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  1. Coffee with vanilla cream. To make the vanilla cream, acquire one pint of cream. Add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract. Shake. Lasts me all week.
  2. I'm awake. Pounding on the door awoke me an hour early. Guy's here to patch the ceiling. We get to keep the bucket Mmm toluene
  3. I can't stand sitting there doing nothing. It's driving me insane. Working is Doing Something. Doing Something is necessary for me to keep sane in any given situation because of my autism, especially during a global pandemic, and my managers Know This to the point where they have been known to openly steal work from other people and hand it to me solely to keep me occupied. Since I'm not officially allowed to bring in a smartphone or a laptop or a painting kit the most I can really do is doodle on office supplies or bug other employees and that is not enough to count as Doing Something. Yes, I am one of Those Elfholes who always asks for more work to do. This SoonTM nonsense is torture.
  4. Coffee from noon to 4pm. Tea from 4pm to midnight. Wine or hot chocolate or rum after midnight. Asleep by 4am. Water intermittently throughout the day. Time your beverages correctly and you won't be afflicted by these strange and unnatural loyalties. You'll be able to enjoy all of them.
  5. Water stopped. 5 gallon bucket has a good few inches of water in it. The apartment next door also had water coming in so I assume the problem was shut off. Still want the maintenance guy to knock on my door so I can find out if this will be a problem again. Then I'll go back to bed.
  6. There's a reason I don't own property. I don't have to pay for any of this Section of ceiling paint the size of a playing card just fell off. I have filled all jugs and the coffee maker in preparation for the building's water to be shut off. Apartment next door also has water coming in. Maintenance guy still isn't here.
  7. Ugh. I went to bed 3 hours ago. I'm awake because there's water dripping from my ceiling.
  8. I recommended ginger lemon tea to a friend at work in February. She started drinking it in March. Turns out it works as well as the meds she was having to take for intestinal issues I mean, fair. It's tasty. And if it works as well as the meds that's excellent It means she can save the meds for those really bad days instead of taking them every day.
  9. I think I would appreciate pumpkin spice more if it tasted like spiced pumpkin. Instead it's just nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. Which, despite protests to the contrary, can make for some excellent beers. But it's usually too strong or too heavy on the nutmeg or just too unimaginative.
  10. I did it. I finally got tired of this broccoli at work. I got tired of sitting here with nothing to do and nothing to do it on for 3 weeks solid. I contacted the union
  11. A nice wheel of gouda placed near someone I dislike has been suggested
  12. Bah. I'm going in today. This means I need to ingratiate myself to the mouse army SoonTM
  13. Just got a text from my boss. The building still isn't safe. I'm not allowed to go in to work until and unless she gives me the all clear. Maybe the mouse rebellion has already begun and they've carried off everyone who foolishly moved to day shift
  14. Never underestimate an industry's drive to make modding untenable.
  15. I keep getting phone calls about my car. Insurance, warranty, possible impound, recalls, warranty again, etc. I don't own a car. I don't even own a license. Not sure if scams or if the guy who owned the phone number before me is now out one car.
  16. That's not a real cake. That's donut holes drizzled with glaze and molten chocolate with edible flower augments. You can't fool me
  17. I am immune to the stroopwaffel effect! This has been tested, someone at work brought them and I walked away
  18. My deskmate works in a different department. My deskmate is able to work from home since she mostly works on cases of employee compliance while I work on taxpayer compliance, which requires more security. My deskmate also likely owns a locking office at home whereas I do not. We shared a computer but did all of our work off of different networked drives. My networked drive is still intact and I can access it from any computer in the Service if need be. But I have to acquire new encryptions and input the admin passwords, I mean, have management input the admin passwords I totally don't know, honest, for every computer I use and I'm tired of that broccoli. New computers were ordered 2 months ago. Delivery date has been 'early July', 'Thursday July 16th', 'Last Friday', and has now been pushed back to SoonTM
  19. At work. Nothing to do. The IRS had 5 years to prepare for telework and did not. My deskmate took my computer home and now I'm confined to an empty desk until further notice. Work is keeping this place so "clean" that we now have many mice. Am considering bringing mouselings as both a passive aggressive complaint to management and to ingratiate myself to the new mouse overlords.
  20. I miss beer. I've had to make do with wine and rum ever since going keto. But I reeeeeeally miss beer.
  21. A city Yes the parking lot below is cobblestoned.
  22. I thought you contracted it, cleared it, suffered the loss-of-sense-of-smell while you had it, several weeks ago. Doesn't that make you a component of herd immunity? At least for your local herd.... I tested negative for antibodies. Which probably means my only-one-symptom bout produced no antibodies, this also matches the current research. My worry is the extension of that current research. Asymptomatic carries like myself with a broccoli antibody reaction can and are totally getting it a second time. The second infection tends to be serious. I am not full of confidence when faced with the crowded subway.
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