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  1. Me too, but Kickstarter hasn't said that payment failed after I reauthorized it.
  2. Unfortunately, you hit the wrong forum. This one is dedicated to Reaper Miniatures and painting of miniatures.
  3. According to USPS, my Black Sun order is scheduled to arrive at my location on Tues. June 9.
  4. Thanks @Green Eyed Monster, Blue Bunny acquired. Now to work on that storage.
  5. I have been diligently working on increasing my storage capacity. just ignore that receipt for larger pants.
  6. Nice. I just picked up some sharks for our current game. Now I have a reference to paint mine.
  7. Backerkit "Smoke test" surveys have gone out. Regular surveys & Late Pledges should be out within the next couple weeks.
  8. To me, the angle makes some of them appear to look like eyes. Maybe, if I viewed them at a different angle, it would look different. I'm no expert so feel free to take anything I may say with a large grain of salt.
  9. Great job. Interesting, he has rear view eyes. Nothing's sneaking up on him.
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