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  1. Yeah... yeeeeeeah... The Mexican place I've been craving ever since I went keto now has a website for ordering online and they do takeout! Both of these are new and I'm glad they're adapting to the difficulties of the new plague. They're not strictly keto, too many tortillas, but it's nowhere near as bad for me as a pizza would be and I wants... I wants so much...
  2. This might be why you got the interview. A front desk person who can translate everything from Specialized Medical into Layman and then back into Specialized Medical is amazingly valuable.
  3. Launch window needs to be exact in order to rendezvous with the ISS because of physics. If they can't hit that rendezvous exactly then there's no reason to launch and then miss.
  4. Of course. I sobbed pitifully when the Falcon Heavy launched a friggin' car, this is gonna end me.
  5. Normally I give blood often enough at work that I can avoid the phone calls. Except work is not in session and I keep getting the phone calls. The local blood bank only has morning appointments and I'm not dragging my second shifted arse out of bed at any AM hour just to give blood. Mornings give me migraines.
  6. Off. Off! I wear shoes under protest. Also since we have downstairs neighbors I figure they appreciate the lack of stomping at all of the inconvenient hours.
  7. I managed 20/24, not bad considering. Friend of mine has acquired a new baby! C-section was today. Born early, will require time in the NICU but is breathing on her own without difficulty. Someone they knew was pregnant and didn't want it. Friend stepped in and has agreed to acquire and adopt New Baby. To be fair, friend knows what to expect, this is the third baby acquired in such a manner, the others are now 10 and 12 so they're old enough to help out.
  8. I have been aware of mine since I was a kid, you know that feeling when you need to sneeze but can't? I learned pretty quick that all I had to do was look into the Sun at a certain angle. My dad has it. So do I and my sister. I knew I had it the whole time. (what's the weather outside? [looks] [sneezes] sun's out) I only learned last month that the same reflex causes me to sneeze when eating good chocolate too. You're asking that on THIS Forum??? That's why I ask this forum. I know I won't get any real advice
  9. Discorded for two hours now I have a headache. I have boundaries where social interaction becomes headache-inducing. Unfortunately I never learned where those boundaries are. I do not feel it when I pass those boundaries. I do not display any outward indication that I have passed those boundaries. I do not see them waving frantically before or after I barrel through them. I do not notice when I'm far over them. I never learned any of those skills. I'm lucky I learned I have boundaries. As a result I now have the you-elfed-past-your-boundaries headache. When I get back to work I'm going to have to be social for 8 hours at a time every day. How do normal people do this?
  10. You know, this plague is really hitting those of us with a functional photic sneeze reflex hard. If I go outside in sunlight I'll sneeze. If I sneeze people think I have the plague.
  11. I'm supposed to discord with people tonight. Not looking forward to it. I haven't been properly social for almost 3 months now so I am woefully out of practice. Going to fortify with takeout Chinese food beforehand. When it gets here...
  12. Morning is for sleeping. Afternoon is for waking up and drinking coffee. Night is for being awake and getting things done, much to the annoyance of our downstairs neighbors
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