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  1. Crew may/may not include a certain goblin that likes to crawl around Reaper's duct work (certainly not @buglips*the*goblin). I'm sure there are no longer used (forbidden) molds that could possibly be acquired (not that I would be looking for a certain Sophie).
  2. What's a good pasta to make on Friday the 13th?
  3. At least one 300 sq ft room for "hobbies. I would not classify Brutus as a supernumerary. Debating if he falls before or after the Main Girl.
  4. I may not print even half of what's being offered, but it is too good of a deal to pass up, as well as being for a good cause.
  5. I'm getting the paints as an Add-on.
  6. I'm in for the paints, one 75mm figure (at this point) + Ishtar 75mm. For anyone familiar with how their PM works, would I be able to add on additional models during the PM or do I have to do it now? I noticed they said no late backers for this one, so I wasn't sure.
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