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  1. Dwarves with big axes, Hacking Reven to pieces, Needs their book real soon. There, now that was a haiku!
  2. I cna force myself to have one of those in my army. NOw, if they would open the BOneyard up to include warlord minis so I cna get my hands on some Reven heads.
  3. Don;t forget to have the word 'Peacemaker' etched into the table leg the bartender is holding.
  4. OOh, thank you folks! For the longest time, nobody believed me that this movie existed, and now I find out it is comign out on DVD!!!!
  5. Enchantra, to stregthen your naisl you may want to take a vitamin called Biotin. Biotin is a B derivative that helps to 'feed' your nails the raw ingredients needed to help wiht growth.
  6. In casket works #18, they have a listing of what MS paints cna be used for painting NMM. I sitll prefer undercpating my mrtal;lcs first as I was able to do a decen NMM gold once, and have not been able to do it since then.
  7. OKay, you have top admit, the tyrannosaur trying to play the piano was funny. That and 'Thinking about you' as well.
  8. She looks great, but perhaps if you do a later version, add some faerie wings to give her the "Fairy Gomother Gone Bad' look.
  9. Hmmm, wonder if my dwarves would prefer gold stars or smiley faces on their shields.
  10. Yay! Time to celebrate witha Ginger Ale, ordering the new wave of Master Paints, and taking a high lighter to my new Casketworks!
  11. I like my Cowgirl Sophie better. Last years has a face that is too witchie-poo to belong to a cuie like Sophie.
  12. GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! OKay I think I just backed up about 2 feet from my computer. Yeesh, I'd scream likem a baby and fire at it as well if I saw one of these chasing me.
  13. OKay, can anyone post a link to pics of these spiders?
  14. Who wants to bet that when the rush for the Reven and the dwarf books gets a bit closer, Qwyksilver and I are going to be doing our best to make the other cry?
  15. OKay, you folks have to stop tormenting me, and either give me details about shield maidens, or post a picture of them! (Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepostsomepictures,Ineedthemsobad)
  16. According to the shipping E-Mail, Cow Girl Sophie is coming tomorrow!
  17. Qwyksilver, I am willing to bet that you are like me and it take 1/100,000 of a second to awaken the inner 8 year old.
  18. Noooooo! I have to wait until August for Shield Maidens and Helberdiers? OOoh what kind of horrible plot of Qyksilver's is this?! Granted, I know some people do not even have their basic grunts out, but I want them now!
  19. OKay Qwyk, I have to admit, that is the most evil thing you could have done. My hat is off to you!
  20. Oooh you tease! That's no fair! LAdystorm, did you borrow Reaper Bryan's title?
  21. Have your crowbar ready Saintrigger?
  22. Hmm, with the stack I have, I can get the Reapermobile, and the Reaper 48" television. Perhaps I should hold out for the Reaper Helicopter though...
  23. For all you Zombie Apocalypse fans, the book I cannot begin to recommend enbough is 'The Zombie Survival Guide' by MAx Brooks. Unfortunately, I do not give good odds of the female zombie hunter lasting very long as chainsaws are VERy low on the list of weaponry to carry in case of a zombie attacks as the noise will attract more zombies, they go through fuel very quickly, and there is also a potential for you to hurt yourself more then teh zombie. On the other hand, it is a good morale booster to have one.
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