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  1. So apparently one of my new hires has a nickname among the other instructors. 'Viking'. Yes she is blonde. She's also tiny. Tinier than my 5 foot lol self. She earned this nickname when she had a baby and showed up for training the next day.
  2. If you don't cash it I personally will have to send you a letter to ask if you still want it. I mean that, it's a case type I actually work.
  3. Heard my dad and grandfather both got their first shots. My dad (diabetic and large-ish) is in Los Angeles. Grandpa (old but healthy and active) is attempting to ride out the plague in rural Arizona (most socially distanced) so he was able to get his shot over there. I'll probably be getting my shot in the next few years. I lost enough weight to drop me entirely out of the obese category so now I'm in the 'you're young and healthy, get in the back of the line' category.
  4. Almost all of my survival training was for dealing with the desert. So... Yes? Hot desert in the spring, summer, or fall. I don't get to use them very often anymore, I am no longer near a desert.
  5. Art store. Local Chinese food place. Local cheesesteak place. Once it's safe I'll be giving just so much money to any local tailors and haberdashers who survive. I needs me a new wardrobe and Macy's isn't gonna cut it ever again.
  6. That's what happens when we get spanked by sudden orders. "send $600 to everybody and you have 3 weeks to do it in" Meanwhile I have begun deleting the "sad news" emails before even opening them. I don't need to know which of my co-workers has died anymore. When you start getting 3 a day you just kind of don't care anymore.
  7. welp. I've done it. I've lost 50 pounds. 22.7 kilos. All of the weight I gained while on meds for 7 years. It's gone. I'm back down to my college weight. Not entirely sure how I feel about it, tbh.
  8. Indian. Such a wide array of spices and vegetables and it's the only vegetarian cuisine I can eat without being afraid. So tasty!
  9. The Pretentious Entitled Human. I met one in San Jose, California. I was on the sidewalk. While on the sidewalk I had to dive out of the way of a rampaging car. The Pretentious Entitled Human got mad I was in his way. I usually see several around most days. You can tell them by their bare faces in a time of plague.
  10. They're not really wildlife but I tend to attract loose dogs. Off their lead or wandered out the door or jumped the fence, doesn't matter. They all decide I'm The One who will hang out with them and maybe help them get places. I've had inner city pit bulls jump into my arms. I've hung out with loose great danes. I've scooped mini mutts off the side of the road. I've had dogs run up to me just to say hi with their angry owners puffing after. I've sat with loose rotties who can't get back into their yards and waited with them until someone got home. It's just a thing I'm used to that other people still think is weird.
  11. I hit a parked car when learning to drive. I chose not to get my license. When I lived in Los Angeles it was a nightmare. I was being punished by the infrastructure for not driving. So partner and I looked for jobs elsewhere. That's why we're in Philadelphia where my only complaint is the train stops running before we get out of work so instead we have to take a bus halfway and walk the rest.
  12. Teaching new hires has been going well. I've been receiving compliments and thank yous from students, from my manager, and from my manager's manager. I think I'm doing okay. I also think I have now been volunteered to teach every single thing for the rest of my career.
  13. I can safely say I've never said that second one. I don't visit people. And if I did it wouldn't be to "help"
  14. The "4944" clued me in to the Pi Dish. I don't have pi memorized to a set number of digits. Instead I've memorized random blocks within pi and I have no idea how or why.
  15. Artificial sweeteners. They have no caloric purpose, they taste like metal, and they still cause an insulin response thus negating any sort of "benefit" they might have for most purposes. And did I mention they taste like metal? Not even good metal like Motorhead, they taste like eating staples and dirty pennies. Enjoy real food. Learn moderation. If you require soda may I introduce you to unsweetened seltzer, it comes in lots of flavors.
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