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  1. Dear friends at Reaper ,

    I would love to come to Reapercon, but unfortunately . North America isn't around the cornor . and Dutch disablement benefits are not that high, that I can affort a ticket to Texas.

    Perhaps you could be as kind as to consider a reapercon europe . I would be greatfull

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  2. I have to make ends meet with a Disability pension  so wether I back core-set IV depends on a number of factors.

    - Cost-price

    - the month in which the kickstarter is lauched (october for instance is the month that we have a con over the border in Essen, Germany so that month is already been booked)

    - the content of the core- set.

    this was also the reason that I asked when the kickstarter will be lauched.

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  3. I'm Only familiar with 3 & 3.5 so that would be my choice obviously. I do have a rather large collection of 3.5 books including eberon and for forgotten realms.

    if you could do some suitible models for those settings to that would be nice


  4. as you allready have aspects of Sobek and Sokar miniatures why not expand  to include serveral other Egyptian gods and godesses.

    on that subject some norse or romano\greek ones would be nice to

    as would be some wildlife like lions, tigers crocs etc.

    Warmage's of serveral races would be nice to as would be miniatures presenting artificers.

    and of course  explorers and cartographers etc.

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