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  1. Use a grey brown and wash with Athonian camoshade!
  2. After watching some videos on YouTube about acrylic painting in general it seems that varnish reactivated paint and I am being too rough on the paint.
  3. It's like it is reactivating the paint. So odd!
  4. Thanks guys. When priming with army painter this doesn't seem to be a problem. The problem with that is though is that it's Army Painter which is like trying to paint on teflon.
  5. Using a brand new palette and fresh water to test. I live in California and it's pretty hot and humid today. Not thinning the future at all.
  6. I'm wrong it happened to a mini just now that I had not inked. Ugh.
  7. I just figured out that this happens only on models that I used an ink wash on (which I mix my own using future and Vallejo ink). I do basecoat, wash, highlight. I think this may be the issue.
  8. This has happened on bones (washed) primed and not primed, and Dust Tactics (comes preprimed). No metal. This happened on old paint jobs as well as new (made sure in case it was a curing issue).
  9. Both future floor and all my different brands of brush on sealer (Vallejo gloss, reaper sealer) are reactivating and pulling off paint as I brush it on. It pulls off all brands I've tried - reaper, p3, Vallejo, and citadel. What am I doing wrong? It does this even if the paint has been dry for days.
  10. Yup that's what I got. And there is no way that the 0 is a sable and the 000 is pretty meh. I'm overall satisfied though even though I sound salty. I feel that the teacher watered down the paint way more than what it says and my ebony flesh way takes over any color I mix it with even when the guide says 3 to 1.
  11. Are you using soft or heavy body artists paints? I use the Liquitex pro line of heavy bodies on my paintings and made the mistake if using my (real) cadmium red on a figure once but my application process might have just been poor.
  12. I've booked painted models. Paint came off when I handled them roughly but generally it is no problem
  13. If you add it, your mix will be off. Try taking out 15-25% of the matte medium and sub in the anti shine.
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