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  1. Charcoal. As in BBQ charcoal chunks. We just loled and waited for the black poops. My Bones 5 haul came in! Am going to break up the shipment since it's a 2 person box. Will hand off his share on Monday and then we're going to get beers.
  2. Off. I don't need to see people awkwardly waving at me. I don't need to be expected to awkwardly wave in return.
  3. I have. Silent auction at my local game store. It was an estate sale, all proceeds going to the guy's family. He'd had a lot of games, minis, books, the game store was the perfect place for it. It's where I got my Crate O Bones. Me and one of the store employees got into a minor bidding war. I outbid him at the last minute while he was ringing up a customer. He made me promise to paint them all. I assured him I'm a Forever GM, they would be painted and I promised him TPKs. The Crate O Bones turned out to be a 1 Of Everything pledge plus doubles of most things for Bones 2. Still sealed. Still unwrapped. Untouched.
  4. Random unexpected day off! Ugh, I needed this too. I was left in charge at work! So of course things did what they always do, get worse when I'm the only one around to deal with it. The IRS mice got mad that we're cleaning out desks to get rid of old food so they ate the power cables behind my cubicle's power outlets. So I have an entire team on telework that I cannot contact and my phone is going off with the manager on vacation and the IT guys and another guy who'd lost power. Manager finds out about all this. I'm back online within an hour and a half. She finds out I've twisted the Official Directive of what we're required to do this week to suit my needs and my team's skills in a weirdly efficient way. Manager finds out what I did with the guy who never could get back online. I pick up my day right where it left off. Now she's telling me I should look into going into management myself. But I don't wanna!
  5. Half finished? Meh Halfway to half finished? That's the ticket. I've got plenty that are halfway to half finished.
  6. You too can be the 80s slasher villain you always wanted to be.
  7. Almost. I have an alarm set for 1230pm on weekdays. On weekends I often sleep in until 1pm or even 130pm
  8. Geese? Geese! I haven't had the chance to eat goose in ages! Sure it'll fight me beforehand but that's fine.
  9. I'm disappointed with Brood X. They're not here. 4 years ago we were crawling with Brood X Stragglers but the actual Brood X has never materialized. Maybe my area all awakened early?
  10. I assume it did, it was up when I woke up at noon. The eclipse was supposed to be tiny minor and mostly over by sunrise so I didn't stay up to catch it.
  11. I'm in Philly. I half expect to see a whole dude dressed as a three eyed dragon. But I do not scan. I'm not a QR Code kind of rakshasa. But I would dare a random drunk to do so.
  12. I shook hands with someone today it was WEIRD
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