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  1. I've lost some weight by wearing bread on my head.
  2. So, either you've taken a page out of @buglips*the*goblin's play book, or you're related.
  3. Last year I booked my room initially Wed-Sun, then called the hotel directly, and extended my stay to Tue-Mon and they gave both extra days to me at the ReaperCon rate.
  4. Sounds like a typical M.E.O.W. agent.
  5. But the Brits are our allies, he shouldn't be sinking those ships.
  6. And how many times have you tried to put Mike N Ikes in your ear?
  7. I have also had this issue. Unfortunately, the ones I talked with were all medical staff wanting to schedule appts for a CPAP machine, Stress tests, Echocardiogram, and the required follow-up appts for said testing and device usage.
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