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  1. They only take one bag. And then the racks of vials for various testings. They bring out the vials for general testing and then the various other tests for antibodies (not just covid, they test me for many others). By the end of it all I tend to lose between 600 and 700mL of blood and then I just walk home.
  2. This. They do work, it can just be tough to get going. Especially if you're not used to the type of diet. Also I finally got off my plateau. I am now down 19 kilos. Since I am nearing my goal I need to consider what to do next. Partner wants me to stay keto and is willing to fight me for it. I've been keto this whole plague and have handled the stress of a global pandemic much better than basically anyone we know, eating keto keeps my migraines down, I have the energy to write and work, and I'm generally eating better. That and I have discovered, if you stay keto long enough you may lose the ability to digest carbs. Those are hilariously uncomfortable days So... considering if I'm going to transition off of the diet and if so, how. Or if I'm going to generally stay keto but occasionally have those evil days where I decide I'm gonna eat badly and regret it later. Like drinking but with cake
  3. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights (youtube horror audiostories) Dunno why I stopped listening, they've got some great voices. But I kind of drifted away from listening to short and short-ish horror stories.
  4. Last soup was a stew of beef and whatever else we had in the fridge. As time went on more things from the fridge went in as we reheated it and added more stuffs. Next soup could be one of two things. I found a pile of out-of-season chili kits. Also I have 2 big pork shoulder bones and 3 pounds of dried udon I can go to town with. Unsure what I'll do.
  5. Dat me! I am one of those government workers Yeah, I have a kitchen table in that it's in the great room area and was originally classified as a kitchen table. But yeah, it's also a 4'x6' gaming table "Kitchen table" implies I use it for non-gaming things.
  6. A studio apartment in my building is an extra $1400. Given the number of people moving out I could probably get it. Of course, that requires work to actually pay for it and my work only pays for Nice Things if you're an appointee and I'm career professional.
  7. For a while I tried to avoid telework by saying I didn't even have an office. That worked for awhile. Then the question became "but you have a kitchen table, can't you use that?" That's when my answer became "no elf u". That was an adequate answer until I furloughed myself. I assume I will have to return to "no elf u" when I return to real work because the telework wave had been getting ready to crest again when I left. I don't care if I become the only person in the building, work stays at work and home stays at home and that is a hill I will die on.
  8. Yeah. I discovered this when we had the 60 mph tropical storm blow through Philly this year. It was... exactly the same as a normal everyday Philly storm. We even got the eye and it was just [meh]
  9. I have acquired a new set of finger splints! They're just cloth splints for minor joint stabilization because that's all I find I need. I lost all my old ones in the move so I needed new ones.
  10. I furloughed myself from the IRS for the Fall in August because an opportunity to teach at the Local Overpriced University came up. I literally had one week to hear about it, prepare a CV, interview, get hired, prepare for class, fill out all the furlough paperwork, get permission from the government, get set up... I go back to the IRS mid December. The university may want to keep me, but they do pay me about a third of what I make at my real job so...
  11. I am present. It was suddenly sprung on me that I need to craft midterm evals on all my students. Gonna take the opportunity to see if I can drop a few people from my class, they haven't done anything or turned anything in or shown up to class...
  12. ...and enough doses can be mass produced, and it can be gotten to people, and people take it...
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