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  1. Hi folks, with the usual real life oddities going on, I have not had the chance to touch brush to primer, or even to go to my FLGS. ON the other hand, I have reserved a Theda figure, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me who painted the one portrayed on teh Reaper Home Page, and what colors were used for her flesh tone.

    Any suggestions would be VERY appreciated as I lvoe the skin color for dark elves.

  2. I had a wonderful time meeting Jester, and he actually critiqued some minis, made some suggestions, and then left me with the thought of, 'Well, are you happy with it?" Needless to say those helped, then he recommended a wonderful airbrush, so if nobody has a problem, let me see what I cna do about donating something of a Giant Stompy Robot nature.

  3. Pretty much, I like alot of the new additions. I hate to jump on this particular band wagon, but the panther does look a wee bit fluffy, but much like Halloween Sophie, judgement is out until I start seeing that mini painted.

    Also, I am REALLY looking forward to the new dwarven rogues as well as the mantis warrior.

    BTW Reaper Bryan, can you give us any kind of update on plans for a Bobble Head Reaper Bryan miniwith real 'Sooooon' action? ::P:

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