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  1. Trying a whole bunch of new stuff on this mini...first attempt at NMM (I *will* learn how to do this); I'm pleased with the blending on the hilt, but it doesn't look like metal to me. Any pointers? Also the first time using three colors on the eyes and actually painting the iris. I used Vallejo's Fluro Blue for this.
  2. I would love a Strange Brew set...Bob and Doug, Hosehead. Brewmeister Smith, and Jean LaRose (Hockey Armor and Hospital Gown).
  3. Started on the sword blade, trying to blend from deep blue through red to a white tip and blade edge. Also trying to keep it from looking like a Good Humor Bomb Pop. This is the first time I haven't just done the sword with a dark aluminum, black wash, and silver dry brush (I'm usually only painting the blades of bayonets). Will need a bunch more glaze layers to get the red to pop more, this is wet blended so far.
  4. About to start Sister Catherine...not sure what I'm going to do here...simple black and white habit seems kind of dull, thinking about a wine-red and white motif. Also going to try my first no - metallic sword. promedneith grey Rustoleum primer, with Woodland Scenics latex rubber covering the base.
  5. Just wrapped this one up...needed to freshen up and practice shading and highlighting white. Based the dress design on some red carpet photo from o e of the recent awards shows.
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