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  1. We al ready have Amiri as a Miniature, Would be posible to do the Other caracters from Pathfinder Kingmaker to. Like Linzi and Olivia
  2. I like what I see so far , the models are excelent. and I'm thinking of making a smal pledge and raising at a later stage . because I would like the core set and daimyo set.
  3. I dont know if I read this correctly I can pledge 1 dollar now to have the pledgemanager at my disposal and at a then raise my pledge at a later stage .
  4. All things said and done , I understand that the reapercon bag is a limited item. but products like the month collections aren't. so what good is an European warehouse if it only has a very limited stock of these products .
  5. for some reason , some products like for instance the swag bag and Monthly collection are on low stock in your warehouse in the UK. I would like to obtain these products
  6. I would love to come to a reapercon. Perhaps the good folks at reaper may consider the Idea of Euro-reapercon.
  7. Neanthertahl man. Pharao on throne or charriot Explorers expedition(16th -18th century)
  8. I like to play Cyberpunk and Shadowrun so if you could make some chromed warriors \ street samurai. and a Decker\Rigger perhaps with some drones and a street mage\shaman. that would be helpfull
  9. are the these the releases for June only or aren't there any more release until September . and if this June Only than please let us know what you are planing for July
  10. I would be nice if reaper could let us buyers know , what they a planing to release in july and which free miniature comes with it
  11. More Mythological figures. Greek\Roman gods Norse Gods Egyptian gods or their aspects
  12. Dear friends at Reaper , I would love to come to Reapercon, but unfortunately . North America isn't around the cornor . and Dutch disablement benefits are not that high, that I can affort a ticket to Texas. Perhaps you could be as kind as to consider a reapercon europe . I would be greatfull
  13. Kan you tell me if there are some coresets left,
  14. I was looking at this Image in terms of what collours I should use. I would most like use natural colors for the turtleparts but what to with the rest ?
  15. good to see that is planned for August,and not for September , that would have taken some of my funds for Spiel 2017 .
  16. I have to make ends meet with a Disability pension so wether I back core-set IV depends on a number of factors. - Cost-price - the month in which the kickstarter is lauched (october for instance is the month that we have a con over the border in Essen, Germany so that month is already been booked) - the content of the core- set. this was also the reason that I asked when the kickstarter will be lauched.
  17. I would be interested in more Egyptian\Osirion themed and also some Norse and greek stuff. more constructs, elementals , demons,devils , drows. and miniatures suitible for eberon 3.5
  18. I'm Only familiar with 3 & 3.5 so that would be my choice obviously. I do have a rather large collection of 3.5 books including eberon and for forgotten realms. if you could do some suitible models for those settings to that would be nice
  19. I missed out on the bones III coreset , I would like to know two things is it still posible to obtain one . and secondly when to expect the bones IV kickstarter. I would be gratefull for your reply.
  20. as you allready have aspects of Sobek and Sokar miniatures why not expand to include serveral other Egyptian gods and godesses. on that subject some norse or romano\greek ones would be nice to as would be some wildlife like lions, tigers crocs etc. Warmage's of serveral races would be nice to as would be miniatures presenting artificers. and of course explorers and cartographers etc.
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