perhaps the good folks at reaper may consider the Idea of Euro-reapercon.
  7. Neanthertahl man. Pharao on throne or charriot Explorers expedition(16th -18th century)
  8. I like to play Cyberpunk and Shadowrun so if you could make some chromed warriors \ street samurai. and a Decker\Rigger perhaps with some drones and a street mage\shaman. that would be helpfull
  9. are the these the releases for June only or aren't there any more release until September . and if this June Only than please let us know what you are planing for July
  10. I would be nice if reaper could let us buyers know , what they a planing to release in july and which free miniature comes with it
  11. More Mythological figures. Greek\Roman gods Norse Gods Egyptian gods or their aspects
  12. Dear friends at Reaper , I would love to come to Reapercon, but unfortunately . North America isn't around the cornor . and Dutch disablement benefits are not that high, that I can affort a ticket to Texas. Perhaps you could be as kind as to consider a reapercon europe . I would be greatfull
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