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  1. New books be Dave Taylor, one of which features Aaron Lovejoy, Matt Dipietro, and Elizabeth Beckley of Miniature Monthly and others. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1560579763/the-art-of-volumes-1-3?ref=user_menu If you would like to just get two of the three books, the best way to do so is to pledge for one of the books, then increase your pledge total to include the Add-on price for the second book below. We will be using BackerKit as our pledge manager and that's where you'll have the opportunity to make those specific choices. I
  2. Not a box (she still hasn't figured that out yet), but still an Amazon package.
  3. It appear to be browser specific. In Chrome I only have the "original" set of 34, but in Edge, there is a whole ton available. Enough to make one think that M.E.O.W. is in control of this forum since they emojis front and center, but no W.O.O.F. 🙀 😤
  4. With shipping happening soonish, I thought this fit:
  5. The bundles are for an online class that Aaron is conducting. They don't give you access to the videos, but these are the mini's and paints that are being used in the class.
  6. Didn't the original version of the mini consist of horns holding up the hulu?
  7. And M.E.O.W. has found a new method of keeping tabs on their rivals.
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