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  1. Shipping notice received. @SamuraiJack, can we get the tag updated please?
  2. They also make an excellent Coureur Des Bois (Maple Cream Liqueur)
  3. Authorized (TS-SCI, at least last I checked). Spill the info soldier. Ve haf vays of making jo talk. Guess I just revealed something.
  4. Yep. Just started wearing it this morning. Give me about a week & if I remember, I'll give you a review.
  5. Having a rough morning, so you guys get saddled with not 1, not 2, but 3 lame Dad Jokes. What lies on its back 100 ft in the air? Why can’t you trust atoms? What do you get when you boil a funny bone?
  6. If they don't know by now, then they fail the "need to know" minimum standard.
  7. I'm currently backing 2 Terrain based patreons. Aaron Mulder and Aether Studios. What they release are based on FDG's DragonLock system. Aaron Mulder also has Dungeon Print Studio which is funded by his patreon.
  8. Go figure. After two years of my Snapmaker not being operational, I finally managed to get it up and running over the long weekend. What happens? The very first print job that I queue, some frame pieces for the enclosure so I can make it about 120mm taller, and 90-95% into the print job and the pieces get knocked over leaving me with a birds nest.
  9. That's great to hear @Corsair. That's one of the things I currently miss the most, visits and hugs from the mini hellions.
  10. With the Stepminion moving out this past weekend, I gives me the chance to revamp the room he was in and get the 3-D printers out of the living room. It also facilitated the need to acquire a variety of items in order to make the room more functional. Most orders were placed Saturday and Sunday, and they are already starting to trickle in. Received today: 32" Curved 4k Monitor Ipevo Document scanner (like what Anne & Aaron uses) Insta Pot Ceramic Insert (the Insta Pot is due in next week) Posture Brace to try to help relieve the pain in my neck & shoulders by fixing my posture).
  11. After posting the meme in the Randomness thread, I realize that it has been quite a while seen I've seen RoboCop, so with all of my movies in storage, off to find out who is streaming the movies. VUDU happens to have all 4 for sale/rent. It does leave me to wonder about the quality of the remake (2014) version since it is 1/2 price of the Original (1987) version. Guess I'll find out over the course of the next week, if I can tear myself away from Avatar: The Last Airbender (cartoon).
  12. Don't tell @Glitterwolf, here are some more @TaleSpinner sculpts.
  13. Uh, you're going out with a xenomporh, what more protection do you need. I've met her, I wouldn't want to cross her.
  14. Not sure about other countries, but USPS does still have it's tracking system operational. They just are not "abiding" by pre-Corona timeframe standards.
  15. Received notice this morning that my preorder from Black Sun miniatures that I placed in February has now shipped. Any bets on how long it takes to get to the Pacific NW? Even though It's supposed to have tracking through Royal Mail, I did not get a tracking number, so I can't guesstimate on arrival time.
  16. Not yet. He's going to release some previews/teasers a week or so before it goes live.
  17. How to wear a mask 101 presented by W.O.O.F.
  18. We don't need no stinkin' shoes. Might want to borrow @Glitterwolf's puppy's mask though when I slip them off. Take them off as soon as I can when I get home as I dislike wearing them if I don't have to.
  19. 2/3 printers are up & running. One has a 19 hour job and the other is a 40 +/- job.
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