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  1. Second this. My attempts at using the Scale Color Inks had some minor issues as I failed to do this and the paint started rubbing off. You can either put another thin layer on, or strip and start over.
  2. On the few translucent figures I have painted, I've used mainly the Reaper Clear paints and then follow up with something more opaque for highlighting edges. Later this morning I'm going to try using some inks on the Disapproving Hand to see if that will work and maintain it being see through.
  3. Go figure, and I knew it would happen, I checked the camera on the front door as I was walking out of the building from work and no delivery. In the 5 minutes it took for me to get home, UPS delivers. Now the task of verifying everything is here and figuring out where to put it all.
  4. RIP: Dustin Hill of ZZTop passed in his sleep last night at the age of 72.
  5. M.E.O.W agent trying to convince the Alpacas to turn against their W.O.O.F. guardians.
  6. Mine left Salt Lake this morning and as long as it gets to Hermiston by tonight, then I should have them by their "scheduled" delivery date of tomorrow.
  7. The wizard is down!!! Quick, raid his trove and stash of magic items.
  8. Posted in the chat of a Teams mtg,: "The intersection of government, IT, and accounting makes Mordor look like a picnic spot!"
  9. I really don't know if that will be part of the tours or not. @ReaperAHawk or @Reaper_Jon might be able to answer this.
  10. Information that someone else gleaned from tonights Reaper Live Class Tickets notionally, maybe, possibly, go on sale for VIP badgeholders a week from tomorrow. They are ready to go, but are waiting for KS fulfillment plus some decompression time. Class Tickets for regular badgeholders will follow 48h after VIP open. Classes have been updated to show ticket cost. And they are not doing the 2 extra ticket thing like they have in past years, for classes. once a class is sold out online, it's SOLD OUT. oh, and reapercon shirts are up on Tee Public and
  11. WOOOT!! Just received my notification(s) from UPS. 41.7 (counting 1 ship) lbs. of plastic due to hit my door on or around 7/28.
  12. If a man gives you an engagement ring with no wedding date, are you actually engaged or are you just on layaway?
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