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  1. Hopefully I'm understanding how this works because if not, I might have missed out on a lot of stuff. First off, I'm sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but there are 535 pages to read through! Now that the KS is over, I have my pledge manager updated with what I set my pledge as in KS. Do I still have time to update my pledge manager and add in a couple of the things I missed over the last couple of days? I think I read about this right as the KS started, but I'm unsure now.
  2. This might not be the place to ask, and if it's not, I apologize... If I go ahead and fund the Core Set, and then before the KS is over pick, all of the stretch goals I want, is my Wave changed?...or is that not the proper way to do this? Sorry, first Reaper KS for me.
  3. My poor wallet. I completely missed the KS, time to make up for that!
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